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Just because these bits were found in the Limerick Chronicle and other sources connected to Co. Limerick does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many were included for other reasons.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 21, 2012
PS. This site represents a considerable amount of work, and those responsible deserve to be commended. Where I know more about the individuals, I have included either other information or else a link to my site where their family connections are shown. In time, I will update my own site with all these new specifics.


Misc County Limerick JACKSON bits

These notes also include some Hong Kong and India bits that are of interest to me, as well as a few strays who may tie into the JACKSON story.
M y main source, but not the only source, can be found at:


Mon 19 June 1769 Died at Limerick, Joseph Jackson, Attorney of the City Courts

County and City of Limerick, Births, Marriages and Deaths, Part 1.  From the Magazine of Magazines 1751 to 1761. Edited and transcribed by Noel Murphy.

Another controversial issue relates to the famous “Piper Jackson”. My reading of this is based largely on articles in “Treroir”, the magazine of Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eirann. While Miles Jackson was the owner of a large estate in Lisduane, Granagh, in the early 1600s, other Jacksons owned another estate at Creeve, Ballybay, County Monaghan around the same time. These Jacksons were “Linen Lords” and owned a string of race horses. A descendent of these Jacksons came to Lisduane, Granagh in 1750, he was Walter Jackson, better known as “Piper Jackson”. It was from “Bean an Turrit” that Walter Jackson got the estate in Ballingarry, some time afterwards. His brother Miles Jackson was sheriff of Limerick and, perhaps was one-time owner of the Lidsuane estate. “Piper Jackson” spoke in Irish, but it was Ulster Irish that he spoke in, which means that he did come from County Monaghan where he composed and played the pipes before he came to County Limerick.

David O’Riordan. Granagh/Ballingary, County Limerick.


 NOTE: Ferrar, History of Limerick (A. Watson &Co., Limerick, 1787), a more contemporary take on the history, disputes this, as does a more recent publication – the confusion seemingly arising from the fact that there were two “Piper Jacksons”.. The Forrest Minstrel by James Hogg, edited Peter Garside, & Richard D. Jackson. Musical notation from pre-1811 sources by Peter Horsfall, Edinburgh University Press, 2006.

John Jackson, Esq. son of John Jackson, Esq. of Spynans House, County Wicklow, to Margaret, daughter of Bartholomew Burland, Esq. of Loggan, County Wexford.

NOTE: see death in 1856 of infant daughter, Margaret Caroline JACKSON (b abt June 1851): http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/JACKSONs-Carlow&Wicklow.html


The following appointments have been made by the Marquis of Donegal, as Col. of the Antrim militia: Henry Keane, to be captain, vice Moore re-signed; Jackson W. Atkinson WRAY to be captain, vice Joy, re-signed;...

NOTE: He is in the silverbowl Rootsweb tree.


DATE: 1846.


At her residence, Charlemont Mall, Dublin, Susan Jackson, one of the oldest members of the Society of Friends, relict of the late Mr. Joshua Jackson, of Youghall, and aunt of the honorable Judge Jackson.

1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/09%2025%2044.pdf

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/Jackson-Strettell.html It is possible that this is Susanna ALLEN who married Joshua JACKSON in 1788.

At Cheltenham, G.E.W. Jackson, Esq. of Normanby Hall, Yorkshire, to Sarah Marshall, daughter of Lieut. Col. Watson, CB.

1843 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/06%2021%2043.pdf

1 August 1878. Rental and Particulars of  dwelling houses and  premises, to be sold under the

 High Court of Justice in Ireland- Master of the Rolls, in the case Wilson et al. v. Jackson et al. (Jackson Estate), involving property at 26 George’s Street, 36 Cecil Street, 2-5 Hartstonge Street, 13-16 Henry Street, and premises in Upper Henry Street and Military Road.

At Dublin, the wife of P. Neville Jackson, surgeon Royal Scots Greys, of a son.

1870 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/O%27Shaughnessy-1.pdf

NOTE an undated obit: DEATHS: Jackson -- at Longford, Stewart Neville, infant son of Peter Neville Jackson, surgeon, Royal Scots Greys.


At Plymouth. George Edward Owen Jackson, Esq. Capt. Royal Marines, son of the late Adm. Samuel Jackson CB, to Rhoda Angell, daughter of the late Joseph Linden, Esq.

1855 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/10%2020%2055%20retake.pdf

NOTE: A George Edward Owen JACKSON died in 1903, in Bedfordshire, England. In 1877, he was a Lieut. Col & living at 2, Sudley-terrace, Bognor. A will for George Edward Owen JACKSON late of 12 Landsdown Road, Bedford, late Col. In Royal Marines d. May 2, 1903, was probated in 1903, effects to Clarisa Marion Sandys, widow: £8009 1s 9.

At Mount Pleasant, County Tipperary, on the seventh instance of scarletina. Richard Herbert Jackson, second son of Maj. George Jackson.

1845 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/08%2013%2045.pdf

DORE family history – supposedly mentioned JACKSONs – Veronica JACKSON married


Limerick Chronicle, 6/3/1850.

Died on Monday at High St. Dublin, Anne Alley wife of John Alley and daughter of the late Richard Jackson.


T.A. Jackson, "Ireland Her Own", Seven Seas Publishers,

Berlin, 1970. Mentioned in pdf on Whiteboys (saved)

At Bray, Henry Vincent Jackson, Esq.

1843? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/06%2003%2043.pdf

NOTE: The Jackson family held an estate at Inane, parish of Roscrea, county Tipperary in the 19th century and family members practiced as lawyers in Dublin. Peter Jackson was registrar to Lord Norbury and James Fraser in his ''Guide through Ireland'' (1838) records Peter Jackson of Inane, county Tipperary. Henry Vincent Jackson is recorded as assistant to Peter Jackson in the ''King's Inns Admission Papers''. This source also records four sons of Henry Vincent Jackson and his wife Sarah Warburton, namely George, Frederick, Peter and William. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Jackson estate was located in the parishes of Bourney, Roscrea and Templemore, barony of Ikerrrin and Fertiana, barony of Eliogarty. 355 acres held under a fee farm grant dated 1861 by Frederick Bridge from Frederick A. Jackson at Carrick, barony of Ikerrin, was advertised for sale in February 1869. In the 1870s Henry Vincent Jackson of Inane owned 1,088 acres in county Tipperary and 1,765 acres in King's County (Offaly) while William H. Jackson of Inane owned 363 acres in county Tipperary.


Ferrars history of Limerick


Mention of Walker JACKSON


Eliza, only daughter of Robert Jackson, Esq. of Cloncon House, Kings County.


At Upper Gloucester street, the lady of William Torrence McCullagh, Esq. of a daughter.


At his seat, Corderry, County of Louth, Faithful Fortescue, Esq. DL.


Mr. James Jackson, of Lancaster, teacher of the Friend’s School in that town.


1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/11%2013%2044.pdf

Freemen of Limerick


Jackson, Barnaby, Esq., Curtuddy, County Co. Kilkenny, 11/5/1762

Jackson, John, Esquire, his son, 11/5/1762

Jackson, Clifford, gentleman, of Coy, Limerick 11/5/1762

Jackson, Walker, gentleman, Coy. A., Limerick, 11/5/1762

http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/freemen.pdf saved as pdf

At Monkstown church, County Dublin, Arthur Stanley Jackson, Esq., QC, to Annie, only daughter of the late Edward Sullivan, Esq., of Dublin.


NOTE: His father Thomas JACKSON died in 1864. SEE:


At Charlemont-street., Dublin, the wife of Robert H. Jackson, Esq., of Athy, of a son.

NOTE: The father was likely Robert Hall JACKSON whose wife was Caroline. SEE: Caroline JACKSON late of Annefield House Athy Co Kildare d 25 May 1896 granted to Robert Hall JACKSON 0f Annefield House, the husband farmer, effects £238 10s 10d

In the 1901 Census, Robert Hall JACKSON was widowed and living at Bray Lower, Athy, with an unmarried daughter, Leonora JACKSON, age 23 (hence b. 1878).


At Coldbrook Park, Abergavenny, the wife of Capt. Standish Jackson, of a son.

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Peacocke,%20Erson,%20Sheedy,%20Murrough.pdf

At St. James Church, Piccadilly, London, George Whitla, Esq., R.H.A., eldest son of the late William Whitla, Esq., of Lisburn, County Antrim, to Catherine Barbara Gould, eldest daughter of Capt. Hamilton Llewellyn Jackson, late Radetsky Hussars, Austrian army.

1868 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Barry,%20Dickson.pdf

NOTE: She is in the JACKSONs of Duddington tree: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html

At Pleasant-row, Islington, Sarah, relict of J. Jackson, Esq.

1843 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/01%2004%2043.pdf

Rideout and Jackson -- April 8, at St. Mary's Church, Cadogan-terrace, London, A. Kennedy Rideout, Esq., of Maj. Royal Horse Artillery, to Mary Ellen, widow of the late W. Scarborough Jackson, Esq., of Moor House, Headingley, Yorkshire.

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Rose,%20Preston.pdf

Jackson-Jones and Griffin -- October 17, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. J. McSorley, George Jackson Jones, Esq., of Mount Salem, County Limerick, and Leinster Rd., Dublin, to Susanna, eldest daughter of Samuel Griffin, Esq., Mount Pleasant Sq., Ranelagh, County Dublin.

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Griffin,%20MoronyC.pdf

In St. Mary's, Stamford, Lt. Col. T. Mitchell, Royal Marines Light Infantry, son of the late Major J. Mitchell, RM, to Emma Wayet, youngest daughter of T.H. Jackson, Esq. of the former place.

1856 http://limerickcity.ie/media/02%206%20%201856.pdf

129 19 June 1838 Letter from Lt. Col. Campbell Salford Barracks, to Lieut. Colonel Sir Charles O’Donnell Brigade Major Nottingham, thanking him for his last letter of the 16th, [wishing him well in..] mentions that he wrote to Richard Jackson. Includes information on the ‘Distribution of the Light Company in [Billet] on the Line of March at [Nilmslow] 5 June 1838’.

359 April 1837 Contains a copy of a letter from Sir Charles R O’Donnell, Nottingham to Lt. Colonel Jackson dated 21 April 1837 requesting information regarding a military march he will undertake including his observations on ‘The general fractures of the Country;- the peculiar nature of the Districts with regards to agriculture, manufacture and population;- the character of the inhabitants;- the state of the roads, and whether turnpike, parochial or cross;- the names of the rivers, by what means they are passed and their width; the mountains, roads or any particular objects on or near the line of march;- the names also of the intermediate towns and their capabilities for the accommodation of troops; whether they have back up places for prisoners;- jails that afford means for inflicting punishment with hard labor …’ p4.

Includes a hand drawn form titled ‘March of a Division of the 6th [ ] Guards [Carcluvius] with information to be filled under the headings ‘Days’, ‘Stages from Nottingham’, ‘Distance’, ‘Time of Departure, ‘Time of Arrival’, ‘Average Rate per Hour of Marching at a walk, at a trot’, ‘Capability of holding [in billets] on a march or in quarters Cavalry Horses Infantry’, ‘If any regular Police in the Town, what number or how watched’, and ‘Remarks’.

                                                                                                                        4 pp

610 24 June 1850 Document certifying John Vize O’Donnell as a ‘[Mart] Mason, ‘having worked with great Industry, and having shown a desire to obtain further Instruction in the mysteries of the Craft was by Us Entrusted with the Secrets of the Ark Degree of Free Masonry’ (p.1) on the 4 June 1850 in the Lodge of Harmony No. 641, working at Cawnpoor in Bengal. Signed by John Jackson, Secretary.

See also P35/600, P35/612

611 1 August 1850 Document certifying John Vize O’Donnell as a ‘Master Mason… admitted as a Member, and Participator, in the Super Excellent Degree of Free Masonry on the 26 July 1850 in the Mount Nor Chapter of Super Excellent Masons… Cawnpoor in Bengal’ (p.1) Signed by John Jackson, Scribe.

See also P35/610, P35/612

612 1 August 1850 Document certifying John Vize O’Donnell as a Knight Companion of the Masonic Order of the Red Cross of Babylon on the 26 July 1850. Signed by John Jackson, Registrar.

See also P35/610, P35/611

                                                                                                                        1 p

677 1836 Indenture made between Francois [Marie] January of Leicester Sq of the first part, Mr [Edward Savage Bailey] [..] Oxford St of the second part, William Jackson [..] of the third part in relation to Mary Hitchcock, widow and late of Albemarle Street Piccadilly, refers to dates including 4 August 1820 and [11] November 1820 and a sum of £2,000. Document is incomplete and unsigned.


Pedigree sketches from the 1808 Limerick Tontine Schedule.


William Maunsell = Dorothea Gabbett            William and Dorothea’s marriage

Attorney               1st wife, Dead                        settlement was signed on the 31/12/1790.

Dominick St.                                                     They had 9 children. William married a

Limerick                                                            second time to Elizabeth Jackson and had 3

                        Bridget Maunsell                       more children.

                        Eldest daughter

                        Age 9


At Portsmouth, the wife of F.G. Jackson, Esq., 21st Fusiliers, of a son.

1864 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Bradshaw2.pdf

On Sunday last, the 5th April instant, at his residence, Catherine St., William Hartigan, Esq., J.P., one of our most respected fellow citizens, and whose loss is deeply deplored by his family and friends. This lamented gentleman was held in high esteem in this, his native city. His remains will be interred tomorrow morning, at six o'clock, in the family vault, St. Michael's Church.


At Dundalk, Catherine Francis, wife of James Barton, Esq.


At Fortland, County Mayo, Sarah, daughter of the late Humphrey Jones, Esq. of Mullinabro’, County Kilkenny, and relict of the late Major Jackson.

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Herbert,%20Hartigan,%20Vere,%20Moore,%20Kilbride.pdf

Jackson, Robert Wyse 1908-1976 Waterford?        Bishop/Historian        BDIW/DIL/MIL

Jackson Walker (Piper)        d.1798 Ballingarry, Co. Musician      EI

21st -- military appointments…. staff surgeon Joseph Fletcher Lockheed, to be surgeon, vice Arthur Jackson: Greer, appointed to the 17th Lancers


83rd -- military appointments included -- Lieut. Nicholas Pennefeather to be captained by by purchase, vice president Maj. Thorton, who retires;. Ensign Arthur Butler to be let tenant by purchase, vice Sir Keith George Jackson, Bart retired;…..

1867 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Dickson.pdf

At Glanmire, Cork, the wife of Mr. R.H. Jackson, of a daughter.

1869 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Nairn.pdf

At Hong Kong, Edwin Litchfield, Esq., Deputy Assistant Commissioner General, to Marion Jackson, daughter of the honorable John Smale, her Majesty's Atty. Gen. for Hong Kong.

NOTE: Sir John Jackson SMALE (1805-1882)was Chief Justice 1866-1881. His son, Smale, John Jackson, B.A. London Univ. 1854 and a member of Convocation, a reporter for Incorporated Council 1865-75, joint author of Drewry and Smale's Reports, a student of Lincoln's Inn 19 Jan., 1853 (then aged 18), called to the bar 17 Nov., 1856 eldest son of Sir John Smale, late chief justice Hong Kong, dec); born 10 Aug., 1834; married 19 April, 1865, Comelie, elder dau. of Rev. C. P, Boeckelmann, of Randerath, Aix-la-Chapelle. Powderham Crescent, Exeter

HALLETSMALE - SMITH HALLETT: On the 1st Dec., [1885] at S. Jude's, South

Kensington, by the Rev. R.W. Forrest, D.D., Vicar, assisted by the Rev.

S.M. Ransom, M.A., and the Rev. C.M. MacAnally, M.A., the Rev. William

Smale, M.A., Vicar of S. Philip's, Kensington, youngest son of the late Sir

John Smale, Chief Justice of Hongkong, to Eliza Bean, widow of Captain

Walter Leckie Hallett, 3d Bombay Grenadiers, and second daughter of the

late Euan McLaurin Smith, Esq., M.D., Surgeon-General of British Guiana.

http://newspaperarchive.com/london-and-china-telegraph/1882-08-16/page-10 (I don’t have a complete transcription – this has gaps) WE regret to record the death of Sir John Smale late Justice of Hong which occurred at his residence on the evening of the 13th last. The deceased was seventyseven years of age. He was the son of the late John Smale by his marriage with the daughter of John Mar[don?] of [??] Devon and was born in the year 1805. He was a student at Manchester and in studied at the Inner Temple. He afterwards became a solicitor and practised as such till when he was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. He practised in Chancery for eleven years.1846 to 18?? he filled the office of reporter in the Courts of ... and He was one of the joint authors of De Gex and Smale and Smale and Giffords His next move was to Attorney General in Hong Kong in 1860 and six years subsequently he was appointed Chief Justice of that a post which he held till last year. He was created a knight in 18??. Sir John has been twice married first in 18?? to daughter of Mr. J. Jackson and secondly to daughter of [?] He leaves a widow and several issue. Sir John Smale will be the best remembered by our readers for the part he took in recent years with regard to kidnapping and domestic slavery in Hong He...  several severe and sentences with regard to Sir John had been in failing health for but his death was not expected as early as it has taken

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Miller-2.pdf

At [St. Paul] Sculcoats Church, Hull [Diocese of York], the Rev. Charles Frost, to Mary Alice, daughter of John Gildard Jackson, Esq., Hull.

Date? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Barryc.pdf

Jackson. At Stoke Newington [London], the wife of the Rev. Bloomfield Jackson, of a daughter.

Date? Emperor Napoleon was in the news. http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Evans-3.pdf

In upper Dorset Street, the Lady of J. Jackson, Esq. of a daughter.

1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/08%2003%2044.pdf

Of Monkstown church, County Dublin, Arthur Stanley Jackson, Esq., QC, to Annie, only daughter of the late Edward Sullivan, Esq., of Dublin.

1868 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Meehan.pdf

Scott -- at Carrigerry, at Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare, Jane Jackson Scott, second and dearly loved daughter of John Fitzwilliam Scott, Esq.


At the Presbyterian church, Rutland-square, Dublin, Stewart Purvis, Esq., of Lissaneiran, Roscrea, to Constance Peppard, eldest daughter of George Jackson, Esq., at Laurel Hill, Roscrea.


DATE: 1870 – since the death of lady COTTER is also mentioned on this page and she died in June 1870.

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSON-BallyboyKingsCo.html

Mary, widow of the late Brabazon Noble, Esq., MM. Dundalk.


At Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, the wife of George TH Barton, of a son.


In St. Paul's Cathedral, Jamestown, St. Helena, Barton, Esq., Lieut. Royal Engineers, son of J. Barton Esq., of Stonehouse, County Dublin, to Wilhelmina, daughter of the right Rev. Dr. Welby Lord Bishop at St. Helena.


From Calcutta to England -- assistant surgeon Jackson, 312 men.

DATE? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Graydon,%20Russell,%20Ryan,%20Bernard,%20Vansittart,%20Stokes,%20Ahern.pdf

At Hong Kong, Francis Seymour Gaynor, Esq., Capt. 99th Regiment, son of Capt. Gaynor, of Killiney House, County Dublin, to Fanny, daughter of the late George Meredith, Esq., of Cambria, Tasmania.

At St. Nicholas’s RC church, Galway, Henry Joseph Arthur, son of the late Arthur Brew, Esq., Grace Park, County Dublin, and formally of Chirmacrea, County Clare, to Fanny Alicia, daughter of Benjamin Jackson, Esq., County Inspector of Constabulary, Galway West.

1863 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/O%27Donnell,%20Dickson.pdf

At Pigeon House Fort, Dublin, Donald James Irvine, the infant son of Capt. FF Jackson, 21st Fusiliers.

DATE? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/O%27Regan-4.pdf

Arbuthnot -- at Upper Hamilton-terrace., London, the wife of Maj. G. Arbuthnot, MP, RA, of a daughter.

http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/MacnamaraC.pdf DATE?

Staff Capt. Jackson, Orderly room Adjutant to the Provisional battalion has received charge of the 39th Depot from Capt. Blackall, retired on full pay.

DATE? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/10%2030%2044.pdf

A legal case which mentions that the plaintiff had acted in the capacity of Water Bailiff, as also the average yearly value of the fees received by him, were George Jackson,… and other names

1844 up http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/07%2020%2044.pdf

De Vere Family Papers


66  Undated   Order from Thomas Jackson, Major L.C to Sir                                                                                                Vere Hunt to parade                                                                                                                              Jackson, Major L.C to Sir                                                                                                                              Vere Hunt to parade tomorrow morning before Murphy’s Tavern, near the exchange.

335 11 May 1822 Letter from John Jackson  to Aubrey discussing a  draft of agreement with John Benison as to the delivery of possession of the Island.

336 23 May 1822 Letter from Fladgate,  Young and Jackson  enclosing copy of letter

from Benison, dated 22 may 1822. Benison’s letter states that he has ‘private doubts’ on the suggested agreement but will await the advice of his counsel. He also thanks Fladgate and Co. for the valuation of live stock, and states that he is awaiting for the valuation of the residue.

372   8 February 1823 Letter from John Jackson, to Aubrey enclosing copy                                                              of letter from Benison.

Jackson notes that he has traced the parties in whom the legal estates in Lady Clayton and Mr. Colleton are vested but that the question regarding tithes and taxes remain outstanding. Bension is refusing to purchase the island as the purchase contract guaranteed that the Island was free from tithe and taxes. Benison suggests that £900 should be reduced from the title for want of title to exemption from taxes and tithes. Jackson advises that Hunt should have Hewlett make a search made for grant of title from the Crown, or else to resell Island to new purchaser.

4 pp


373   22 March 1823 Letter from John Jackson to Aubrey De Vere Hunt, enclosing a copy of

of letter from Henry William Hewlett to Fladgate Young and Jackson which discusses the Hewlett’s research into the pedigree of Lundy Island. Jackson notes that Hewlett’s research shows that Lord Bath took the Island by descent in the reign of Henry VII and contradicts the statement of Sir Vere Hunt that the island was granted to a distinguished gentleman in the middle of the last century.

(lots more on this legal issue)


64    06 Oct. 1781    Letter from Anne Hunt  (Mother), Currah. Home news, Mrs Jackson had a young son. “Councelor Rumbold” mentioned.

[add to Insgn Hunt, 5th, Youghal]

236    26 Dec. 1786   Letter from Thomas  Jackson, Limerick. Refuses invitation as Langleys are insulting him.

15  23 Jan. 1788    The complaint of  R (b?) Owen, No.528 against Brother Myles Jackson of No. 9 (lodge) for assault. Gives names and masters of No.s 528 and 271.

88   24 Apr. 1788    Letter from Morgan 0’ Dwyer, Failed to get Peacocke to reduce rent on Keilnavaraga. Pay Rev. Wm. Rose of Adare or he will give it to the Palatines. Jackson gone to England. (NOTE: after letters asking for payment)

91   26 Apr. 1788    Letter from Morgan O’ Dwyer, [Dublin], Send copy of lease to Phil. Smyth. Jackson still here after all. Advises re Keilnavaraga and an attorney. Glad Vere Hunt’s relative Nich. Colthurst is to marry the eldest of the Misses LaTouche next Thursday.

134   28 May 1788    Mrs Jackson to Lady Hunt, Sends her some shrimps.


155 12 Jun. 1788  Letter from Francis  Minchin, Dublin, Will sue unless sent amount of bond and interest immediately.

                                                       1 p

156  14 Jun. 1788   Letter from Morgan O’ Dwyer, Dublin, Re finances – Crosbie Morgell, Jackson, Minchin.

At Stoke church Devonport, Mr. J.P. Jackson, to Charlotte, daughter of Cmdr. Charles Patey, R.N.

1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/11%2027%2044.pdf

Ennis Chronicle. Saturday 2 March 1811.

Married in Limerick, Mr Thomas Jackson, Revenue Officer, to Miss Dickson daughter of the late Samuel Dickson of that city.

DICKSON family history

At Hong Kong, Mr. Marcus Dill, son of the Rev. F. Dill, Presbyterian minister of CLough, County Down NOTE: In Rootsweb silverbowl tree.

At his residence In Richmond Pl., St. Leonard's, Exeter, Thomas Jackson, Esq., surgeon of the Royal Navy.

1844 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/03%2013%2044.pdf

History of Limerick 55 pp Hamilton JACKSON 1670, then Miles JACKSON & Abraham JACKSON attainted of treason by King James. NOTE: Saved pdf filed under Limerick.

Jackson Constable 23/08/1892 RIC death

At Alverstoke, Gosport, the wife of Capt. Montague Hall, 101st Royal Bengal Fusiliers, of a son.


At the parish church, Leckhampton, George Lawson Hall Pool, Capt. 18th Royal Irish, to Jane daughter of Lieut. General R. Budd, Madras Army, of Belfont, Cheltenham.


At Edinburgh, the wife of J.I. Murray, Esq., M.D., FRSE, her Majesty's Colonial Surgeon, Hong Kong, of a son.

1870 http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Spring.pdf

At St. Thomas's Church, Portman square, London, Clement Smale, Esq., of Adelaide Road, Haverstock-Hill, and of Gloucester, solicitor, second son of the honorable John Smale. Chief justice of Hong Kong, to Sophie Trevor, third daughter of the late William St. John, Esq., of Tory, Devon.


At Singapore, the wife of Charles J. Irving, Esq., Auditor Gen. of the Straits Settlements, of a son.

DATE? http://www.limerickcity.ie/media/Gabbett,%20Smyth.pdf

Glin Castle, Co. Limerick

Description of furnishings includes: Between the windows is an oval mirror surmounted by an urn and eagle, dated about 1790. This bears the label of Jackson of Essex Bridge, Dublin.


At Leben, Bridget, relict of the late Captain John Jackson, and sister of the late Colonel James Hamilton Powell, formerly of the Grange House, county Sligo.




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