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Thanks to the generosity of Mary MCBRIDE, I now have an 1874 copy of this will in my possession and have taken the opportunity to update it with footnotes that reflect the state of what I know to date. There are several OLIVER family members whose information is still hovering just slightly out of my grasp. As always, all help with errors or omissions is gratefully received.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 19, 2005.


This is the last will and testament of me Mary Jane Oliver [1] of Cavananore [2] in the County of Louth, Spinster. I revoke all former wills and declare this to be my last will and testament. Whereas I am entitled to a perpetual annuity of £30 late Irish Currency issuing and payable and charged and chargeable on that part of the lands of Drummuck [3] formerly in possession of John Gillespie [4] deceased under a certain deed of conveyance to me from the Landed Estates Court dated the 4th day of March 1868 I give and devise the said annuity of £30 late currency unto my niece Mary Menary [5] to hold to her heirs and assigns forever. I give and bequeath unto my brother Andrew Oliver [6] the sum of £100 sterling to his daughter Margaret Oliver [7] I give and bequeath the sum of £100 and to each of his sons Benjamin Oliver [8] and Bradford Oliver [9] I give and bequeath the sum of £50. To my grandniece Mary Jane Norris [10] of Queensland I give and bequeath the sum of £100. To my niece Margaret Jackson [11] I give and bequeath the sum of £300. To my niece Sarah [12] now the wife of Eliezer Gilmer [13] I give and bequeath the sum of £150 and to her sister Bessie Brown [14] now the wife of Thompson Brown [15] I give and bequeath the sum of £100 I give and bequeath unto my sister Eliza Jackson [16] now the wife of David Jackson [17] of Urker a sum of £150 lent by me to her said husband with such accumulations of interest as may be due thereon at the time of my decease. I give and bequeath unto Mary Reid [18] and Sarah McCullagh [19] of Derryvalley in equal shares and proportions a sum of £100 or thereabouts which said Thomas McCullagh [20] is indebted to me together with any interest which may be due thereon at the time of my decease. I give and bequeath unto my said niece Mary Menary [21] all my furniture plate linen and effects at Cavananore other than and excepting money security for money horses cows farming stock implements of husbandry and farm produce which may be at Cavananore at the time of my decease I give unto Alexander Dickie [22] of Roachdale and to Eliezer Gilmer of Liscalgot [23] each the sum of £50 sterling and I appoint my nephew Thomas Jackson [24] residual legatee and devices and the said Alexander Dickie and Eliezer Gilmer Executors of this my will And in case my personal estate shall be insufficient to pay off and discharge in full the said several legacies then I direct that the said legacies shall be abated accordingly in proportion to their amount In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 27th day of January 1875.

Mary J. Oliver

Signed  by the said testatrix as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who in her presence and other request and in presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses hereto.

Joseph Dickie [25] , Solicitor Dundalk

Edward Comerford [26]

Testarix died 3rd October 1875 and above will was proved by both executors at Armagh on 10th Nov 1875.

[1] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875), she lived at Cavananore, entertained family frequently and never married.

[2] Cavananore, a property that Mary Jane OLIVER inhabited and that was handed down from her mother’s family, the BRADFORDS.

[3] Drummuck, Co. Monaghan – a property that had been in the McCULLAGH family


[5] Mary MENARY later WRIGHT (1872-1946) – she would later own Gilford Castle, Co. Down.

[6] Andrew OLIVER (1818-1877), brother of Mary Jane OLIVER. He married Anne HANNA in 1843 in Eglish Parish, Co. Armagh.. They had seven known children, several died in infancy.

[7] Margaret OLIVER (1853-1881), daughter of Andrew OLIVER. Likely died unmarried.

[8] Benjamin OLIVER, son of Andrew OLIVER. He is the most elusive. Presumably he outlived his father since he is not mentioned on the grave Memorial, but it is as if he vanished (outside of a photo and a mention in some letters connected to Elizabeth JACKSON concerning legal tangles over his uncle William OLIVER's will).

[9] Bradford OLIVER (1859-1899), son of Andrew OLIVER He died at Ballybrockey, Co. Armagh.

[10] Mary Jane NORRIS of Queensland. Thanks to Wendy JACK and her diligent BMD work, we now know that she was the daughter of George NORRIS and Martha Eliza OLIVER and was born September 1, 1869. Her mother had pre-deceased Mary Jane OLIVER and although she had two older brothers, they receive no mention in the will. (NOTE There are other OLIVER-NORRIS connections. In 1754, a Sarah OLIVER, daughter of another Andrew OLIVER married CHarles NORRIS. There was also an Anne NORRIS who was the wife of another Andrew OLIVER. We also have a photo of a Margaret E. NORRIS, Sydney.)

[11] Margaret JACKSON (1855-1844), daughter of Eliza (née OLIVER) JACKSON and David JACKSON, sister to Sir Thomas JACKSON

[12] Sarah (née JACKSON) GILMER (or GILMORE) (1848-1942) ), daughter of Eliza (née OLIVER) JACKSON and David JACKSON, sister to Sir Thomas JACKSON

[13] Eliezer GILMER (or GILMORE of GILLMER) of Liscalgot

[14] Bessie (née JACKSON) BROWN(E) (1843-1923) ), daughter of Eliza (née OLIVER) JACKSON and David JACKSON, sister to Sir Thomas JACKSON

[15] Thompson BROWN(E) (1837-1915) He built the house at  Killynure, Co. Armagh

[16] Eliza (née OLIVER) JACKSON (1815-1903), mother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[17] David JACKSON (1814-1899), father of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[18] Mary (née McCULLAGH) REID of Derryvalley (d. 1919) married Rev. William REID in 1864

[19] Sarah McCULLAGH of Derryvalley (1852-1939), a sister of Mary McCULLAGH above.

[20] Thomas McCULLAGH, likely the father of Sarah McCULLAGH and Mary REID above. There were family issues relating to this Thomas McCULLAGH and payments either misunderstood or not honoured seem to be at the core of it. More to learn. (June 2005.)

[21] NOTE: Mary MENARY would have been an infant at this time.

[22] Alexander DICKIE (1831-1887) of Roachdale, a neighbouring townland to Cavananore- other wise known as Annaghvackey. His wife was Anna Maria McCULLAGH (1836-1896). Her family came from Newry.

[23] Liscalgot, a townland that had been in the family since George JACKSON in the mid-1700s when it had been a Charter School.

[24] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[25] Joseph DICKIE (1821-1877), solicitor Dundalk and a brother to Alexander DICKIE. His birthplace was given as “Anavacky” which would have been also known as “Annaghvackey” and “Roachdale”

[26] Edward COMERFORD (?)


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