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Names included: William DARETY; Dr. HENRY; Patrick BRIDES; Ellen CLARKENS (possibly CLARKSON); Pat (Patrick) REILLY; Bridget CONOLLY; Alick REILLY; Tom SMITH; Eleanor CLARKSON; John RUDDEN; Michael REILLY; MURPHY's; Richard ATKINSON (or ATEENSON); Willie CLARK's; GRIFFITHs girl; Peter McDONALD; Michael REILLY; Fanny Anne STEENSON; Jane GRIFFITH; Mary MURPHY; Dr. William O'REILLY; Dr. Richard HENRY; Margaret McKENNA; Martin MURPHY; Patrick McKENNA; Matthew BREADY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 11, 2006



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NOTE there are two unnumbered pages between 31-32 which are also included.


12th Inquiry ₤1.0.0

On the 6 April 1877 attended at the asylum to inquire into the death William DARETY an inmate of about one week whose death resulted from exhaustion from mania


Distance travelled 18 miles

Fee to Dr. HENRY fro Post-mortem .2.0

Fee to Dr. O’REILLY for Post-mortem ₤2.2.0

Held on view of the body of Patrick BRIDES 5 March 1877 in the parish of Curren & Barony of Dartrey.

[There is no witness named here- so it seems it may have been the Coroner himself – Robert Hamilton REED] Was at Clones fair 29 March. I saw deceased in Scotshouse in Ellen CLARKENS where I was invited by deceased to take a treat. This was about 7:30 p.m. Stopped about ¼ hour. About a neign of punch was drunk by us. Deceased. Pat REILLY. Bridget CONOLLY & myself. Alick REILLY was there. We left together as are route home was the same. I forgot my hat in CLARKENS but did not miss it for some time and when I did I asked REILLY if he had it. He replied no. We had a scuffle on the road and I fell into the ditch. I was drunk.

Patrick REILLY. Deposed was a nephew of deceased. I met him on his return from Clones fair in Scothouse evening of 29 [retto?]. I and my Uncle Tom SMITH & Bridget CONOLY were drinking Eleanor CLARKSON’s public house. Remained better than ½ hour. I walked part of the way home with my uncle. He had a horse with him. After a little I got on and rode and then left him and rode onwords. I saw a rowe on the road before me near MURPHY’s gate. The people were standing in the crowd. I saw Tom SMITH. John RUDDEN & I think Michael REILLY of [Clara?]. SMITH was getting the worst of it and I went to assist him. I was struck myself on the head and body several times by sticks and stones and I don't know by whom. My uncle came up at this time. He was knocked down. He was too far off to have been knocked down by a stick and it must've been by a stone. During the time of the fight I saw two women named MURPHY out on the road at the entrance of their lane. They seem to be on for saving SMITH. I helped the MURPHYs to carry my uncle into MURPHY’s house. When leaving CLARKENs my uncle had no injuries what ever on him. I remained in MURPHY’s till break of day when his wife and I helped him home. At times he was not in his right mind since receiving the injuries. He died between seven and eight o'clock on yesterday morning.

Richard ATKINSON [or ATEENSON]. Deposed I was in Clones fair 29 ulte. My daughter and the girl were in the cart with me. We made a short delay in Scothouse and then left for home. I overtook deceased at Willie CLARKs bray. He was standing on the road with Patrick REILLY his nephew. Deceased walked about three perches with me in the rear of the cart.

Then Patrick REILLY took the horse and rode on. On this deceased ran after him. I heard no noise on the road all the time. I followed on the road after them. GRIFFITH’s daughter was with me and my daughter the latter ran on before as and when I came up as far as MURPHY’s lane I saw a man lying on the road and some people were standing a little away from him. There was no person near him. I knew not who they were that were on the road. Nor did I inquire. I proceeded on home but heard Pat BRIDES was hurted on the road. I overtook my Son with the cart about 4 perches above where I saw the man lying on the road. When I overtook my Son with the cart Johnny RUDDEN was with him. A little further Peter McDONALD & Michael REILLY & McDONALDs were on road.

Fanny Anne STEENSON. Deposeth was with her father in Clones fair 29 ulte . Coming home stopped a short time in Scotshouse. We then started for home. I was a short way behind our cart. My sister in lane and Jane GRIFFITH were in the cart and my brother leading the horse. From leaving Scothouse we met no one save Pat BRIDE who we overtook at CLARKEs brae. Pat REILLY his nephew was with him. He got on the mare and rode on. Deceased ran after him and I ran after deceased. I met no one until I came up to the crowd on the road opposite MURPHY’s gate. When passing them by I received a stroke of something on the right side, but I don't know who struck me. I know none other persons of the crowd. I saw RUDDEN in our cart before I got home also Pat McDONALD within a short piece of home.

Mary MURPHY. Deposed. Remember last fair night of Clones I was preparing for bed when I heard shouting on the road. After some time I and my sister went by the lane leading to the road. Where I saw deceased lying on the road near the gate piers. I saw no one near him, but heard people walking on the road. Deceased was shortly after brought into her house. He was cut on the face. He, Pat REILLY & Tom SMITH stayed in our house all night.

Dr. Wm. O’REILLY.I saw deceased last Saturday at two o'clock he was in bed with a poultice to the side of his head and face. On removing it I found both his eyelids black, coloured and swollen. A contused wound on the right side of his upper lip, a small wound on the angle of lips on the right side passing through the cheek and into the mouth. He complained of great pain at the back of his neck. I cupped him and took a considerable quality of blood from his neck which appeared to give him release. I sent him medicine calculated to keep down the inflammatory action of the brain. On Sunday 1st instt I heard he was better and felt he was easier. On Monday I had a message to say he was much worse. I sent leeches to be applied to his head and saw him the following morning supported by two men and endeavouring to keep him in the house. I asked him did he feel pain and he said he felt no pain as what I had done for him on Saturday had given his head freely. He was picking at some little bug on his fingers and twitching his fingers. His head was inclined favoured his neck bent and his eyes staring and prominent. I cut the hair off his head blistered his  head all at the back of his neck and behind his ears. The next I heard of them was the 4 instt whenI heard he was dead.

I this day assisted at a post-mortem examined on BRIDES body and found the brain congested. The spinal marrow injured by a rupture of one of the lateral ligaments and the muscles at the back of the neck congested. I am of opinion he died from congestion of the brain. Rupture of the ligaments consequent and upon injuries received which were the result of direct violence; if he fell on the back of his head on some hard substance it would cause the injuries resulting in death but would not cause the wounds on his face.

Dr. Richard HENRY. I have made a post-mortem examination of the body of Patk BRIDES assisted by Dr. O”REILLY. Found the brain congested, the spinal marrow injured and the ligament connecting the first and second vertebrae ruptured. I found congestion of the muscles at the back of the neck with some coagulated blood which must have been the result of direct violence; I am of opinion that he died of congestion of the brain consequent upon injuries he received. I observe the wound on the face described by Dr. O’REILLY I consider he must have received more than one blow.

Verdict. Patrick BRIDES came to his death on the fourth day of April 1877 from the effect of injuries inflicted on him on the public road on the night of 29 March 1877 by some person or persons to the jury unknown.


Distance travelled 16 Miles

Held on view of the body of Margaret McKENNA of Killygavenagh, Parish of Tedavnet, Barony of Monaghan.

Martin MURPHY. Constable. Deposeth that on 10 instt the sudden death of deceased a child 10 months old was reported to him on which he went to the place. He found the child dead as reported and said to be very sudden in consequence of the mother living apart from her husband for the last six months and the child so young and weaned for some four months. I felt called on to see carefully as to its appearance which I did. The body presented no appearance of neglect or want of care and kindness whatever or of proper nourishment.

Pat McKENNA father of deceased. Deposed when I woke yesterday morn the child was living and my eldest daughter had fed it between seven and eight o'clock before going to my work. I went to lift the child and dress it. I found it lying on its face and when on lifting it up I found it was dead. Deceased slept with myself.

Verdict. Death on morn of 10 April 1877 from natural causes.

No 13 Inquiry ₤1.0.0

Attended this day 17 April 1877 at Monaghan Asylum to inquire into the death of Matthew BREADY age 32 years, for nearly 7 years an inmate of said establishment whose death resulted from consumption.



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