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I have merely grouped JACKSON names that seem to belong together. It seems like a modest enough place to start, although I suspect that many of these little trees are in turn related to each other as well.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 2, 2010


JACKSON Trees from Whittington Parish Register



Agnes 1680

Mary 1683



Richard 1662


Richard  JACKSON parson of Whittington [entered rectory 1641] SEE: Coleraine Jackson Tree

Marie 1642. She died 1642

Daniel 1644

Rodger 1645

Leonard 1650

Mary 1653

Abigail 1655 NOTE: a 1676 marriage of Rowland BURROW & Abigail JACKSON


Richard  JACKSON married Janne Carter 1647


Richard  JACKSON d 1558


Robert  JACKSON married Agnes North in 1616. She may be the Agnes JACKSON d. 1633


Robert  JACKSON of Newton married Agnes SEDGEWICK 1638

Isabel 1640

John 1645



Ellin 1648


William  JACKSON – Margery d 1592


William JACKSON:

Margaret 1586

Anthony 1589

William 1592

Richard 1595


William  JACKSON

Richard 1673




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