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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 24, 2011


Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol II. William Brigg, B.A. 1906

NOTE: I have only noted the entries where there is a mention of JACKSONs. Also, I have not cleaned up all the OCR errors - just enough to make sense of most of it.




63. Thomas Ofeild maister of arts & fellow of Oriell Coll. Oxford. (Dat. 15 Jan. 1657)— 
Mr Robt Day the worthy Provost of Oriell— Uncle Mr Tho. Burton of London & my aunt his wife — 
Sist. Mary Angell — House in Dover, Co. Kent given me by my mother — Cous. Jane Bright eldest dau. of sist. Jane Bright— 
Uncle M' Robt. Bayly — Legacy of books to Oriel Coll. — ,Neph. John Bright — Three sisters Mary Angell, Jane Bright & 
Eliz. Manwaringe — Bro-in-law John Bright exor — Tho. Ofeild — Wit': — Sam' Jackson, Evan Hughes, John Hopkin'~s-(Pr. 6 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 58). 


129. Edward Dalton of Carlisle, co. Cumb. merchant— (Dat. 5 Dec. 1G5G)— Bur. at S' Maries in Carlile — Wife Margt —
 House in Fishergate late Alex' Dalton's my son which I hold by lease for 21 years from Thos. Dalton my son— 
John Harrison of Carlile merch* — Henry Clemetsin — The vennell called long vennell leading to Rickardgate — Sir Wm. Lawson knt — 
Shop in S' Albons Kowe in Carlile — John Sykes gent — Grandch. Isaac Browne son of Wm. Browne — Said Wm. Browne & John Harrison exors — 
Edward Dalton — Wit:— Mathew Wilkinson, Robt. Collier, Thos. Jackson. (Pr. 24 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 50). 


140. John Hall of Grainsby, co.Linc — (Dat. 25 Aug. 1657) — Cos. Eliz. Harrison widow — My poor kindred — 
Alexander Hill my son-in-law 'if he come into England' — Legacy to poor of Grainsby & Willingham — 
Wm. Jackson clerk — Kinsman Fras. Ayscough of Boston exor — M' Tho. Codd of Laceby clerk supervisor — [Mark]— 
Wit": — Wm. Jackson, Geo. Baker. CODICIL names sist. Rosamund Troughton & sist. Codd of Laceby & Jas. Hollingworth of Lincoln, hatter. 
(Pr. 16 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 51).
NOTE: CODD and BAKER are names associated with early JACKSONs in Co. Kildare. 


177 John Wilson of Stainton le Hole, co. Linc, yeoman— (Dat. 12 Jan. 1656) — Son Wm (under 24 & unmarr.)— Son Edw' (under 22)— 
Son Michael— Daus. Isabell, Mary & Susanna— To the latter ' a Bride Chart to be paid her uppon the day of her marriage or the 
Age of Twenty two yeares ' etc — Eldest son John — Son Thos — Son Frauncis — Tho. Jacklin & Anne Jacklin my child" — 
Dau. Ann— John Thoroliey & Margt. Thorolley my child"— John Baldwyn & Faith Baldwyn my dau. — John Purle & Eliz. Purle my dau.— 
Thos. Scott & Jane Scott my dau. — Grandch. Ann Baldwin— Other grandch" — Wife Susan & son Robt. Wilson exors—John Wilson 
Wit: — Mathew Walker, Edw. Jackson, Nich' Launder x . (Pr. 10 Feb. 1657-8 by son Robt; res. to Susan the relict. P.A. p. 53). 


183. Jeffrey Wood of Anwicke, co. Linc, priest— (Dat. 28 Feb. 1637)— Son John— Dau. Eliz. Wood — M' John Nixon, M' Josuah Whitchcote & my 
extrix to approve the marr. of s*" dau. Eliz — Daus. Kath. Wood, Ann Wood & Mary Wood — Wife Ann— M' Thos. Rowe — 
Son John exor & friend John Nixon his guardian — Legacy to poor of Ruskington — Jeffrey Wood — Wit": — Tho. Wallzan x, Tho. "Richardson x, 
Robt. Woodford x. (Admon. 9 Feb. 1657-8 to Kath. Hoten, Ann Jackson & Mary Thorneton daus. & exors of Ann Wood who was relict & extrix of this will. P.A. p. 53).


225. Dame Mary Fowles of Ingleby Mannor, co. York, widow— (Dat. 29 May 
16.57)_Son Henry Fowles— Bro. Bryan— Son Thos. Fowles- S' David 
Watkins — M' Christr. Bierley & his son M' Anthony Bierley — Wm Lumley 
— John Fawcett— Dau. Mary Fowles— M'' Christr. Foulthorpe— M' Robt. 
Eden— Brother-in-law M' John Eden— Henry Mason— Dau. Kath. Fowles— M"' 
Wm. Elackston— John Butterick— Bro. M' Thos. Layton— John Hestopp- 
Dau. Eliz. Fowles— M' Henry Smith— M' John Shaw— M' Thos. Trotter— 
M' Robt. Roper— Son S' David Fowles & my dau. his wife — Daus. Mar)", 
Kath. & Eliz. Fowles exovs—Mary Foulis—Wiv :— Gat. Jackson, Henry 
Mason. (Pr. 20 Feb. 1657-8 P.A. p. 40). 
NOTE: FOWLES, MASON and JACKSON are names in Ireland that unterconnect in various deeds.


238. William Jackson of Horton in Bradford dale, co. York, yeoman— (Dat. 2 Dec. 1657)— Wife Grace— My 2 child" viz. Martha wife of 
John Nicolls of Hawksworth & Mary Jackson — Son Edw. Jackson exor — House & lands in Claiton called Sheephid — Neph. John Jackson — 
House in land called Overmoore in Claiton— [Mark] — Wit": — Tho. Sledhill, Jer. Houldsworth x, Joseph Armitage. (Pr. 12 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 41).


240. James Jackson of Munckgate within the suburbs of the citty of Yorke, gent — (Dat. 5 Apr. 1627)— House in Munckgate — 
Tenement in Oldwarke in York — Bro. Sampson Jackson exor — Wife Olive — Tho. Heblethwayte of Norton juxta Malton esq, 
Chas. Radcliffe of Tresfeild esq & Leonard Spencer of Calveley, co. Chester gent — Isaack Haviloek servant to M" Bell — S' Wm. Garroway knt— 
A farm in the Lordship of Beverley — Land in Pickall Ings — My chamber in Clifford Inn in London— Farm at Towthorpe — James Jackson — 
Wit' :— Robt. Claphamson, Fras. Barton, John Cordix— Codicil (dat. 22 Apr. 1627) witnessed by Christr. Dickenson, Nath' Jackson, John Cordix. 
(Adm. with will 10 Dec. 1636 to Wm. Pickering of Bugthorpe yeoman). A copy from the Exchequer Court at York. 
(Adm. [undated] to Tho. Jackson neph. & next of kin: Wm. Pickering being dead. P.A. p. 41). 


260. Lawrence Parke of Kirby Kendall, co. Westmorland,* mercer— Dat. 21 Apr. 1656) — Tho. son of my son-in-law Jas. Birkbecke — Messuage purchased of M'' Thos. Sands situate in Strickland Ketle, co. Westmerland, being of the lands of Edw. Brigges esq — Wife Dorothy — Burgage house on the Crosse banke in the Hiegate within Kerby Kendall where I now dwell — Land on the south side of Rotten Rowe lane within Kerkby Kendall, being of the lands of Tho. Fisher gent — Land in the Kirkefeilds near Kerkby Kendall holden of Trinity Coll. Cambridge — My three Parrocks in the Comon Fell, two at Tarney bancks & the other at the batle place, formerly held of the late King Charles— Dau. Margt. now wife of Rich". Kilner — Late bro. Henry Parke dec'' by will bequeathed to the Mayor & Aldermen of Kendall & their successors (whereof I myself am a member) £50 for preferring & putting forth young boys to apprenticeships; I add £50 to my brothers gift — Daus. Jennett & Margt. exors — Sist. Agnes Bateman — Tho. Lickbarrowe my wifes son & Robt. Lickbarrowe his bro — Agnes Chamber late wife of Win. Chamber — Tho. Prickett — Tho. Halehead — Robt Harison, taylor — Rich. Prissoe — Francis Hunters wife of the White Hale — jMargt. Inman — John Spooiier — M' John Archer, M' Tho. Fisher, Robt. Harrison & Tho. Lickbari-owe overseers — Law. Parke — Wit' : — Robt. Harrison. (Pr. 27 Feb. 1657-8 by Margt. Kilner surviving extrix. P.A. p. 4-2).


262 William Robinson the elder of Rile alias Rihill in psh. of Wragby, co. York, yeoman — (Dat. 29 Jan. 1656) — Indenture dat. 26 Dec. 16 
Chas. confirming to Henry Ouram & Thos. Laycocke of Rile alias Rihill yeomen, a messuage and lands in Nether Walton in psh. of Sandall, co. York 
& late in tenure of Robt. Barnett dec'' now of John & Fras. Goodyer & a cottage in tenure of Alice Woffendale of Rile & a croft 
adjoining three closes called Blackhill closes & two other closes called Midlehurst closes in Rile to my use etc, I now appoint s'' messuage &c — 
Wm, Christr, Ann & Dorothy Robinson my child" — Tho. Wightman — Mary my now wife — Dau. Jane Wood — Grandch" John & Jane Robinson — 
Thos, Fras, Isabel & Eliz. Wood my grandch" — Wife extrix — Neighbours Thos. Wightman & Thos. Layscocke supervisors — William Robinson — 
Wit": — Tho. Calverley, Geo. Warren. (Pr. 12 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p 42). 
263 Thomas Rasine of Doncaster, co. York, alderman (Dat. 20 Feb. 1650)— 
Wife Alice— House at Gillott Barr in occ. of Robt. Trickett & the Kilne 
howse there & the house Widow Jackson lives in — Garden in S' Pulchere gate lately bought of M' Wm. Webster — Close in Hextrope laine, 
bought of M' Rich. Hasebreade — Thos. son of bro. Geo. Rasine — One lath in S' Pidcher gate bought of Jasper Oxley — House at ConLsbrough 
bought of Rich. Slarsden now in occ. of Geo. Birks — Three child" of s'' Thos. Rasine — George sou of my bro. Geo. Rasine the apothecary — 
Close bought of M'' Thos. Bosevile— Thos. son of bro. John Rasine — House wherein Wm. Parrish lives — Close at Theife lane side — 
House wherein Marmaduke Lacie lives — House wherein Tymothy Adams live.s — Geo. son of bro. Robt. Rasine — House wherein Rich. Sharpe lives — 
Land in occ. of John Heaton — Two daus. of bro. Robt Rasine — Eliz. Armitage dau. of John Armitage — Martha Burton dau. of M' Andrew Burton — 
Frances, Eliz. & Ruth daus. of my son Burton — John & Thos. sons of M'' Andrew Burton — Cos. Susanna Godson at Waterfouforth & her child" — 
Son-in-law M' Andr. Burton & Eliz. his wife — Kath. wife of Geo. Rasin — Sons-in-law John Armitage & Robt. Armitage — 
Mary Hobsoa dau. of sist. Ann Hobson — House wherein Rich. Brigham lives — Alice wife of M' Nath. Ayre of Brambey^
Cos. M' Henry Ayre & John Ayre his bro — Isabell, Edith & Alice daus. of s'' Alice Ayre — Geo. son of bro. John Rasine — 
House wherein Robt. Ayre lives — House wherein John Lawson lives — Geo. Rasine my son-in-law the apothecary — Wm. Savidge — 
Ralph Hassell my man — M' Jackson our new vicar — Cos. Thos. Hassell of Hemton —Friends M' Wm. Mellish esq, M' Nath. Eyre & 
M' Edw. Sheppard of Doncaster overseers — M° Mellish & her dau — Lands lately bought of M' Tho. Vincent esq— Mary Marshall— 
Cos. Jas. Godson of Fouforth— M' Ralph Askvvith — Wm. Pell the younger — Godson Jas. Sheppard — Wife Alice & George Raine the apothecary exors.


279John Warde of Cattfoss in Holdernes [co. York] — (Dat. 13 Dec. 1657) — Bur. in my psh. churchyard of Siglesthorne — 
Eldest son John — Dau. Kath. now wife of Wm. Jackson of Heyholme — Son Roger — Dau. Ann now wife of Wm. Oake of Catwicke — 
Dau. Margt. — Dau. Mary Ward — Edw. eldest son of my son John (under 21) — Neph. John Richardson of Wankilling out gates — 
Sons Rich. & Thos. exors — \Mark] — Wit": — Chr. Marner, John Richardson x . (Pr. 19 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 43).


William Williamson of Newton in the Willowes [co. York] webster — (Dat. 
20 May 1653) — Bur. in churcliy' of Patricke Brompton— My child Wm. 
Williamson exor — Wm. Cooke of this town — John Fothergill of Scotton — 
Thos. Lambe of this town — Bro. Wm. Aniyres at Nid — Bro. Fras. Jackson — Jane Watson— Eliz. Tuttin— Bro. Robt. Jackson— Bro. Edw. Williamson— 
Thos. Jackson — Jas. Watson — Thos. Potter— [Mark]— Wit': — Robt. Jackson, John Fothergale x. (Admin. 16 Feb. 1657-8 to Wm. Jackson; Wm. 
Williamson the exor having died before probate. P,A. p. 43). 


288. Thomas Yates the elder of Bointon, co. York yeoman— (Dat. 6 May 1657)— Son John & his child" John, Mar}', Eliz., Daniel, David & Obadaia — 
Son Thos. & his child" Wm., Isaiah, Thos., Mathew, Sara, Ann & Alice — Son Wm, & his child" John, Mathew, Jane & Ann — 
Son Mathew & his child" Susanna, Hannah & Sara — Dau. Dorothy & her child" Wm, John, Thos, Eliz. & Mary — 
Dau. Susanna & her sons Thos. & Melchior & her dau. Ann — Son- in-law Wm. Jackson —Legacy to the stocks of the Towne of Bointon — 
Sons Thos. & Mathew exors — Thomas Yeates the eW^c— Wit":— Fras. Wood, Wm. Twede, Isaiah Yeates. (Pr. 15 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 43). 


321. Richard Fisher now of the psh. of Wibunbury, co. Chester, husbandman — (Dat. 8 Sept. 1648)-Wm. & Rich, sons of Wm. Parrat of Houghe— 
Godson Rich. Bloore & Mary Bloore his sister — Sisley Parratt of Hough spinster — Ralph Sraethwick — Edw. Lownes of Sproson— 
John Kent of Hollens — John Horsfeild of Hollyns greene — Eras. Lea of Wibunbury — Wm. Cantrell of Skavington — John Hassall of Walgherton — 
Fras Jackson — John Owre of Haderton— Said Cicely Parratt exor— [yif^Hl']- Wit':— Wm. Parratt, Wm. Radmore. (Pr. 19 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 88). 


328. Ellis Strettle of Mobberley, co. Chester, yeoman — (Dat. 10 Aug. 1652) — Wife Eliz — John Stretle the supposed son of [blank] — 
John Worthington of Morley, co. Chester, yeoman & my bro. Thomas Stretell of Maxfeild exors— Bro. Hugh & sist. Margt— Bro. John Stretle— 
Sist. Alice Stretle— Rich. Rile — Ralph Bradley— "Thos. Jackson — Hobson Partington— Eliz. Whitehead— [Mark]:—Thos. Cottrell, Tho. Partington x. 
(Pr. 12 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 89).


332 John Thorpe of Pendleton in psh. of Eckle [Eccles] co. Lanc, linnen webster — (Dat. 7 Aug. 1657) — Rich. Valentyne my wife's former husband — 
Child" Roger, Martha, Sarah, Hanah & Ester — Son Joseph & his son David — Dau. Marie's son John Jackson — Ellin Valentyne — Son Joseph exor — 
Friends Robt. Leech & Peter Ashton overseers — John ThorjJC — Wif : — Thos. Vallentine, Jas. Jackson x . (Pr. 8 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 88). 


403 George Parker of Cocking, co. Suss, yeoman — (Nunc, will dat. 10 Dec. 16i3) — Bro. Wm. Parker— Bro-in-law John Seaman — Bro-in-law Wm. 
Ghallen — Kinswoman Joane Read — -Lawrence Jackson 'who attended him' 
Tupper his godson — Dau. Mary Parker — Father Wm. Parker — Mother Mary 
Parker— Wit*: — John Seaman — (Adm. with will 9 Feb. 1657-8 to John 
Seaman bro-in-law & surviving testamentary tutor to Mary Parker the dau. & residuary legatee. P.A. p. 36). 


419. Anne Thorne of Shudely, co. Glouc. widow— (Dat. 2 .Sep. 1656)— Bur. in psh. ch. of Winchcombe — Legacies to poor & church — 
Sist. Joane Birt & her child" — Sist. Eliz. Hopkins widow & her ch" — Godson & kinsman Robt. Smyth of Badsey — Bro. John Smyth's dau. 
Jane Higgs & his 3 sons Garrett Smyth, Thos. Smyth & Anthony Smyth — Bro. Robt. Smyths son John Smyth— Bro. John Smyths 2 grandch" John & Anne Smyth 
the son & dau. of his son John — Son-in-law Geo. Thornes dau. Anne Thorne — Kinswoman Abigail Ward— Son-in-law Fras. Thorne & Bridget his wife & their 5 ch" 
— Goddau. Margt Barkeseale — Kinswoman Joan Jackson — -Hester Pride dau. of my dau-in-law Hester Pride — Serv' Eliz. Brookes — Chas. Woods wife — 
Wm. Mases wife — Kath. Milton all of Shudely — Serv' Wm. Sommerfeild the younger — Son-in-law Giles Thorne — Dau-in-law Hester Pride of Newent — 
Son-in-law Geo. Thorne of Shudely exoY—[Mark] — Wit:— Susan Stafford x , Gabriell Steevens x, Jo. Aston. (Pr. 11 Feb. 1657-8. PA. p, 32). 


575. Walter Chauncy cit. & goldsmith of London [Sepulchres]— (Dat. 6 July 1657) — Bur. in ch. of Sepulchers without Newgate, London, as nigh unto my wife 
as conveniently may be — Bro. Thos. — Cos. Edw. Tutt & his wife — Godson Edw. Tutt & his 2 bros. sons of s" Edw — Cos. Ramsden & his wife — 
Coz. John eldest son of my s' bro. Thos. — Houses & shops in Cheapside, London & S' Mathews Court in Cheapside — Coz. Edw. bro. of s"" John Chauncy — 
Houses in Pettie france in Bedlam London — Cousins Wm.& Benj. the two sons of my bro. AVm. Chauncy minister of Gods word — Bro. AVra. & his wife — 
The daus. of s" bro. Wm — Sist. Ayrie — Coz. Thos. Ayrio & his wife — Cos. Geo. Ayrie & his wife— Cos. Wm. Ayrie & his 2 bros. 
Rich'' & John & their sister in the countrie — Cos. Smith & his wife — Sist. Bettizen & her husb'' — Coz. John Griffen— Sist. Jane Pearson — 
Sist. Parsons dau. my coz. Bennett — Cos. Jones & his wife & Jane Jones their dau — Bro. Durdon — Cos. Theodosia Hanson — Cos. Sarah Durdon — 
Cos. Eliz. Durdon — Bro. John Hickman — Coz. John Hickman — Cousins Martha & Jane daus. of s** bro. John Hickman— My late wife's sist. 
Martha Harrison & her dau. my cos. Rebecca — Cos. John Harrison — Cos. Mary Harrison — Cos. Wra . Harrison — Bro. Daniell Coyes — 
Bro. Wm. Coyes & his wife — Henry White goldsmith & his wife & their dau. Alice — Rowland Worsopp goldsmith & his wife —
John Sprackling goldsmith & his wife — Nich' Le Hunt — Isabell Threlkell wid — My adopted bro. Arthur Creed — 
Nic. Gouge cit. & scrivener of London & his wife & dau. Sarah — M"^ Gabriell Newman — My adopted bro. Smith att Endfeild — 
Phillipp Owen & his son-in-law Master Brent & his wife — John 
Warner, Master Jackson's man — Godson Walter Bingley in Cowlane (under 21) — Henry Hollingsworth my old water bearer — 
Cos. Gouge minister of the psh. of Sepulchers without Newgate — Captaine Andrewes of Sepulchers psh —Master Holland of same psh — 
My adopted bro. Rich. Hewlett — Master Meeke — Widow Hopkins in Bedlam & her son John Hopkins — My landlord Thos. Wallis & his wife & 2 daus — 
Wm. Page — Master Bonner goldsmith & his wife & her son Wm. Wheeler — Master Lees goldsmith — Peter Goodland — Mistris Grinder — 
Legacy to Almsmen of Goldsmiths comp'', poor of psh. of Christ Church, Christs Hospital, & prisons of Ludgate, both the Counters & Newgate — 
Cousins John & Edw. sons of s'^ bro. Thos. exors — Friends Henrie White, Rowland Worsopp & John Sprackling overseers — Cos. Humph. Gulson — 
Cos. Kirton & his wife — To Edw. Darnelly apothecary 40s. to buy him a Whistle — Cos. Chas. Hanson — Walter Chauncy — 
Wit': — Robt. Rowe of Shorditch x , Robt Malbon, Wm. Casson, Sam' Sanwaids, Vincent Lister X, Loue Branson, Nich. Gouge scr, Tho. Haley x. 
(Pr. 3 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 78).


586. Martha Perry of psh. of Sepulchers, London, widow — (Dat. 8 Jan. 1657) — Sist. Joane Jackson— Master Cordwell minister— 
Coz. Fras. Jackson— Friend Eliz. Larrett wid— Friend Joane wife of John Fisher— Friend Mistris Fairebanke of Pannyer Alley— 
Mary Larrett dau. of s'' Eliz. Larrett— Friends Anth. King & Nic. Campion overseers— Friend Paul Wicks exor — Theophilus Natt— 
Wit':— John Fisher, Ann Gage x . (Pr. 4 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 78). 


624. JOANE Barnes of Marychurch [co. Devon] — (Dat. 18 July 1657)— Legacy to poor of Marychurch — Geo. son of my son John Barnes — 
Grandch. Jonath. Reeve — Daus. Anna Cowell, Honour Reeve & Grace Martin — Grace Martin dau. of my dau. Grace — 
Dau. Martha Jackson — Sist. Agnes Holey — Son John Barnes exor— [Mark] Wit':— Thos. Cowle, Rich. Jackson. (Pr. 26 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 54). 


625. John Baker of City of Exeter, butcher — (Nunc, beginning of Sept. 1657) — Eliz. Crocker extrix(Nunc. cod. about 3 days after) — Anne Foulke wid — 
Emlyn Westcott. (Pr. 9 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 57). 
NOTE: I included this because of the BAKER, CROKER & FOULKE connections to JACKSONs in Ireland.


Jackson, 263, 575; 
Ann 183; 
Edw. 177,238; 
Eras. 282,321,586; 
Gat. 225; 
Grace 238; 
Jas. 240, 332; 
Joan 419,586; 
John 238, 332; 
Kath. 279 ; 
Law. 403 ; 
Martha 624; 
Mary 238, 332; 
Nat. 240; 
Olive 240; 
Ric. 624; 
Rob. 282; 
Sampson 240; 
Sam. 63 ; 
Tho. 129, 240, 282, 328 ; 
Wm. 140, 238, 




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