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This is my first crack at this particular JACKSON tree, so I expect it will be improved in the future thanks to the kindness of friends and strangers (and the magic of all those who connect through the ether). Please let me know if you encounter errors or have other sources that are new to me.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 20, 2010
Updates done after January 2012 are now at Jacksons of Derbyshire, Berkshire, America & Dublin.
Updated July 8, 2010 PHILLIPS footnote.
Updated August 22, 2010 Footnote on Daniel JACKSON - forfeited estates transfer.
Updated September 27, 2010.
Updated July 8, 2011 - indicated in red.
Updated Names of some of the first generation of men marrying JACKSON sisters - found at Clan Jackson


Jacksons connected to Santry

NOTE: Santry is in Dublin. (4 miles to the north). Clonsagh aka Clonshagh is nearby. The first record we have is that of a Rev. Daniel JACKSON who died in 1707 as well as the names of various of his siblings (thanks to his will).

There may or may not be a connection between these JACKSONs and those of George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh.There are a few facts that prick up me ears:

  • So far the Daniel and Sarah JACKSON of Antrim who were granted use of land in the Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh in the post-Cromwellian grants are not connected into any otherJACKSON tree that I know of – although my suspicions are that they will turn out to be connected to the Coleraine line of JACKSONs who descended from Richard JACKSON of Kirby, Lonsdale, Co. Westmorland (with some children born over the border in Yorkshire). It is also possibly significant that BALL was the landlord of George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Liscalgot & Urker, Parish of Creggan.
    • Tullyvallen, Parish of Creggan was granted to Thomas BALL for the use of Daniel & Sarah JACKSON. SOURCE: The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry, When Cromwell came to Ireland. John O’Hart. 1887.
  • There is a line of JACKSONs in Co. Carlow have a story of a WALKER-JACKSON connection. A sister of Rev. George Walker of siege of Derry fame married into the Carlow branch of the Jackson family. She called herself Walker - Jackson, and rumour has it that Walker was added as a second name to family members In this tree beneath, a Mary JACKSON is married to an unnamed WALKER, likely sometime between 1660-1690. Since families often intermarried more than once (couldn’t get enough of a good thing!), there is a distinct possibility that the Carlow families are connected to this one. Inga JACKSON has documented the more contemporary branches of this tree, but the earlier parts are still in the land of speculation.
  • William WALKER married the Mary JACKSON who was a sister of Daniel JACKSON? The Rev. George WALKER of Co. Derry fame was born about 1645 and died July 1, 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne. His father, Rev. George WALKER[1] is in the right generation to be connected in some way to this WALKER-JACKSON link. He was Rector of Badoney and Cappa [aka Cappagh]. He fled the country during the rebellion. One reason that I find this interesting is because the oral history of my line of JACKSONs is that they came over in Elizabethan times, left and then came back in Cromwellian times. Perhaps the WALKERs and the JACKSONs came and fled together.

Descendants of John Jackson of Staffordshire
1 Daniel JACKSON[2] b. 1651 in Staffordshire, England. d: Mar 1707, probably in Dublin. He married Jane BRERETON[3] Apr 1668.
            2 John JACKSON[4]    b: possibly Clonsagh, Co. Dublin, Ireland  d: Jun 1751 He married an Anne CASTLETON[5].            
                        3 Daniel JACKSON[6] b: 23 Oct 1711.  NOTE: He may have had a wife Mary & children named Thomas & Mary.
                        3 John JACKSON[7]  b. ?  d: 21 Oct 1787 at Clonsagh, Co. Dublin, Ireland. He married a Cordelia CASTLETON[8].         
                        3 Jane JACKSON[9]. She married George PHILLIPS[10] of Rathcoole       
                        3 Frances JACKSON[11] d. aft 1777 married an Unnamed DICKSON[12]  
NOTE: There may be another son to be added here: James Francis JACKSON.  
            2 Daniel JACKSON[13]  b. 1687 d: 1772. He was resident at Tullamore. He married Catherine DERING[14]. She d: 24 Aug 1793 in Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland
            2 Thomas JACKSON[15] d: Bef. 1750
            2 Jane JACKSON[16]           
 1 Mary JACKSON[17]  She married an William WALKER[18]
 1 Hannah JACKSON[19]   She married an Thomas BATES[20]
 1 Grace JACKSON[21] married an William DAVIS[22] aka DAVIES
 1 Sarah JACKSON[23] married Richard LAVINGTON[24]
 1 Unnamed JACKSON[25]  She married an Unnamed GRATAN[26]  NOTE: Two of her brother’s executors were James GRATAN[27] (m. Elizabeth TYRELL) and William GRATTAN (m. Sophie GORE) . They were sons of Patrick GRATTAN[28] and Grizell BRERETON, sister of Daniel JACKSON’s wife Jane BRERETON. My guess would be that she married a relation of Patrick GRATTAN.
            2 Unnamed Female GRATAN[29]
            2 Unnamed Female GRATAN[30]           
            2 Unnamed Female GRATAN[31]           
            2 Unnamed Female GRATAN[32]           
            2 Henry GRATAN[33]           
            2 James GRATTAN[34]           
 1 Catherine JACKSON[35] d: in of Closhagh. She married an Unnamed LANGHAM[36]  b: in of Clonsagh       



[1] Parish of Badoney: Rectors 1636. George Walker (Sen.) inst. Badoney and Cappagh, Jan 13 (F.F.). He way son of the above ; was of T.C.D. Sch, 1617, B.A. 1621, M.A. 1624, is described a " Doctor " on his tomb. He was R. Badoney and Cappagh 1636-60, fled to the Continent during the Rebellion. At the Restoration in a Petition he states " that a long time before the rebellion he was instituted and lawfully inducted to the Rectories of Bodony and Cappa . . .  and was dispossessed at the Rebellion and since which time he bath been driven to many straits to preserve himself and his family abroad . . .  He petitions for his livings " and for the value of them." He was restored to his livings, Oct. 25 1660, but nothing was said about the money. (Seymour's Comvu. Mss. p. 154).  He was R. Donoughmore, Desertlyn and Erriglekeerogue 1662-74, evidently having res. his Derry Rectories. He was also Chanc. of Armagh 1664-77.  Abp. Vesey in his Life of Bramhall, says " my reverend unckle, Dr. George Walker, an intimate of the Primate and very useful to his Grace in many offices."  In the tablet in Dighton Church, Suffolk, to the memory of his wife, Ursula (dau. of Sir John Stanhope, who d. Aug. 17, 1654) he is called "Archdeacon of Dun (sic.) " which cannot be correct.
He was father of Rev. George W. the " Defender of Derry," and d. Sep. 15, 1677 and was bur. at Kilmore, Co. Armagh (see Armagh Clergy, p. 38). In the Halliday Collection R.I.A. is a Pamphlet by Rev. George Walker. The Doctrine of the, Sabbath. Amsterdam, 1639. SOURCE: Derry Clergy and Parishes by  Rev James B Leslie (1937) p100:

[2] Daniel JACKSON (1651-1707) He was listed as being age 18 at Trinity College in 1669, and his father John JACKSON of Staffordshire, England. SOURCE: http://www.fermanagh-gold.com/search 

  • His will, 1706/7, March 15, DANIEL JACKSON, vicar of Santry, enjoying wonted soundness  of mind ; desires to be laid with wife in vault of Santry Church at Midnight with all  privacy. Executors Mrs. Jane Holt of Dublin, Mrs. Cath. Langham of Clonshagh,  Samuel Warren of Warrenstown, Esq., Alderman William Gibbons, Dr. James  GRATAN,  Mr. William  GRATAN, and Mr. Samuel Holt. Disputes to be settled by his worthy good  friends the Hon. Robert Rochfort, Attorney General, and John Forster, Recorder of  Dublin. Eldest son John. Second son Daniel. Sisters Mary Walker, Hannah Bates,  Grace Davis, Sarah Lavington. Nephew Henry  GRATAN. Sister  GRATAN's four daughters.  Farm of Hollywoodrath and Darnedall. Money to rebuild Malahidart Church. Third  son Thomas. Sister Langham.  Proved 27 May 1707. (Prerog. Will.)., SOURCE: Irish Genealogist
  • Of the Parishes of Santry and Cloghran, County Dublin, In 1756, the present parish Schoolhouse was erected. A stone over the entrance bears the following inscription :   This School House was Built in pursuance   of the Will of the Revd. DANIEL JACKSON of   Clanshagh, formerly VICAR of SANTRY, who left   a considerable part of a moderate Fortune   for the support thereof.   This Building was begun & furnish'd, by the   Revd. JOHN JACKSON of CLONSHAGH, GRANDSON   to the said Testator, A.D. 1756.   The Grateful Parishioners have caus'd this   Stone to be fix'd here in remembrance of t  heir Charitable & worthy Benefactor. SOURCE: Antiquarian Notes Etc. Of the Parishes of Santry and Cloghran, County Dublin.    Also: Gerry Cooley local historian has indeed confirmed that this was the location. The [Santry] school was built in 1759 by the Rev Daniel Jackson, it closed in 1928. The building was demolished about 10 years ago, it went onto to be a private house called Burnside. There is a Plaque from the School Building itself set into the wall at the new houses at Burnside  ., SOURCE: Antiquarian Notes Etc.
  • Of the Parishes of Santry and Cloghran, County Dublin, A monumental brass, now, alas! so rare in our churches, to the memory of Rev. Henry Brereton, A.M., Vicar of this parish, is on the north wall of the chancel. The upper part contains his family arms, " ar. two bars sa." surmounted by an Esquire's helmet and crest, " a Bear's Head, erased, sa: muzzled ar." To the right is engraved a skull, on a book, clasped; to the back, an hour-glass, and a light-house on a rock, representing " deceased man having finished his portion of time, looks forward to Faith, founded on a Rock." Beneath is the inscription [see Plate]. This brass owes its preservation to its having been inserted in a panel of a mural monument erected to the memory of his son-in-law and his family ; and which bears the following inscription :? MAY 1ST A.D., 1767. HERE, ALSO LIETH THE BODY OF THE REVd. DAN1. JACKSON A FAITHFUL PASTOR .* WHO SUCCEEDED THE ABOVE NAMED HENRY IN THIS PARISH, HAVING MARRIED HIS DAUGHTER JANE. HE DIED MARCH 1706, LEAVING ISSUE, JOHN & DANIEL : JOHN AT HIS FATHER'S DEATH OBTAINED THIS LIVING & DIED JUNE 1751, HIS ISSUE NOW ALIVE, ARE JANE, JOHN, & FRANCES, BY A DAUGHTER OF ALDERMAN CASTLETON's OF FIN GLASS, THE REVd. DAN1. JACKSON, SON TO THE AFORESd. DAN1. HAS ERECTED THIS MARBLE TO THE MEMORY OF THOSE HIS ANCESTORS BURIED IN THE UNDERNEATH VAULT, WITH WHOM [WHEN IT SHALL PLEASE GOD TO TAKE HIM HENCE] HE DESIRES TO BE DEPOSITED, HE MARRIED CATHERINE DAUGHTER TO CHARLES DERING, AUDITOR GENERAL BY LADY BLAINEY, SISTER TO LORD TULLAMORE. DUM LOQUIMUR FUGIT HORA ! The first mentioned Rev. Daniel Jackson bequeathed lands, called " Golden's Freehold," which he held on lease for 999 years from Lord Barry, to trustees for the benefit of this parish,  1678. November 11th, Daniel Jackson, A. M., Minor Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, who had married, April 1668, Jane, daughter of the former Rector, was appointed by the Crown. [Lib. Man.] 27 June, 1689, he was collated to the Prebend of Stagonil, alias Temple Beacan. [Cotton's Fasti.] 20 September, 1703, the Chapter of St. Patrick's elected him their Proctor to attend the convocation. [Cotton's Fasti.'] He died, March 1706, and was buried at Santry. For his bequest to this parish, see before., (4) Note, There is a mention of a daughter: FRANCES, BY A DAUGHTER OF ALDERMAN CASTLETON's OF FIN GLASS., (5) Note, 1678. November 11th, Daniel Jackson, A. M., Minor Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, who had married, April 1668, Jane, daughter of the former Rector, was appointed by the Crown. [Lib. Man.] 27 June, 1689, he was collated to the Prebend of Stagonil, alias Temple Beacan. [Cotton's Fasti.'] 20 September, 1703, the Chap ter of St. Patrick's elected him their Proctor to attend the convocation. [Cotton's Fasti.'] He died, March 1706, and was buried at Santry. For his bequest to this parish, see before., (6) National Library, Rev Daniel JACKSON m. Jane. He was Vicar of Santry. Will 28 May 1707 probate. Children John, Daniel, Thomas Ms 141 now P8295B at National Library, Dublin  NOTE: I wonder if he was the Daniel (b. Abt 1644) son of Richard – Coleraine tree  ., (7) Note, SEE: T1203/16 Jackson Family.A Pedigree of the Jacksons of Cloneagh near Santry, Co. Dublin., (8) Poems of Jonathon Swift, There are references to three wives., (9) PRONI T1203/16, This pedigree is included with one for Jacksons of Coleraine, although the link is not made between the two.) died Mar 1707.  He married JANE BRERETON (Source: PRONI T1203/16.) Apr 1668, daughter of REV. HENRY BRERETON.  Antiquarian Notes Etc.
  • National Archives [Dublin] Small Private Accessions mentioning JACKSON: 23 March 1702 Conveyance by the Trustees of the Forfeited Estates to Daniel Jackson, Clonshagh, bar. Coolock, Co. Dublin of the lands of Holywoodrath, bar. Castleknock, Co. Dublin. Consideration: £156.0.3 ¾
  • I recently found a new-to-me resource at Clan Jackson. His ancestry is detailed there going back a few generations - all in England.

[3] Jane BRERETON. Her father was Rev. Henry BRERETON. SOURCE: PRONI T1203/16. He was the previous Vicar of Santry. She had 3 sisters.

[4] John JACKSON

  • 1706. June 16th, John Jackson, A. M. [son of the last Rector], succeeded. He also held the Vicarage of Coolock and Prehend of Howth; he was an intimate friend of Dean Swift, who bequeathed him " all his horses, his horse furniture, and his third-best beaver hat." [Mason's Hist, of St. Patrick."] 7 July, 1750, he resigned Santry on his appointment to the Prebend and Vicarage of Wicklow, and dying, June 1751, was interred at Santry.
  • JACKSON-FORSTER or FOWLER (two versions in my notes) 1708-1738 Deed 31-120-18377. 31 Mar 1721 between Mary SMITH widow & relict of John SMITH late of Kevin Street, Co. Dublin Gent. Deceased. John LANGLEY of City of Dublin, Merchant [?] Nicholle widow & relict of John NICHOLLE late of Great Forrat, Co. Dublin Gent deceased. The Rev John JACKSON of Clonshagh Co. Dublin, Clerk .... to John JACKSON part of town and lands of Clanasnaugh, Parish of Santry, Barony of Coolock, Co. Dublin (long complicated deed).

[5] Unnamed CASTLETON

[6] Daniel Jackson: November 4: "Baptised Daniel son of John Jackson Minister and of Anne his wife 12 days old"
St. Mary's Church, Dublin Records This record disproves an earlier possibility: The Baptisms recorded at COI Church at Aghold, Co. Wicklow show parents Daniel and Mary JACKSON having 2 children baptised: Thomas JACKSON 1743 and Mary JACKSON 1746.

[7] John JACKSON.

[8] Cordelia CASTLETOWN. SOURCE: ed. W.J.R. Wallace, Clergy of Dublin and Glendalough, Ulster Historical Society, 2001, Her name was given as Cordelia CASTLETOWN here.

[9] Jane JACKSON

[10] George PHILLIPS. The Descendants of Sir Thomas Phillips of Hammersmith and Limavady(d.l636) c. The Rev. George PHILLIPS. Admitted TCD 1 Mar. 1720/1 aged 17; b. near Dublin B.A. 1725; M.A. 1728. Of Donoughmore, Co. Wicklow. M. 22 Jan. 1759 Jane, dau. of the Rev. Jackson, Preb. of Wicklow. Vicar of Rathcoole, Co. Kildare. Will dated 2 Dec. 1790, pr. 4 Dec. 1790. No evidence yet discovered of any children of the marriage.¸

[11] Frances JACKSON

[12] Unnamed DICKSON

[13] Daniel JACKSON. Age based on Trinty records.SOURCE: http://www.fermanagh-gold.com/search 

[14] Catherine DERING.

  • Her father was Charles DERING, Auditor General. Her mother was Lady BLAYNEY, sister to Lord Tullamore.
  • INDEX To The Births, Marriages, & Deaths IN ANTHOLOGIA HIBERNICA 1793-1794  DEATHS: Jackson, Mrs., r. of rev. Daniel, of Tullamore, in Abbey Street 24 Aug 1793 p. 160 NOTE: Most likely Catherine DERING.
  • Note By the time of Griffiths Valuation, a Mark DEERING was leasing land in the townland of Bough, Parish of Rahill where Thomas, Peter and John JACKSON also all leased land.

[15] Thomas JACKSON

[16] Jane JACKSON

[17] Mary JACKSON

[18] William WALKER. His first name was found at Clan Jackson The following births, if connected, would be a generation later.

·        A Moses and Mary WALKER had a child Dorothy baptised Dec 30, 1702. SOURCE:Carlow COI BMDs.

·        A John and Mary Walker had a child Mary baptised May 10, 1703, SOURCE:Carlow COI BMDs.

[19] Hannah JACKSON

[20] Thomas BATES His first name was found at Clan Jackson

[21] Grace JACKSON. Two things interest me. Firstly, that the name “Grace” is not that common and shows up in several Carlow JACKSON and BUNBURY records. Secondly, the surname of Grace JACKSON’s husband DAVIS shows up in deeds associated with Eagle Hill (a place where numbers of future JACKSONs also resided). NOTE: I have yet to access these deeds:





Eagle Hill, Co Carlow







Eagle Hill, Co Carlow







Eagle Hill, Co Carlow




[22] William DAVIS His first name was found at Clan Jackson It may be DAVIES

[23] Sarah JACKSON

[24] Richard LAVINGTON SOURCE: His first name was found at Clan Jackson

[25] Unnamed JACKSON

[26] Unnamed GRATAN aka GRATTAN.  SEE also The Grattan Family of Ireland. Papers held at Hull University, Brynmor Jones Library: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=050-ddla39&cid=0#0  Otherwise, the best I can do at present is:

Descendants of Patrick Grattan [SOURCE: Auden’s Ghosts.]

1      Patrick Grattan    b: Abt. 1648        d: in 1725
..        +Grizzell Brereton    b: Abt. 1648    m: 1669    d: 1725
........    2      William Grattan    b: 1672        d: 1719
............        +Sophie Gore           
........    2      James Grattan    b: 1673 in Dublin, Ireland       
............        +Elizabeth Tyrell           
........    2      Robert Grattan    b: 1675        d: 1746
........    2      John Grattan    b: 1680        d: 1754 in of Belcamp, Co. Dublin, Ireland
........    2      Henry Grattan    b: 1682        d: 1726 in of Garry Cross, Co. Cavan
............        +Bridget Flemyng        m: 1707   
........    2      Charles Grattan            d: 1746
........    2      Richard Grattan            d: 1738

[27] James GRATTAN b. 1673

[28] Patrick GRATTAN Abt 1648-1725

[29] Female GRATAN

[30] Female GRATAN

[31] Female GRATAN

[32] Female GRATAN

[33] Henry GRATTAN

[34] James GRATTAN

[35] Catherine JACKSON

[36] Unnamed LANGHAM



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