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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 24, 2011

Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol I. William Brigg, B.A. 1906
NOTE: I have only noted the entries where there is a mention of JACKSONs. Also, I have not cleaned up all the OCR errors - just enough to make sense of most of it.





3 Mary Collett— of Bethlem, wid. — (Dat. 23 June 1657). Husband Henry Collett decd buried in St Botolph without Bishopsgate — Bro-in-law Geo. Anderson — Cous. Geo. Carre who married my niece Jane and her dau. Marie & son Wm Carre — Master John Gwin clerk & his wife & child' — Roger Ley clerk — Robt Laurence — Richd Borne — John Barrett — sd Jane Carr & Robt Laurence exors — Mary Collett — Wit' : — Anthonie Shelton, Eliz. Layer, Mary Jackson (Mark), Mary Green {Mark}— {Ft. 14 Jan: 1657-8 by Jane Carr, res. to Robt. Laurence)


9 Francis DANCER of psh of S' Andrew Holborn co. Midd. laborer — (Dat 27 Sept: 1G57 — Nuncupative) — Willm Blunt of parish of S' Andrew yeoman 
& his wife Eliz Eliz' Jackson of sd par widow — Brothers and sisters— Wife Isabell extrix— [i^o sig.] Wit:— William Blunt, Elizabeth Blunt (Mark), 
Elizabeth Jackson (Mark)- (Pr. 15 Jan: 1657-8.) 


34 James Singer — of par of Allhallowes by the Wall Lond. Coachman -(Dat, 2 Sept: 1657) Dau Mary wife of Henry Kidding cit. & butcher of Lond. — 
Kinsmen James Singer & W°? Singer & John Kirkby — Kinswom. Eliz Cowper and her son John — Cous. Silvester's youngest dau — 
The now wife unto kinsman Robt Parkin — Kinsman Thos Silvester— Wm Jackson of Ecclesfield co. York & his now wife & her sist — 
Thos Jackson— Master Thos. Freeman of Ecclesfield — my kindred in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire — Friend Thos Sharkely 'living att the 
Signe of the Axe' psh of Allhallows by the Wall — Wife extrix — Bro-in-law John Collins cit, & brewer of Lond. & friend Wm Griffin of sd psh of 
Allhallows chandler overseers— (Mark) — Wit": — Henry Grindell, Hobert Hicks, Wf Brom scr. (Pr. 8 Jan: 1G57-8 by Elianor relict & extrix.) 


84. William Jackson — cit. & grocer of Lond. (Dat 3 Sept : 1616) — ^Mother Dorothie Jackson — 3 bros. Thos, Alexander & Humphry Jackson — 
Moth, in law Alice Randall wid — wifes sist Ann Haies wife of Henry Hayes of Lond. weaver & her dau. Jane Hayes — Cosins Hugh & Nathl Jackson 
sons of bro. Humph — Marie Gotten dan. of Henry Gotten of Staffordshire yeoman — Cozens Ab" Joseph & Elizabeth Jackson child" of bro. Tho^ — 
Wife Alice eitrix — William Jackson — Wit: — Abraham Clarke & Robert King scr. (Pr. 5 Jan: 1657-8.) 


100 Richard GARLE — cit. & paynter stayner of London. {Dat. 9 July 1656.) Son Alexander Garle — House in Seacole Lanc — Wife Frances — 
Kath. wife of B*". son Alex. — Grandch"; Rich% John & Ellianor Garle — Sist. Elizabeth Garle of Watford co. Northton wid — Cous. Wm Garle currier — 
Friend Nich' Fletcher — Humph. Langton wyer drawer — goodwife Hayward — goodwife Jackson & goodwife Langton — Thos Roote & his wife — 
Cous. Mary Garle — Kinsman John Garle of Lond. blacksmith & neighbour Leonard Waterhouse overseers — s^ wife extriz — (Mark) — Wit': — 
John Bowtell, Gabriell Bonner and Thomas Smith Scr— (Pr. 16 Feb: 1657-8.) 


366. Randall Wyldbore of Glinton, co. north'ton. (Dat 18 Not. 1657). Legacy to poor of Glinton. To son in law Mathewe Leydbie £70 in satisfaction ' 
of what was given him by his father Robert Wyldbore in his last will', Dau. Mary. Son Robt. Coz. Randall Wyldbore of Hilpston. Maid Dorothy Jackson. 
Sert. Wm Webster. Cot Wm Wyldbore'B child. Sarah Hall (in discharge of money rec* for her as exor. to her father.) My extrix to discharge my cous. John 
against her husband Robert Wyldbore's children concerning the profits of his lands for that Wife extrix — Randall Wildbore — Wit': — John Wildbore, 
John Wildbore, Robert Cole. (Pr. 7 Jan. 1657-8 by Eme Wildbore extrix.) 


379 Robert Battersby of Earlinge Grange, co Lincoln yeoman. (Dat. 3 Nov. 1657). Legacies to poor of Barlings, Apley & Stanfei!d. John Gumphr his wife & 
his eldest dau. John son of Henry Jackson, & Alice & Mary Jackson daus. of sd Henry. Emma Jackson. Old John fforman. Mary fforman my sister his wife. 
Young John fforman. Anthony, Mary, Alice & Rosamund fforman. John Greswell his two children. Sist in-law Mary Jackson. John Barlow. 
Isabell Blakwell my maid. Dau. Audry Battersby. Son Robt. Mr Taylor. Wife Alice extrix. Robert Battersbv- Wit:— Robert Caldecott, Richard Taylor. 
Codicil dated 11 Nov. 1657. (Pr. 7 Jan. 1657-8.) 


402 Anne WHITTON late of Sudbrooke, co. Lincoln, widdowe. (Nunc, will dat. 26 Nov. 1657). Eliz" Taylor & Rose Taylor 'untill Thomas Taylor their brother come' — 
Kath. Bradley — ^Anne Rothwell — Edwd Rothwell — Geo. Rothwell— Ralphe Rothwell Junior— Tho. Rothwell- Robt Marah— Jane Cole — Mr Cooper — 
Mr Broxolme — John Winne — Seth Jackson — David Wild— Tho. Chizell— Wif :— Anne Rothwell {work), Hellen Winne {mark), Margarett Burks {mark), 
Jane Cole (mark). (Adm. 23 Jan. 1657-8 to Anne Rothwell.) 


441. John GOONEY of East Deareham, co Norf. tyler. (Dat. 28 Sep. 1667). Son Rich* — Tenement sometimes Tho" Thompson's gent — Wife Eliz — 
Dau. Mary now wife of John Wortts of Gt. Yarmouth — Son Thos — mess, in which I now live bought of Thos Jackson & Anne his wife— Eldest son Hugh Gogney — 
Son John — Son Tho' exor — John Googney — Wit: — John Lane jun. John Robinson, John Starlinge. (Pr. 27 Jan. 1657-6).


483 Richard Jackson of par. of Camberwell, co. Surr. gent. (Dat 29 Aug. 1657). Bro. John Jackson — house & lands bought of Nich' Henge & Reubyn Musgrove 
in pah. of Croyden— Father John Jackson — Sist. Joane Bridgge — Kinsman John Budgen — S' bro. John exor — Rich. Jackson. Wit:— George Yeomans, 
Tho Payne. (Pr. 22 Jan. 1657-8.) 



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