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Unlike the elegant descendant reports that I am able to produce with the software that Wendy Jack uses, this is pretty amateur. In the interim, at least the information is available.
Sharon Oddie Brown, Updated March 26, 2009


Descendants of John Wright

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 WRIGHT1 was born Abt. 1587 in Royston, Yorkshire, UK.  He married MARGARET RATCLIFFE, daughter of RICHARD RATCLIFFE

Notes for MARGARET RATCLIFFE: Of Royston


2.                i.    JAMES2 WRIGHT, b. 1615; d. 1700

Generation No. 2 

2.  JAMES2 WRIGHT (JOHN1) was born 1615, and died 1700.  He married (1) JANE OWEN 1638.  He married (2) MARY SLACKE1 16501, daughter of JOHN SLACKE


"Of Golagh & Carrachor Hall, Co. Monaghan" SOURCE: "Wright of Yorkshire and Monaghan" – a family tree at Gilford Castle. The Wrights of Gola (or Golagh) have registered in their name the arms of the Wrights of Wessex . The heraldic description is as follows: “Azure, two bars argent in chief three leopards heads, or, with crest a dexter arm, embowed, couped, in armor, habited azure, cuffed argent holding in hand a spear proper, broken of the last.”

James was a Captain in Cromwell’s army and likely landed with the invasion in 1649. He was granted land, likely in lieu of pay and thereby acquired lands in Co. Monaghan including the Townland of Gola (Golagh, Gowlea) and also Carrachor Hall, Scottstown in the Parish of Tednavet. Quite how he acquired them, is less clear. In 1664, the lands were listed as belonging to Thomas Coote (a member of a pre-Comwellian English family in Ireland) and then purchsed by James on 1 July 1666. However this came about, these lands had been originally confiscated from Arthur MacMahon, the head of the Irish clan of that name. There is a story that when MacMAHON tried to reclaim his land in 1689 when James II was fighting to regain his crown with the backing of Roman Catholics in Ireland, that James WRIGHT & his neighbour John SLACK armed themselves and killed MacMAHON on the shores of Drumloo.

These were dangerous and tumultuous times in Ireland.  In 1689, James WRIGHT, gentlemen is listed amongst those English Protestants who was forced to forfeit his Irish lands when the Catholic James II set up a parliament in Dublin.  Then, when James II was defeated at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 by William III, James Wright had his lands restored to him. In some cases, history, especially violent history, has a habit of repeating itself, and the perpetrators on all sides often care little about the guilt or innocence of those they set their sights on. Their passions run too hot for logic.So it was that on February 25th, 1921, members of the IRA burned Gola House to the ground. It was one of many such houses destroyed during the troubles. Apparently, Gola was singled because it was rumoured to have been used as a Military Barracks (I have no idea of the acuracy of this allegation). In the aftermath of the fire, the stone coat of arms was thrown down the well, then 85 feet deep, and 30 feet of rubble was thrown on top. In a strange twist on this centuries-old conflict over power, control and faith (and a twist in the tale that I am unsure how to interpret), the stones of the Gola were used  to construct the present Roman Catholic Church.


Drawing of Gola from: The History of the County of Monaghan by Evelyn Philip Shirley, London, Pickering & Co., 1879
Carrachor House - two photos which I scanned together to give a more complete view. October 2003

When James was elderly, his second wife. Mary SLACKE prevailed upon him to disinherit his son William born to him and his first wife, Jane Owen in favour of her own son, Joseph.. History had the last laugh (if history can be said to laugh), in that Joseph’s son died in 1763 without an heir and Gola passed back to the line started by Jane OWEN in accordance with that son’s will.

James will was proved on November 21, 1700 SOURCE: Shirley p. 228
More About JAMES WRIGHT: Burial: Tedavnet

Notes for JANE OWEN:

More About JAMES WRIGHT and JANE OWEN: Marriage: 1638 Jane OWEN’s family came from an ancient Welsh family from Mongomeryshire who settled in Co. Monaghan and Co. Meath.

More About JAMES WRIGHT and MARY SLACKE: Marriage: 16501 Mary SLACK was the daughter of John Slacke of Slacke’s Grove, Co. Monaghan. Since there are many SLACKE families also in Royston, Yorkshire, it is possible that the WRIGHT-SLACKE family connections precede their time in Ireland.  (NOTE: The children of Mary SLACK  & James WRIGHT is the WRIGHT family line that leads to the WRIGHT family of Gilford Castle.)


                   i.    WILLIAM3 WRIGHT, b. Abt. 1640; m. EMILY SCOTT.

Notes for WILLIAM WRIGHT: Disinherited. SOURCE: "Wright of Yorkshire and Monaghan" Has two sons and one daughter. His death date in this source was given as 1817 which would be 120 years after his birth, therefore I have not entered it. In subsequent generations, his was the line that inherited Gola as a result of Isabella Wright marrying Capt. James Wood who assumed the name WRIGHT on his marriage - hence the clock in Tedavnet Parish.

Children of JAMES WRIGHT and MARY SLACKE are:

                  ii.    JOSEPH3 WRIGHT1, b. 1652; d. 1731; m. MARY OWEN1, 1708.

Notes for JOSEPH WRIGHT: Mary SLACKE & her son, Joseph built the large Jacobean house at Gola in 1703.

More About JOSEPH WRIGHT and MARY OWEN: Marriage: 1708

3.              iii.    THOMAS WRIGHT, d. 1725.

                 iv.    JOHN WRIGHT.

                  v.    JAMES WRIGHT.

                 vi.    RICHARD WRIGHT.

Notes for RICHARD WRIGHT: "Of Dartry" SOURCE "Wright of Yorkshire & Monaghan"

                vii.    SARAH WRIGHT, m. THOMAS MITCHELL.


Generation No. 3


3.  THOMAS3 WRIGHT (JAMES2, JOHN1)1 died 1725.  He married ELINOR 1724. 

Notes for THOMAS WRIGHT: SOURCE: "Wright Family of Golagh" Drumloo was willed to this son as well as Carrachor Hall, Scotstown upon the death of his father James in 1700. An extract of this will can be seen in Dublin Government records. Drumloo is a townland of 137 acres, adjacent to Gola , in the Civil Parish of Clones, Co. Monaghan. Thomas died intestate & letters of administration were taken out by his wife, Eleanor & his eldest son, John.

More About THOMAS WRIGHT and ELINOR: Marriage: 1724

Children of THOMAS WRIGHT and ELINOR are:

                   i.    REV JOHN4 WRIGHT.

4.               ii.    REV JOSEPH WRIGHT.

5.              iii.    ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD WRIGHT, b. Abt. 1695; d. 1771.

                 iv.    JANE WRIGHT, m. REV JOHN MAXWELL.

Notes for REV JOHN MAXWELL: The Venerable John Maxwell, D.D., of Falkland, Co. Monaghan, Archdeacon of Clogher.



Generation No. 4 


Notes for REV JOSEPH WRIGHT: SOURCE: Wright Family of Golagh. Of Carracher Hall, J.P. M.A. Rector of Killencole, Lurgen Green and Harris Town, County Louth.



                   i.    UNNAMED5 WRIGHT.

                  ii.    RICHARD WRIGHT.

Notes for RICHARD WRIGHT: Of Newry and later of Fortfield, Belfast.


5.  ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4 WRIGHT (THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)1 was born Abt. 1695, and died 1771.


6.                i.    ROBERT5 WRIGHT, b. Abt. 1725; d. 1789.


Generation No. 5


6.  ROBERT5 WRIGHT (ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1725, and died 1789.


Children of ROBERT WRIGHT are:

7.                i.    JOHN6 WRIGHT, b. 1761; d. 1837.
iii.    ROGER WRIGHT1.

Generation No. 6


7.  JOHN6 WRIGHT (ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)1 was born 1761, and died 1837.  He married ESTHER.  She was born 1759, and died 1852.


Notes for JOHN WRIGHT: Of Rafeenan (Gilford Castle tree fragment)        

Children of JOHN WRIGHT and ESTHER are:

8.                i.    ROBERT7 WRIGHT, b. 1789; d. 1869.

                  ii.    JAMES WRIGHT, b. 17901; d. 1822.


Notes for JAMES WRIGHT: The death date is a guess - the page folds on the number and the third digit is questionable. It could be 1822 or 1842.  


Generation No. 7 

8.  ROBERT7 WRIGHT (JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 1789, and died 1869.  He married MARGARET SWAN.  She was born 1788, and died 1868.  

Notes for ROBERT WRIGHT: Possibly nicknamed "Robin" since that is what shows on the "Wright of Yorkshire and Monaghan" page. Of Ballinode House SOURCE: Indenture in 1873 of William WRIGHT and Elizabeth Mary FIDDES.


9.                i.    ROBERT8 WRIGHT, b. 1824; d. 9 December 1883, Barton End, Alton.

                  ii.    JOHN WRIGHT1.

                 iii.    JAMES WRIGHT1, m. UNNAMED IRWIN.

10.            iv.    MARY WRIGHT.

                  v.    MARGARET WRIGHT1, m. WILLIAM WEST, 18491.

                 vi.    ELIZABETH WRIGHT1, b. 1827; m. ROBERT SPROTT.

Notes for ROBERT SPROTT: Merchant in Co. Tyrone, Five Mile Town SOURCE: Indenture 1873 between William WRIGHT & Elizabeth Mary FIDDES.

                vii.    THOMAS WRIGHT1, b. 1829; d. 1861; m. UNNAMED NUGENT.

               viii.    ESTHER WRIGHT1, m. JOSEPH MOORHEAD.

11.             ix.    WILLIAM WRIGHT, d. 16 May 1896.

                   x.    JOSEPH WRIGHT1, b. 1827; d. 1896; m. JANE MCCALDIN.


Generation No. 8


9.  ROBERT8 WRIGHT (ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)1 was born 18241, and died 9 December 1883 in Barton End, Alton1,2.  He married SARAH JANE REED2 17 November 1863, daughter of THOMAS REED and MARY HODGE.  She died 1 November 1920 in "Ivetta", Skerries, Co. Dublin3,4.

Notes for ROBERT WRIGHT: Notes from Brian McDonald: Robert T. Wright of Ballinode, Co. Monahan (see "Burke's Peerage and Baronetage". "Robert T. Wright was manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Newry, Co. Down, member of the United Countries Club, Newry and resided on Hill Street Newry. (See. Burke's Peerage and Baronatage for Coat of Arms).

SOURCE Affidavit of Robert T Wright (son of Robert Wright) 30 April 1937: Of Ballinode, tenant from year to year of Mullaghmore West & Killygrallen (see folio 3701, Co. Monaghan) Died intestate. His wife continued to live on the lands and to receive the rents until 1906. Robert T. Wright claimed to have an indentured mtg against the property. The lands consisted of a corn mill and fifteen houses in the village of Ballinode together with a little over 72 acres of land. On June 1, 1906, Sarah Jane Wright bought the lands. At the time of this action, the son did not know where Annie JOHNSTON was living, John S. WRIGHT lived at The Homestead, The Crescent, Felpham, Bognor, Regis, Sussex; Margaret Louise lived at The Grange, Hook, Hants, England, widow; James Francis WRIGHT at Gilford Castle and William Joseph Wright died about 4 years before the affidavit, believed to be a bachelor.

His profession given on the birth of his son in 1874 was "mill owner" and the dwelling place was "Ballinode".

More About ROBERT WRIGHT and SARAH REED: Marriage: 17 November 1863

Children of ROBERT WRIGHT and SARAH REED are:

12.              i.    ROBERT THOMAS9 WRIGHT, b. 25 November 1864, Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland; d. 24 June 1937, Barton End, Alton, Hants, UK.

13.             ii.    MARY ANNE WRIGHT, b. 18 August 1866, Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland.

                 iii.    MARGARET LOUISA WRIGHT5, b. 28 December 1868, Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland; d. 24 February 1945, Freeduff, Crossmaglen6; m. (1) JOHN HATTON PORTER-HATTON; d. Bef. 1945; m. (2) DAVID JACKSON, 28 December 1893; b. 16 November 1855; d. 27 July 1903, Yokohama, Japan.

Notes for MARGARET LOUISA WRIGHT: Her death Certificate says she died of "Pulmonary Oedema due to Intersticial Myocarditis" and secondarily of " Coronary Thrombosis". M. Dillon was present at death.

More About MARGARET LOUISA WRIGHT: Date born 2: 28 December7

Notes for JOHN HATTON PORTER-HATTON: THE HATTONS OF WEXFORD and IRELAND Wexford Hattons of Great Clonard (via John) and Prospect (via Loftus)Compiled January 1999 by David A. Crerar, 1166 Melville Street #1501, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6E 4P5http://www.rootsweb.com/~nspictou/elect_text/wexfordhattons.html i. HARIETTE HATTON = Rev. James Porter The Reverend James Porter was of Drumnakilly, Armagh. They had one son:     i. JOHN HATTON PORTER-HATTON (b.1858) = Margaret Louisa Wright (Jackson)     John Porter was of Prospect, Wexford. He assumed the additional surname and arms of Hatton by Royal Licence 5 October 1908 [see G.D.Ms. 802, no.8](Arms: 1st and 4th, azure on a chevron between three garbs or an annulet gules (Hatton), 2nd and 3rd per chevron argent and sable, three bells countercharged, a bordure gules (Porter). Motto: Virtus tutissima cassis) [Irish Genealogy Office, MS 111, pp.231-32]. He married in 1905 Margaret Louisa, who was widow of David Jackson of Yokohama, Companion of the Imperial Order of the Rising Sun ( brother of Sir Thomas Jackson, Bart) and who was the daughter of Robert T. Wright. formerly of Ballinode, Monaghan County [Burke’s Peerage]. He was the Manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Newry, Co.Down, N.Ireland, and lived on Hill Street. He was member of the United Counties Club, Newry [see Burke’s for Coat of Arms].


A presentation Bowl with Chrysanthemum Design of the late 18th early 20th Century was presented to David Jackson by the Emperor Meiji in appreciation of his work in setting up the banking system in Japan. It was donated by his descendant, David Hugh Plunkett Brown to the Vancouver Museum. A photo of it can be seen on page 157 of "The Arts of Meiji Japan 1868-1912". Apparently a candelabra was also given to him, but the whereabouts of that is not known to us at this time. The chrysanthemum pattern is to signify long life. The presentation was to celebrate David Jackson receiving "The Order of the Rising Sun".

SOURCE: "At the Ford of the Birches"

p. 209 David Jackson apparently attended the Annaneese School (Presbyterian) "David Jackson, Bank Manager in Hong Kong"  The school was 26' by 15' by 8' and was built of stone and lime construction with a slated roof. It was built "near McCooey's cross" and had been in existence from 1860. It is possible that it closed down in 1879 when David Ranson became principal of Church Street School.

HSBC Group Archives April 2003
1877 - Joins London Office of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
1878 - Agent Bombay
May 1878 - East to join Shanghai office
1882 - Shanghai Salary $200
April 1883 - May 1884 - Hankow [now Wuhan]
May 1883 - Shanghai
June 1884 - Hankow, acting Agent
August 1886 - Hankow, Agent, salary $6000
1887 - briefly in India
Dec 1887 - Shanghai, Sub manager
May 1888 - Bombay [now Mumbai] acting Agent
1893 - Yokohama, Manager
Jan 1897 12 months leave, extended to two years
1899 - Yokohama, Manager
Service ends between July 1903 and July 1904
(SHARON'S NOTE: We know that he died of an aneurism of the heart 27 July 1903)

More About DAVID JACKSON and MARGARET WRIGHT: Marriage: 28 December 1893

14.            iv.    MARTHA WRIGHT, b. 30 October 1870, Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland; d. Bef. 1937, Killykeera, Smithborough, County Monaghan.

                  v.    JOHN STEVENSON REED WRIGHT8,9, b. 1877; d. 1941; m. NELLIE RICKETT; b. 1879; d. 1956.

Notes for JOHN STEVENSON REED WRIGHT: Imperial Bank of Persia, Bushire. The records at HSBC for the Imperial Bank of Persia show him to have an uneven career with many problems with personal debt. (NOTE: I will collating the full story for a biography in the next month).

                 vi.    WILLIAM JOSEPH WRIGHT9, b. 1872; d. 1933.

Notes for WILLIAM JOSEPH WRIGHT: Never married.

15.           vii.    JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT, b. 17 November 1874; d. 22 April 1954, The Castle, Gilford.



                   i.    FRANCES9 SCOTT, d. 8 May 1942.

Notes for FRANCES SCOTT: Transcription of Miss McCready's news clippings saved in a diary at Gilford Castle. SCOTT- May 8, 1942, at Bangor, Frances, last surviving daughter of the late Robert and Mary Scott, of Ballinode, Co. Monaghan. Funeral arrangements later. (NOTE: This is conjecture putting this here, but it seems most likely.

11.  WILLIAM8 WRIGHT (ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)10 died 16 May 189611.  He married ELIZABETH MARY FIDDES.  She died 19 October 190311.

Notes for WILLIAM WRIGHT: Of Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, UK SOURCE: Indenture of William WRIGHT and Elizabeth Mary FIDDES.


                   i.    MARY9 WRIGHT12, d. 1953.

Notes for MARY WRIGHT: Never married

                  ii.    ROBERT WALLACE WRIGHT12, d. 1925.

Notes for ROBERT WALLACE WRIGHT: Never married

                 iii.    WILLIAM WRIGHT12, d. 1885.

Notes for WILLIAM WRIGHT: Never married. Is it possible that this is Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Wallace WRIGHT brother of Joseph David WRIGHT who owned -perhaps with his brother William - the lands of Cappog in Monaghan (over 112 acres)? SOURCE: Estate documents at Gilford Castle. There are enough of them and they cross reference with his brothers so that it seems quite likely.

                 iv.    EDWARD WRIGHT12, d. 1934.

                  v.    ALICE WRIGHT.

Notes for ALICE WRIGHT: Died in infancy


Generation No. 9


12.  ROBERT THOMAS9 WRIGHT (ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 25 November 1864 in Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland13, and died 24 June 1937 in Barton End, Alton, Hants, UK.  He married LUCY DANBY.  She was born 1875, and died 1938.

Notes for ROBERT THOMAS WRIGHT: Robert T. Wright of HSBC.
Service Record of Robert T. WRIGHT from Group Archives of the HSBC
1883 Joins London office of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
May 1886 East to join Hong Kong office
Aug 1891 received special increase from $200 to $225 a month " having rendered valuable service over the past five years" (HSBC Board Minutes)
April 1898 Hong Kong, 'Bookkeeper', requested and given permission to marry
Sept 1898 Board votes him a sum of $2500 on the occasion of his marriage in view of the "important post he held and the most efficient way in which he performs his duties" (HSBC Board Minutes)
March 1901 On leave
1902 Hong Kong
1904 Amoy [now Xiamen], acting Agent
1905 Rangoon, Burma [now Yangon, Myanmar], Agent
April 1907 On leave
1908 Hankow [Wuhan], Agent
1909 Kobe, Agent
1911 Yokohama, Manager
1924 Kobe, Manager
Service ends between August 1924 and 1925.

From entries in Kings history of the Hongkong Shanghai Bank, I know that in 1886, R.T. WRIGHT was the manager of HKSB Yokohama.  Also, R.T. WRIGHT was the manager of the Yokohama Branch 1910-1923 and "would be caught in the Yokohama or Kanto earthquake of 1923 and who transferred the main Japanese office to Kobe". There is also an interesting description of the Yokohama Earthquake in The History of the Hongkong Shanghai Bank, Vol III, Frank H.H. King, Cambridge Press, 1988 p.141-143. The staff were able to stuff cheques from the clearing in their pockets, carry two cash boxes, and put large numbers of ledgers and other books into a cart commandeered from the Post Office, which was situated next door. unfortunately the books could not be got to the ships and they were subsequently burnt. Most of the staff, however, got on board the Empress of Australia, which had been preparing to leave port when the earthquake struck; J. Caldwell arrived too late, but boarded the French Andre Lebon.
When the staff were able to return temporarily to search the ruins, they recovered various other items, including securities from the safe which Caldwell reached just in time, although a looter was making off with some of the packages; R. T .Wright, the Manager, had the securities insured by cable from the ship.
He is the "Tim" Wright 1864- 1937 who married Lucy Danby 1875-1938 (SOURCE Gilford Castle Family Tree)

In the footnotes relating to this account, King directs us to: the C.R. Rice account in J.R. Jones, “Personalities “file from James Cardwell, oral history interview and from J.R. Jones “Branches” file all in Group Archives. See also “Branches” p. 95, p. 97. This will have to await further exploration.

Folio 3701 - filed an affidavit to claim lands of Mullaghmore West & Killygrallen owned by his mother Sarah Jane WRIGHT. He lived at Barton End, Alton in Hampshire England at this time. "formerly of Ballinode but then of Hong Kong in China". Since he died in 1937 and the suit was launched either in that year or the year before, he may never have seen it through. His only daughter was Mrs D.L. Newbigging of Shanghai. (SOURCE OBIT)

Transcription of a news clipping saved in a diary at Gilford Castle. WRIGHT - On June 24, 1937, suddenly at Barton End, Alton, Hants, ROBERT THOMAS WRIGHT (TIM) late of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Yokohama, in his 73rd year. Funeral, Frimley Parish Church, 3:30 p.m., today (Saturday). (China and Japan papers, please copy). 

Children of ROBERT WRIGHT and LUCY DANBY are:

                   i.    UNNAMED10 WRIGHT, m. D.L. NEWBIGGING.

Notes for D.L. NEWBIGGING: Of Shanghai. SOURCE RT WRIGHT Obit.

                  ii.    CAPTAIN R.F. WRIGHT.

13.  MARY ANNE9 WRIGHT (ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 18 August 1866 in Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland13.  She married UNNAMED JOHNSTON


Notes for MARY ANNE WRIGHT: This is probably the Annie Wright who married an unknown Johnston. (See the reference in the court case mentioned above) In 1902 she lived at 77 Kansas Avenue, Belfast. SOURCE 1937 Affidavit.


                   i.    T10 JOHNSTON.

Notes for T JOHNSTON: Source: R.T. Wright funeral news clipping T. Johnston nephew


14.  MARTHA9 WRIGHT (ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)14 was born 30 October 1870 in Monaghan, County Monaghan, Ireland, and died Bef. 1937 in Killykeera, Smithborough, County Monaghan.  She married THOMPSON BROWN, son of THOMPSON BROWN and ELIZABETH JACKSON.  He was born 21 August 186815, and died 28 August 1942 in Killynure House, Armagh16.

Notes for THOMPSON BROWN:. worked at HSBC. SOURCE: HSBC Group Archives:
1886 - Joins London office of HSBC
1890 - May, east to join Shanghai office
1891 - Tientsin (now Tianjin) April
1893 - Hong Kong
1899 - Amoy (Xiamen) 

Transcription of a news clipping saved in a diary at Gilford Castle. BROWN - August 28, 1942, at Killynure House, Armagh, Thompson, eldest son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Thompson Brown. Funeral strictly private. No flowers.( Story told by a neighbour, Eugene Fegan who was seven years old at the time, "Thompson Brown, he just dropped dead in the yard."  On my most recent visit, I asked him about this again. "I seen him walk down the lane there, between the chestnut trees. Out walking, he were. And he just like that. Fell over. It made a big impression on me. A private funeral it was. Strange." This last comment would refer to the fact that there would be no following of the casket to the resting place as was the custom in the Catholic community (which Eugene and his family would have belonged to)


                   i.    GEORGE AUSTIN THOMPSON10 BROWN, b. Abt. 1902; d. 26 August 1963, Stanhope, Victoria, Australia17.

Notes for GEORGE AUSTIN THOMPSON BROWN: He was a farmer in Stanhope, Victoria, Australia. He died in 1963 leaving no will. It was at this point that our family discovered that there were 11 cousins on the Wright side. David Hugh Plunkett Brown (my father) subsequently got a letter from one of these cousins suggesting that since they had all benefited from the Estate of George Austin Jackson Brown (to the tune of $3,000 each) that a drinking fountain be set up in his memory. David wrote back saying that he had other things to do rather than a drinking fountain in Australia. His brother and sister found out about this afterwards (and were appalled at his response).

15.  JAMES FRANCIS9 WRIGHT (ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 17 November 187418, and died 22 April 1954 in The Castle, Gilford19.  He married MARY MENARY 2 April 1902 in Cathedral Church, Victoria, Hong Kong, daughter of WILLIAM MENARY and MARY JACKSON.  She was born 5 November 1872 in Maghery, Co. Armagh20, and died 29 August 1946.

Notes for JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT: Was in Boer War. Lived at Gilford Castle. Great grandfather of Major Wright of Gilford Castle. Bought Urker in 1935. In 1902 Stockbroker in Manilla, Phillipines (SOURCE: 1937 Affidavit) On his son's baptism certificate, his profession is given as "merchant". On his marriage certificate, the witnesses were T. Jackson and R.T. Wright. The place of residence of the groom was Ballinode, Macdonell Road and the residence of the bride was No 2, St. John's Place. This is most likely the WRIGHT associated with Hornby & Wright (or Wright & Hornby - I forget) as the signature of a Hornby is on the loan to Thompson Brown from James F Wright.
Transcription of a news clipping saved in a diary at Gilford Castle: The resignation of his commission in the Hongkong Volunteer Defence Corps of Captain James Francis Wright with effect from October 3, 1939, has been approved by H.E. the Governor. (this may have been his son - just guessing here. Sharon Oddie Brown). According to his death certificate, his son was present at his death and he died of a "carcinoma of the lung and chest". His profession was given as "farmer".

Notes for MARY MENARY: 1906 letter from Mary Griffin to Sarah Whiteside: "I am in a little anxiety about Mollie and her care just now as there has been a terrible typhoon in Hong Kong and loss of life and I am sure she has been well frightened if not hurt"

More About JAMES WRIGHT and MARY MENARY: Marriage: 2 April 1902, Cathedral Church, Victoria, Hong Kong


16.              i.    JAMES FRANCIS10 WRIGHT, b. 30 December 1902, Hong Kong.


Generation No. 10

16.  JAMES FRANCIS10 WRIGHT (JAMES FRANCIS9, ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 30 December 1902 in Manilla, Phillipine Islands.  He married DORIS MARY MARGUARITE BRANDT 1 September 1927, daughter of JAMES HERBERT BACKHOUSE.  She was born 1904.

Notes for JAMES FRANCIS WRIGHT: His marriage certificate shows him to be a stockbroker residing at Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong. His father's profession was given as "gentlemen"

Notes for DORIS MARY MARGUARITE BRANDT: Her marriage certificate shows her to be single, living at 5 Tregunter Mansions and the daughter of James Herbet Backhouse, a merchant. One of the witnesses was Alma E. Backhouse. The others were Elsie R. Marcel and R.T. Wright (uncle of James Francis and employee of HSBC).

More About JAMES WRIGHT and DORIS BRANDT: Marriage: 1 September 1927    

Children of JAMES WRIGHT and DORIS BRANDT are:

17.              i.    MICHAEL11 WRIGHT, b. 25 March 1928, Hong Kong; d. April 1995, Craigavon Hospital, Portadown, Ireland.

18.             ii.    ELIZABETH WRIGHT.

 Generation No. 11

 17.  MICHAEL11 WRIGHT (JAMES FRANCIS10, JAMES FRANCIS9, ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 25 March 1928 in Hong Kong, and died April 1995 in Craigavon Hospital, Portadown, Ireland.  He married (1) ROSEMARY RENNISON 7 April 1951.  She was born 3 September 1927.  He married (2) CHRISTINE JOHNSON 30 September 1969.  She was born 5 June 1941 in Marketharborough, Leicestershire, UK.
Notes for MICHAEL WRIGHT: Hal's note mentions Urker. Divorced Rosemary.
More About MICHAEL WRIGHT and ROSEMARY RENNISON: Marriage: 7 April 1951
More About MICHAEL WRIGHT and CHRISTINE JOHNSON: Marriage: 30 September 1969

                   i.    CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL JAMES12 WRIGHT, b. 24 November 1953; d. June 1984.

19.             ii.    NICHOLAS PATRICK WRIGHT, b. 25 February 1955.

20.            iii.    DAVID CHARLES WRIGHT, b. 1 September 1958.



                 iv.    LUCIE CATHERINE12 WRIGHT, b. 12 May 1972.

            v.    JAMES HENRY FRANCIS WRIGHT21, b. 13 February 1974.



                   i.    MICHAEL12 MURRAY, b. 1959.

                  ii.    JANE MURRAY, b. 1967.

Generation No. 12


19.  NICHOLAS PATRICK12 WRIGHT (MICHAEL11, JAMES FRANCIS10, JAMES FRANCIS9, ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1) was born 25 February 1955.  He married LUCY MORAN 16 May 1992.  She was born 28 July 1960.

More About NICHOLAS WRIGHT and LUCY MORAN: Marriage: 16 May 1992


                   i.    MEAVE13 WRIGHT, b. 30 March 1994.

                  ii.    KIT WRIGHT, b. 27 February 1996.

                 iii.    MALACHY WRIGHT, b. 12 April 1998.

                 iv.    IVO WRIGHT, b. 8 December 2001.

20.  DAVID CHARLES12 WRIGHT (MICHAEL11, JAMES FRANCIS10, JAMES FRANCIS9, ROBERT8, ROBERT7, JOHN6, ROBERT5, ROGER WILLIAM RICHARD4, THOMAS3, JAMES2, JOHN1)22 was born 1 September 1958.  He married MARITHA JOHANSSON 20 December 1988.  She was born 6 October 1959.

More About DAVID WRIGHT and MARITHA JOHANSSON: Marriage: 20 December 1988


                   i.    BIANCA13 WRIGHT, b. 15 March 1989.


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