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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 23, 2011

Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Ed. John Matthews and George F. Matthews v. 6. 1906

Pg Notes
38 Anno 1652
CHAPMAN, Robert of p. Whitechapel, Middlx
Will [ 130 Bowyer] pr. June 15 by Hen. Jackson and Ric. Holland.
71 Anno 1652
GODDARD, William, of p. St. Olave Jewry, London, (citizen and apothecary). Will [220 Bowyer] pr. Aug. 3 by Thomas Jackson, (who, by Codicil, dated July 20, 1652 is named exor. if testator's wife JANE die).
93 Anno 1652
JACKSON, Ambrose, of Skerrigill(Scurrygill),in Stainmore Forest, (p. Brough,) Westmorland. Admon w. Will [9 Bowyer] Jan. 5, 1651-2 to relict AGNES JACKSON alias Conniston, d.m. children Mary, Eliz., and Agnes Jackson.  JACKSON, Henry, of Turnham Green, (p. Chiswick,) Middx. Will [34 Bowyer] pr. Feb. 23, 165 1-2 by relict Jane.  JACKSON, Margaret, of Westminster, (widow). Will [76 Bowyer] pr. Ap. 26 by Eliz. Moulder, (wife of Nicholas).  JACKSON, Isabell, of Chesterfield, (p. Shenstone,) Staffs., (widow). Will [184 Bowyer] pr. May 7 by son Henry Jackson.  JACKSON, Roger, of Colston Bassett, Notts., clerk. Will [135 Bowyer] pr. June 12 by Roger Litherland, (son of Wm., of same).  JACKSON, Stephen, of Heslerigge, Northumberland. (To be buried in Berwick church.) Will [135 Bowyer] pr. June 15 by nephew John Sleigh Esq., (Alderman of Berwick,) nephew Stephen Jackson gent., and relict Jane.  JACKSON, Dorothy, of p. St. Sepulchre, London.Will (214 Bowyer) pr July 20 by Lydia J[ACKSON] wife of John [JACKSON] of Newington Green)
174 Anno 1652
WHITTINGTON, Elizabeth, of p. Bitton, Gloucs., (sometime widow of
Richard Jackson). Will (76 Bowyer) pr 1651-2 by late husband John WHITTINGTON gent.
209 Anno 1653
BOSWORTH, Mary, of Edwin Ralph, Herefs., spinster, Mar. 28, 1653. Will [236 Brent] pr. July 6 by mother KATHERINE Bosworth alias JACKSON (father-in-law — Jackson also named exor.).
223 Anno 1653CADDYE, Henry, of Wast Dale (Wasdale, p. St. Bees), Cumberland, Nov., 15, 1652. Will [01 Brent] pr. Sep. 20 by daughter JENNETT JACKSON (wife of Henry [JACKSON]).
251 Anno 1653DISNEY, Jone, widow of Capt. Guido Disney, of Newark, (p. St. John the Baptist, Peterborough,) Northants., Jan. 5, 1651-2. Will [328 Brent] pr. Ap. 15 by THOS. JaCKSON, citizen and weaver of London.
308 Anno 1653
JACKSON, John, of Ravensclough (Ravenscliffe, p. Wolstanton), Staffs., Sep. 23, 1648. Will [64 Brent] pr. May 3 by Thomas BROUGH (of same). P.r. JOHN Higginbotham, (of Buglawton, p. Astbury, Cheshire).  JACKSON, Thomas, of Helme Park, p. Wolsingham, co. Durham, Nov. 29, 162* Will [65 Brent] pr. June 4 by brother William.  JACKSON, George, of Nottingham, Feb. 15, 1636-7. (Lands in Leics.) Will [87 Brent] pr.June 22 by son Luke [JACKSON]; (George ABNEY of Willesley,Derbys., Esq., and John Foxcroft, of Gotham, Notts., clerk, deed.)  JACKSON, George, of Hough End, in Withington, (p. Manchester,) Lancs., Sep. 9, 1652. Will [314 Brent] pr. June 29 by sons Richard [JACKSON] and James [JACKSON].  JACKSON, John, of Buckden, Hunts., gent., Jan. 15, 1652-3. Will [5 Brent] pr. June 29 by relict Marcey. NOTE: I suspect this is the father-in-law of Paulina PEPYS. JACKSON, Roger, of Newby, (p. Morland,) Westmorland, Mar. 18, 1652-3. Will [65 Brent] pr. July '1 1 by Richard Jackson ( ? Hodshon).NOTE: He may be a brother or some other relation of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1690-81) JACKSON, Raphe, of Congleton, (p. Astbury,) Cheshire, May 27, 1652. Will [ 106 Brent] pr. Sep. 27 by Thos. VAUDREY ; ("wife Eliz." also named extrix.).  JACKSON, John, of Gamston, Notts., Feb. 21, 1652-3.
322 Anno 1653
LEATE, Dinas, widow, Feb. 28, 1651-2. (Will registered in Derbys. section.) Admon w. Will [84 Brent] June 20 to (her neighbours) RICHARD JACKSON, Ezechias Roper, and Thomas Mocke.
369 Anno 1653
RIDGWAY, Richard, of Ibstock, Leics., Jan. 12, 1652-3.
Will [76 Brent] pr. July 16 by Wm. JACKSON (of Heather, Leics.).
371 Anno 1653
ROBINSON, Matthew, of Margill, (Cumberland,) Oct. 22, 1651.
(Buried in the churchyard of Lorton, p. Brigham.) Will [91 Brent] pr.May 13 by nephew Thos. Jackson. P.r.nephew Matthew J.



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