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This is an album assembled by Charles Andrews Moorhead. It focuses almost exclusively on the military aspects of his life. I have simply listed the contents. Many of them have been scanned. Pertinent information is or will be integrated into his biography. See: Charles Andrews Moorhead

1) Cartoon of Charles Andrews Moorhead. "Seems to me he's grown longer since he's been on leave."

2) Natal Militia Force. Discharge certificate. Served for 246 days spent 94 days in the Native Rebellion. Discharged at Durban December 31, 1906 at his own request. Rank: Trooper in the Natal Mounted Rifles. Exemplary character, age 29 6’ tall.

3) From “The Excellency the Right Honourable The Earl of Selbourne” Governor of the Colony of the Transval, Dec 1, 1906, appointed to rank of Lieutenant . Document dated 34 May 1907.

4) Temporary certificate acknowledging that Captain C.A. Moorhead seconded for service with Princess Pat’s Regiment passed the Field Officers’ Course at the R.S.I. Esquimalt on 9th January, 1915 NOTE discrepancy of document dated 9th January 1914..

5) Certificate of Military Instruction. Captain C.A. Moorhead 88th Victoria Fusiliers attended instruction at Victoria BC from 24th February 1913 to 4th April 1913 and qualified for Captain.

6) Captain C.A. Moorhead 88th Regiment 30th October 1914 qualified in equitation.

7) Captain C.A. Moorhead attended Royal School of Infantry at Esquimalt, BC 28th December 1914 until January 9th 1915 and qualified for rank of Field Officer.

8) Document signed by Sam Hughes – Moorhead’s appointment to rank of officer from 16th September 1912 to rank of Captain. The document is dated 20th November 1913.

9) Letter (scanned front & back)

Lark Hill Camp
26 January, 1915
Dear Moorhead,
We are all glad to hear you and Caruso are on your way to join the P.P.C.L.I. We are still training hard here, but there are signs that we shall be moving soon. In Divisional Orders today all leave is stopped, officers on leave recalled, no more Divisional Exercises. Web equipment has arrived: one company has drawn 227 sets today. Companies have been filled up from the base company. Cooper has No. 3 company; I am second in command of number 4 under Haines of the 104th. George Shaw is to be signalling Officer. All are well. Except a few N.C.O.s. Casey & McIllree (?) are sick and Lce Cpl. Anthony, but not seriously. Hope to see you before we go. Regards from the 88th to the 88th R.I. Harvey.
Following were fast scribbled notes from other men:
Best of luck and may we meet at Berlin. G.E. Shaw
Best luck to you all. H.A. Bromley
(NOTE: A Lieut. H.A. Bromley is listed on memorial plaque.)
Show the "Pats" how things are done on the 88th ? Holmes
(NOTE W.D. Holmes on memorial plaque)
Good luck and good wishes for success with the P.P.s to you all. H.B. B?ggs
Bet we beat you to it old thing, nevertheless the best of luck to you all. H.A. Macdowell
I hope to be in bed with a French lady before you and how is Mou??by. Napier A ?fess
Hope you'll be the backbone of the "Pats" as we have to this junk, but don't forget us and the 88th. If you have the same time with the girls as Hamer and the rest of us you'll be dead in a week. Cap. CArter lunches daily at 16 ST. James at 1:00. Best of luck old sport, P.B. Hall

10) Notes about paying men in 1915 from Col. Farquahar

11) Carbon copy of instructions relating to review by King George V

12) Secret administrative notes regarding the Somme Area.
12AA) Letter of Reference
12A) Order of Battle moving to the Somme

13) Letter from Major General of 4th Canadian Division 26.2.1917 Name of Watson?
13A) Nominal Roll of Officers Recommended for Awards (incl. Croix de Guerre for Moorhead)

14) Various passes made out to Lt. Col. Moorhead and Capt. Moorhead dated 1916-1919. (Four pages of them)

15) Letter from G.F. Farmar(?) May 7th

Dear Moorhead, I was indeed sorry to hear that you had not recovered as we had hoped. You must take the greatest care of them, though I know how the inactivity will worry you. We shall miss you here, I had hoped you would pass the doctor at the end of your month, though it did not look too promising when you left. The Corps Commander just had orders to take command of the 3rd Army “temporarily”, but I fear that it means that he will leave us for good: you know how we all shall miss him. We have no word yet of his successor, if he does go, but Turner has been the favourite in all the canteen gossip for sometime. We have just had news of the attack on the Massines(?) Ridge, very good as far as it goes. Keep me informed of how you get on won’t you. If there is a chance of helping you I shall be delighted to do so. Sincerely yours, G.F. Farmar(?)

16) Two menus. January 25, 1918 for the reform Club & 6 February 1919 for the Royal Club for Officers Beyond the Seas at the Royal Automobile Club.

17) Invitation from Lord Chamberlain’s Office to attend the funeral of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 1 November 1917

18) News article relating to music choice for above funeral.

19) Burial of the Dead Service for above funeral at Windsor Castle.

20) Army Book # 439 with handwritten personal information and military record of Moorhead.

21) Cartoon: "That Court of Enquiry at the Base Depot looks like lasting some time"

22) Menu of the Savage Club, Saturday, April 5, 1919. Signed by several participants including the Lord Mayor of London..

23) Cartoon: "All ready to go home, Hack. Sorry to have kept you waiting"

24) Pamphlet for War Establishments for Canadian Forestry Corps.

25) Letter of congratulations from Alexander (?), Director-General of Timber Operations, London to Moorhead.

26) Certificate of Service as part of recommendation for Order of the British Empire. (For more background on the OBE see: http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page498.asp)

27) Record of Services 2nd August 1918. New information: Educated at Dicks School and by private tutor. More details on back of document re: awards.

28 War Service certificate & letter from King George.

29) Silhouette drawing. Postcard from Pte A. Marion, prisoner of War, Gottingen, Hanover acknowledging receipt of parcel to Mrs. Baristow(?).

30) Envelope to Moorhead redirected to Gilford Castle, Nov 16, 1917. Contains poem by Frederick George Scott, The Silent Toast written April 1917, Vimy Ridge (more on Frederick George Scott )

They stand with reverent faces,
And their merriment give o'er,
As they drink the toast to the unseen host,
Who have fought and gone before.

It is only a passing moment
In the midst of the feast and song,
But it grips the breath, as the wing of death
In a vision sweeps along.

No more they see the banquet
And the brilliant lights around;
But they charge again on the hideous plain
When the shell-bursts rip the ground.

Or they creep at night, like panthers,
Through the waste of No Man's Land,
Their hearts afire with a wild desire
And death on every hand.

And out of the roar and tumult,
Or the black night loud with rain,
Some face comes back on a fiery track
And looks in their eyes again.

And the love that is passing woman's,
And the bonds that are forged by death,
Now grip the soul with a strange control
And speak what no man saith.

The vision dies off in the stillness,
Once more the tables shine,
But the lights of all in the banquet hall
Are lit with a light divine.

April 1917

31) Envelope of letter to Driver Tony Pettersson “Part of mail captured by soldiers and delayed”

32) Letter of recommendation Sept. 2, 1919 to General S.C. Mewburn M.P., Ottawa

33) Letter from Major-General of Timber Operations and Contractors Ltd., 1 Sept. 1919 “On the eve of your departure”.

34) Memorial Service for St. Mary’s Church, Oak Bay, BC 14 November 1920.

35) Memorial plaque for 88th Regiment of Victoria Fusiliers.

36) Letter from Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood re: OBE.

37) OBE document signed by King George.

38) Plaque commemorating “members of this Club who gave their lives”.

39) Cartoon: "Capt Barber and I dined last night at the National Liberal Club 'A pleasant time was 'had' by all those present!' Herewith, some of the merrymakers"

40) News clipping written by Canon Scott (Frederick George Scott)

41) Loose documents: Confidential reference for Moorhead, 6-3-17; War Service Returns Form; various war office passes. Selections from the old Testament in both English and Hebrew including readings from Maccabees and Psalms with an introduction from Lord Kitchener and a message from the King to men going into battle.

42) Article on unpayable war debts.

43) Anti-socialist handbill.

44) Pamphlet “The Truth about the War” by Major George A. Drew, published by Macleans, July 1, 1928. “An irrefutable answer to the slander, published in certain United States magazines, that in the Great War the British Empire shirked its responsibility”

45) CN Telegram form.

46) Railway warrant for Canadian Forestry officials in Britain.

47) Two back to back articles from The Listener 7 June 1933. One on Hilda Trevelyan one by Cecil Lewis.

48) Response by Builders Iron Foundry in Providence R.I. to an invention by Moorhead.


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