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These represent a number of OLIVER tree stubs.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 11, 2011

Update September 25, 2015.


Miscellaneous family trees of  OLIVERs from Armagh, Monaghan & Tyrone



Descendants of Robert  OLIVER as recorded at St. Marks, City of Armagh. NOTE: A death cert for an Eliza OLIVER (1820-1880) is a possible match for this Eliza. Her husband, Robert OLIVER, is described as a gardener. She died at Bondbrook (aka Bandbrook), Armagh. A record of her burial is in the St. Mark's Church of Ireland records.

 1   Robert  OLIVER  +Eliza Unnamed 

........ 2   Louisa  OLIVER 1844 - Born: 28 Jun 1844 in Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh 

........ 2   Mary Anne  OLIVER 1846 - Born: 20 Feb 1846 in Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh 

........ 2   Amelia  OLIVER 1849 - Born: 09 Jun 1849 in Ballynahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh 


Descendants of William  OLIVER – based on papers of Helen Van Sprohnssen[1]. NOTE: April 14, 2019. This has been merged into the OLIVERs of Urney Tree #1.

 1   William  OLIVER[2] b: 22 Dec 1798 in Ireland  d: 10 Feb 1875  +Catherine WILKENS[3] b: 04 Feb 1798 in County Tyrone, Ireland  d: 11 May 1886 in Spring Grove township, Warren county, Illinois

........ 2   Jane  OLIVER b: 28 Apr 1828 in Ireland  d: 17 Oct 1911 in Cameron, Floyd township, Warren county, Illinois

........ 2   William  OLIVER b: 03 Nov 1834 in Ireland  d: 10 Mar 1899

........ 2   Robert  OLIVER b: 18 Aug 1836 in Ireland  d: 10 Jul 1904


Descendants of David  OLIVER of New York from an unknown source.

 1   David  OLIVER b: in County, Armagh, Ireland  d: Bef. 16 May 1769 in Cornwall, Orange Co., Ny  +Elizabeth  

........ 2   Sarah  OLIVER  

........ 2   Margaret  

........ 2   Elizabeth  OLIVER  

........ 2   David  OLIVER  

........ 2   Ann  OLIVER                                     


Descendants of William  OLIVER – gardener – records of Armagh Church of Ireland

 1   William  OLIVER b: 1795   +Anne GRAHAM  m: 04 Dec 1823 in Armagh Cathedral

........ 2   Robert  OLIVER b: 20 Mar 1825  NOTE: He would be about the right age (although perhaps a little young), occupation, and location to be the Robert OLIVER, gardener, husband of Eliza (1820-1880) - see above. Just to keep us on our toes, there is probably more than one Robert OLIVER with a wife named Eliza in the same area and time frame.

........ 2   William  OLIVER b: 21 Jan 1827 

........ 2   James  OLIVER b: 23 Jan 1831 in Armagh NOTE: The dates of this family as reported in the cenus are all over the map - not the same in 1901 (b 1825) and 1911 (b. 1839) when they were recorded in House 10 in Umgola. It is worth bearing in mind that this family was essentially illiterate. It may also be why they were the only Protestant OLIVERs in the 1911 Census whose names cannot also be found amongst the signatories of the 1912 Ulster Covenant.

............  +Sarah McCANN  m: 20 Sep 1856 in Armagh Cathedral, Co. Armagh NOTE: James OLIVER was recorded as a widower in 1911, but there is no recorded death cert for her.

................... 3   Margaret  OLIVER b: 07 Feb 1858 in Legar Hill, Co. Armagh  NOTE: In the 1911 Census, she was illiterate.

................... 3   Mary Jane  OLIVER b: 01 Jun 1860 in Armagh 

................... 3   Male OLIVER NOTE: In the 1911 Census, Robert James OLIVER - a grandson of James OLIVER and Sarah McCANN is staying with the widowed James OLIVER)

........ 2   Catherine Sarah  OLIVER b: 17 Feb 1833 in Armagh 

........ 2   Eliza  OLIVER b: 22 Oct 1837 in Lurgyvallen, Parish of Armagh                    



Samuel OLIVER of Monaghan family

1 Samuel OLIVER b: Abt 1805


    2 Robert OLIVER b: 1 May 1835 Lisnaveane, Pariah Ematris, Co. Armagh. C. 1st Ballybay Church

    2 Rachel OLIVER b: 15 Apr 1837 Lisnaveane, Pariah Ematris, Co. Armagh. C. 1st Ballybay Church

    2 William OLIVER b: 30 Sep 1839 Lisnaveane, Pariah Ematris, Co. Armagh. C. 1st Ballybay Church

    2 Samuel OLIVER b: 15 Mar 1843 Lisnaveane, Pariah Ematris, Co. Monaghan c: 15 Mar 1843 1st Ballybay Church, Co. Monaghan d: 27 Oct 1917 of Corvalley, Tulleycorbet, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: He and his brothers were tailors, and he was also a Presbyterian Minister associated with Cahans.

      + Mary Ann MAHAFFEY b: Abt 1855

        3 John OLIVER b: 12 Sep 1879 Corvally, Co. Monaghan c: 11 Jan 1880 Cahans, Presbyterian Church, Co. Monaghan

        3 William OLIVER b: 3 Nov 1880 Corvally, Co. Monaghan c: 10 Apr 1881 Cahans, Presbyterian Church, Co. Monaghan

        3 James Samuel OLIVER b: 17 Oct 1887 Corvally, Co. Monaghan c: 3 Jun 1888 Cahans, Presbyterian Church, Co. Monaghan

        3 Sarah Ann OLIVER b: 10 Jul 1891 Corvally, Co. Monaghan c: 4 Oct 1891 Cahans, Presbyterian Church, Co. Monaghan


James OLIVER of Keady. NOTE: According to the census, this family identified as Church of Ireland in 1911, but Presbyterian in 1901.

1 James OLIVER b: Abt 1830

    2 George OLIVER b: Abt 1861 d: Aft 1911 (In 1911 Census they were living in Keady. On his marriage cert, he was a labourer, and signed with a mark.)

      + Mary Anne WILSON b: Abt 1862 d: Aft 1911 married 20 July 1893 at Drumhillery, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. She signed the marriage cert, and was a daughter of William WILSON.

        3 George OLIVER b: 16 Aug 1894, College Hill, City of Armagh. A blacksmith helper in 1911 Census

        3 David OLIVER b: 10 Jan 1896, College Hill, City of Armagh. A factory Washer in 1911 Census.

        3 Sarah OLIVER b: 2 Oct 1897, College Hill, City of Armagh. A factory Washer in 1911 Census.

        3 Eliza OLIVER aka Jane Eliza b: 13 Aug 1899, College Hill, City of Armagh


James OLIVER of Maytown Terrace Mullaglass NOTE: This family was in Armagh in 1901, but I have been unable to find either a marriage cert nor any birth certs for the children. There was a birth for a Thomas b. 1886 registered in Cootehill, Co. Cavan. In 1911, they were at 9 Turin Street, St. Anne's Ward, (Belfast), Antrim. Their marriage would have been about 1888 (married 23 years). They were Church of Ireland, and were mostly working in the clothing trades (cloth finisher, smoother, yarn spinner). They were not listed in the 1918 Belfast Directory.

1 James OLIVER b: bet 1846-1849 Co. Armagh

  + Elizabeth WOODS b: Abt 1851 Co. Cavan

    2 Ellen OLIVER b. 20 Aug 1870 Co. Cavan

    2 Anne OLIVER b. 21 Feb 1872

    2 Eliza OLIVER b 28 Oct 1876 Killinure, Co. Cavan, Ireland

    2 John James OLIVER 18 Apr 1878 Killinure, Co. Cavan, Ireland. d. 11 Oct 1913, Belfast

............  + Elizabeth PEEL m 9 Feb 1903 Trinity Church of Ireland, Belfast

    2 Susanna OLIVER b: 26 Jan 1881 Killmore, Co. Cavan d. 22 Apr 1917. buried Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast

      + McDONALD NOTE: In the 1911 Census, Susanna was a widow.

        3 James B. McDONALD b abt 1907.

    2 Margaret Emma OLIVER b: Abt 1884 Co. Cavan

    2 Thomas OLIVER b: Abt 1886 Co. Monaghan

    2 William Francis OLIVER b: Abt 1889 Co. Monaghan




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