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Just because these obits were in the Limerick Chronicle does not mean that all the people mentioned in them were only from Co. Limerick. Many were, but many are there for other reasons. Perhaps someone thought it fitting to pay for an ad in the Chronicle because there were family and/or business ties. There is a search box on the site, and when you type in the names of other counties, the results can be quite rewarding.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 21, 2012
PS. This site represents a considerable amount of work, and those responsible deserve to be commended. Where I know more about the individuals, I have included either other information or else a link to my site where their family connections are shown. In time, I will update my own site with all these new specifics.

Jackson obits in Limerick Chronicle – transcribed

SOURCE of the pdfs they were transcribed from: http://www.limerickcity.ie/


Jackson, James (625 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 21/12/1842, former victualler and cattle-dealer on Monday night, at his house in Georges St., very much regretted by his family and neighbors, Henry O'Sullivan, Esq. for many years an extensive tobacco manufacturer.


On yesterday, at his house, Henry Street, in the meridian of life, to the deep regret of his sorrowing family and numerous friends, Mr. James Jackson, for many years one of the most eminent Victuallers and cattle dealers in the South of Ireland. He bore a tedious illness with true Christian patients, and when the sleep of death was near, his latter moments were marked with that grace which the world cannot give, and he sunk to rest, to wake to life eternal.

Jackson, Jeremiah (185 Kb) , Henry Street , Limerick Chronicle 2/06/1842, son of George Jackson

Tuesday last, In Henry St., Jeremiah, infant son of George Jackson Esquire.

Jackson, Lydia Taylor (601 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 24/08/1842, of scarletina, dau of George Jackson

in Henry St. of scaletina, to the inexpressible grief of her affected parents, Lydia Taylor, eldest daughter of George Jackson, Esq.

Jackson, Thomas (600 Kb) , Nicholas Street, Limerick Chronicle 19/04/1843, retired Officer of Customs

On Easter Monday last at his house In Nicholas St., Mr. Thomas Jackson, retired Officer of Customs -- an honest worthy man.

Age 72, Anne, daughter of the late Joseph Boardman, of Cork-street, and widow of Samuel Jackson, of Cork St., cotton manufacturer.

NOTE: This probably ties this line of JACKSONs into the Thomas JACKSON who married Mary BOARDMAN.

Jackson, Bessy (740 Kb) , Henry Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/04/1844, report, aged 10, dau of George Jackson, accidental drowning

DEATH BY DROWNING -- With sincere sympathy and regret we record the premature death of Bessie, aged 10 years, eldest daughter of George Jackson, Esq. Harbor Master. This interesting child strayed from her parent’s house in Henry St., on Sunday last after dinner, to the canal, or melancholy to relate, the little innocent fell in that the bank side, and met with a watery grave. She was a child of most engaging disposition and manners.

James Bennett, Esq. corner, held an inquest yesterday. The Rev. James Quinn, PP of St. Johns, who was the first person to observe the child in the water, deposed that he was walking on the canal between four and five o'clock on Sunday evening; he looked up towards the second lock, and saw the child in the water; he was a distance from her that time, but heard her cry out, as he believes “Mary;” he immediately ran to the spot, and a man who could not swim went out to savor, but did not succeed; a person coming down the bank at the time had a dog, which jumped into the water; the little girl was than floating above the water, but the dog having put his paws on her, she immediately sunk, and was not raised in the bottom for half an hour afterwards. He did not see anyone near the place when he first observed the child in the water.

Dr. Thwaites, was called on to attend the child in Barrington's hospital, stated that he applied the usual remedies to restore animation but in vain, as life was extinct.

The Jury returned a verdict of “accidental death”. The unhappy parents of the child were not aware that she left their house, until the melancholy intelligence of her death was made known, nor does it appear that she was in company with anyone when this melancholy accident occurred.

Jackson, Jane (537 Kb) , Limerick Chronicle 24/08/1844, died at Limerick Port, dau of Thomas Jackson

On Thursday last, Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Jackson, Officer of Customs at this port.


Jackson, William (717 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/02/1844, former inhabitant of St. John's parish.

Yesterday, in Mungret  St., Mr. William Jackson -- and old and respected inhabitant of St. John's parish.

Jackson, Eliza (706 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 10/05/1845, widow of Richard Jackson, dau of Thomas Welsh, formerly proprietor of The Munster Journal.


Charles G. Jackson, son of Thomas Jackson, asylum, Armagh. NOTE: Thomas JACKSON was the director of the Asylum.


Wednesday, in Mungret-street, at a very advanced age, Eliza, relict of the late Mr. Richard Jackson, and daughter of Thomas Welsh, Esq. formerly proprietor of the Munster Journal -- a lady endeared to her family and friends by many amiable qualities.

Jackson, Frederick Hall (727 Kb) , Arcot, East Indies, Limerick Chronicle 29/11/1845,  died of cholera, Captain in the 57th Regiment, son of Thomas Jackson, Fanningstown, Limerick.

At Arcot, in the East Indies, on 10th of October last, of cholera, to the inexpressible grief of his disconsolate parents, and sincerely and deservedly regretted by his brother officers and friends. Frederick Hall Jackson, Esq. Capt. in the 57th Regiment, and eldest son of Thomas Jackson, of Fanningstown, in this County, Esq.

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html

Jackson, Mary (220 Kb) , Charlotte's Quay, Limerick Chronicle 15/04/1846, widow of James Jackson, Victualler, Limerick, dau of the late David Weir, architect.

Sunday morning, on Charlotte Quay, after a tedious illness, owing to the effects of a severe fall received two years since, Mary, relict of the late Mr. James Jackson, Victualler, of the city, and only daughter of the late David Weir, architect, Forfar. Mrs. Jackson is deeply regretted by her sorrowing children.

Jackson, Louisa (571 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 28/06/1848, dau of George Jackson.

On Saturday, at his residence in William Street, after a long illness, age 7 years, Louisa, youngest daughter of George Jackson, Esq. -- an interesting and engaging child.

Jackson, Joanna (985 Kb) , George Street, Limerick Chronicle 25/07/1849, dau of John McAuliffe, wife of Andrew Jackson.

On Monday morning last, at her brother's house In George St., Joanna, wife of Mr. Andrew Jackson, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. John M’Auliffe, of the city. She was long endeared to her family and friends by a gentle and obliging disposition, and cheerful yet unobtrusive, manners. A deep sense of moral and religious principle was the unwavering rule of her life; and her last farewell of this world was breathed in Christian peace and love to mankind.

Jackson, John (868 Kb) , District Lunatic Asylum, Limerick Chronicle 21/04/1849, aged 77, 24 years manager of the institution.

On Wednesday night last, at the District Lunatic Asylum, John Jackson, Esq. Manager of that institution, during the last 24 years. His zeal, integrity, and success, had frequently been testified in the strongest terms of approbation by the Board of Governors, the Inspectors, and visitors. He died in the 77th year of his age, after few days illness, and the full assurance of a glorious resurrection to eternal life, purchased by the free and sovereign mercy of God.

Jackson, Sarah (562 Kb) , Mungret Street, Limerick Chronicle 17/01/1849, dau of Richard Jackson.

In Mungret- street, after protracted illness, deservedly regretted by her family and friends, Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. Richard Jackson, of this City.

Alley, Anne (633 Kb) , High Street, Dublin, Limerick Chronicle 06/03/1850, dau of Richard Jackson of Limerick City; wife of John Alley.

On Monday morning, at her house, High St., Dublin, Anne, wife of Mr. John Alley, and daughter of the late Mr. Richard Jackson of this City.

Tattersall, Elizabeth (546 Kb) , 64 Fawcett Street, Manchester, Limerick Chronicle 30/10/1850, widow of Matthew Sedgwick Tattersall, dau of Isaac Jackson of Limerick.

At 64, Fawcett St., Manchester, on the 27th instance, aged 39 years, Elizabeth, relict of Matthew Sedgwick Tattersall, and daughter of the late Mr. Isaac Jackson of Limerick.

Jackson, Frederick (686 Kb) , Mortimer Terrace, Kentish Town, Limerick Chronicle 07/01/1852, of Dublin, attorney-at-law, son-in-law of Arthur Brereton of Lim. City’

At Mortimer Terrace, Kentish town, on 31st ultimate Frederick Jackson, Esq. of Dublin, attorney at law, and son-in-law of the late Arthur Brereton, Esq. of the city, sincerely and universally regretted by a large circle of friends.

Jackson, Louis Arthur (1,047 Kb) , Ashton Street, Liverpool, Limerick Chronicle 31/12/1853, son of Thomas Roe Jackson, late of Limerick City.

In Ashton St., Liverpool, on Friday, Louis Arthur, only son of Thomas Roe Jackson, late of this City.

Leighton, James (727 Kb) , Fanningstown Castle, Co. Limerick, Limerick Chronicle 14/12/1853, Steward to Capt. Jackson - native of Scotland.

On Sunday last, at Fanningstown Castle, in this County, Mr. James Layton, Steward to Capt. Jackson -- a native of Scotland, and many years settled in this country.

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html

Jackson, George (602 Kb) , William Street, Limerick Chronicle 18/03/1854, aged 71; retired Harbour Master of Lim. port, son of Wm. Marcus Jackson of Lim. City.

Yesterday, at his residence, William Street, age 71 years, George Jackson Esquire retired Harbor Master of the port of Limerick, and son of the late William Marcus Jackson, Esq. of this City.

Harris, Arthur Jackson (922 Kb) , Jackson Clare St., Lim. Chronicle 18/10/1856, son of H. B. Harris.

In Clare St., Arthur Jackson, the beloved child of Mr. H.B. Harris.

NOTE: I assume a familial connection to JACKSONs.

Jackson, Richard (429 Kb) , Merchant's Quay, Lim. Chronicle 24/09/1856, aged 83.

On Tuesday, at his house, Merchants Quay, aged 83 years, Mr. Richard Jackson -- a respectable inhabitant, who enjoyed good health and strength within a few days previous to his dissolution.

Jackson, Susan (1,014 Kb) , Rathkeale, LimerickChronicle. 13/05/1857, inquest.

On Monday, Thomas Costelloe, Esq., Coroner, held an inquest at the District lunatic asylum, on the body of Susan Jackson, late of Rathkeale, who threw herself out of the window of that Institution, and received such severe injuries that death ensued. The Governors present at the Inquisition were Thomas Abbott, Henry Maunsell, William Hartigan, and John W. Mahony, esquires, with doctors Fitzgerald and O'Callaghan. Having heard the evidence the Jury returned the following verdict: -- that the deceased Susan Jackson, not being of sound mind, but a lunatic came by her death by throwing herself out of the window at the lunatic asylum, which fall caused her death, and we are further of opinion, that there was neglect on the part of the nurse in charge of the deceased.

Jackson, Thomas (786 Kb) , Belmont House, Hampstead Road, Limerick Chronicle 09/05/1857, aged 74, of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick.

On the seventh instance, at his residence, Belmont house, Hampstead Rd., Thomas Jackson, Esq. of Fanningstown, in this County, aged 74 years.

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSONs-Duddington.html

Jackson, Anne (158 Kb) , Patrick Street, Limerick Chronicle 01/09/1863, aged 66, wife of William Jackson, chandler.

On Monday morning in Patrick-street, in this city, after a tedious illness, which she bore with truly Christian resignation, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. William Jackson, Chandler, aged 66 years.

Jackson, William (241 Kb) , Roche's Street, Limerick Chronicle 23/11/1865.

Yesterday, In Roche’s St., Limerick, Mr. William Jackson.

Mason, Miles Jackson (230 Kb) , Glenbrook, Limerick Chronicle 18/05/1869, aged 77.

On the 13th instance, after a short illness, at his residence, Glenbrook, County Limerick, Miles Jackson Mason, Esq., aged 77 years, deeply and deservedly regretted.

Jackson, George (235 Kb), Roscrea, Limerick Chronicle 27th October 1881, son-in-law of late Joseph Jones, Clino, death notice. [NOTE: Roscrea. Offaly – formerly Kings Co.]

Jackson -- October 25, at Laurel Hill, Roscrea, George Jackson, Esq., son-in-law of the late Joseph Jones, Esq., Clino, aged 72 years, his remains will arrive in Limerick tomorrow Friday, at 2:30, for internment at St. Munchins.

NOTE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/familytree/JACKSON-BallyboyKingsCo.html

Jackson, Andrew (301 Kb), Barrington Street, Limerick Chronicle 21st April 1883, compositor at Limerick Chronicle, death notice.

Jackson -- on the 16th instance, in this city, Mr. Andrew Jackson, for 58 years a compositor on the staff of the Limerick Chronicle.

Jackson, Constable (557 Kb), Limerick Chronicle 23rd August 1892.


A great deal of regret has been evoked amongst the city R.I.C. force and many civilian friends of the death of mounted Constable Jackson who has been stationed in Limerick for many years. He had been under medical treatment for some weeks and seemed to be recovering, but last week a relapse set in, and he was conveyed to the County Infirmary, where death took place on Saturday night. Constable Jackson was a very courteous and intelligent official, and a general favorite with all his colleagues and what, perhaps, lends an additional air of sadness to his premature demise is the fact that the order for his promotion came down on the day of his death. He had some 20 years service in the force, a large portion of which as already stated, has been spent in Limerick. The remains were interred yesterday at St. Munchin’s Church, and the funeral was attended about by about 80 men of the Constabulary, walking two deep. They were under command of District Inspector Purdon, and Head Constables M’Brin and Phelan. Several of the general public were also present. The Rev. J.W. Chapman oficiated.



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