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SOURCE: History of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers of the City of London  

NOTE: I have bolded the JACKSON name to highlight how dominant the JACKSONs were in this trade in London – and it is likely that some of the other surnames were related to them by marriage. Thanks to Jan Waugh for help with this. As I learn more, I will post what I know. In the meantime, I have a family tree posted as well as wills for Thomas JACKSON and Samuel JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 2, 2011





1477 William Smalwood

William Large, Thomas Jakson

1485 William Sexteyn

Thomas Jakson, Thomas Nassh

1488 Thomas Alexander

Thomas Jakson,  John Cave

1492 Thomas Jakson

John Cave,  William Pecok

1493 Thomas Jakson

John Hyndson,  Robert Turnour

1512 William Marshall

 William Crowe,  William Jakson

1576 William Curtis

Allen Gardener,  John Jackson

1584 Thomas Allen

John Jackson,  Thomas Catcher

1587 Ralph Stray

John Jackson,   Richard Perkins

1589 John Jackson

Percival Gascar,  William Wood

1658 John Silk

Thomas Jackson,  Thomas Howard

1660 Thomas Jackson

 Edward Gilbert,  Richard Mellett

1673 John Drury

Henry Perris,  Samuel Jackson

1678 Henry Perris

Samuel Jackson,  Robert Adams

1684 Samuel Jackson

John Mann, Stephenn Lawrence

1687 James Kelk

Thomas Stone, Christopher Raper


[Displaced by Order of King James II]

Samuel Jackson

John Mann,  John Emes


1690 Samuel Jackson

Thomas Stone, William Cowley

1700 John Emes & Samuel Jackson

William Howard,  Edward Trahern

1712 Edward Trahern

John Jackson,  John Shorey

1714 Samuel Jackson

 Samuel Hancock,   Robert Nicholson

1795 George Smith

John Hinde,  Robert Jackson

1800 John Appleton

 Robert Jackson,  Robert Towers

1801 Robert Jackson

Robert Piercy Hodge,  William Tovey




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