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I will add notes to these as I learn more about where these various JACKSONs tie in to known family trees. Any and all help is appreciated.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 24, 2011


Genealogical abstracts of wills proved in the prerogative court of Canterbury. Register “Wootton” 1658. Vol IV. William Brigg, B.A. 1909 http://www.archive.org/details/genealogicalabst04chur

NOTE: I have only noted the entries where there is a mention of JACKSONs. Also, I have not cleaned up all the OCR errors - just enough to make sense of most of it.





33 Jane BICKLEY of Caxton, co. Cambr., wid. — (Dat. 28 July 1656)— Dau. Margt. now wife of Gilbert CLETER, cit. of Londn.— 
Dau. Thomasin, now wife of John POWELL, cit. of Lond. — Dau. Eliz.. now wife to Philip JACKSON of Caxton, co. Cambr. — 
Dau. Jane — Grandchn. the son & daus. of my dau. Margt. viz. Francis, son of Gilbert & Margt. Cleter, & Aymie CLETER, and 
Ann CLETER daus. to the sd. Gilbert & Margt. — Son & daus. of my dau. Thomasyn, wife to John POWELL, viz John, their son, 
Mary & Jane their- daus. — Bro, Francis BICKLY the elder of Darlestone Esq., exor. — [Mart] — Wits :— Hen. LILLEY cler., 
Thos. HUDDEN. (Pr. 17 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 38). 
NOTE: Caxton is just down the road from Godmanchester, home of Original JACKSON.


56 Thomas YATES of Haslingfeild, co. Camb. yeoman — (Dat. 21 Nov. 1657) — Sist. Mary LACY & three childn. which she had by Wm. GARLAND, (under 21): Robt. GARLAND one of the sd. three childn. — Four childn. of my sist. MARSHALL late wife of Wm. MARSHALL (under 21) — Benj. & John YATES the two sons of my bro. Benj.— Thos. WENDY Esq. — Mrs. Lottice WENDY — Mr. Robt. CRAFORD — Susanna JACKLIN — Mr. Simon EARTMAN — Mr. Robt. NEWMAN — Alice JACKLIN, Damris BIGGS, Edw. WEBB, John NEWLING, Thos. COXELL, & Rich. NEAUE my servants — Thos. BRUMFEILD — David JACKLIN & Susanna his wife — Clement MORE— Dominick FRAUNCIS -Mary JACKLIN — Thos. STEWARD Esq.— Mrs. Eliz. WENDY— Mr. Robt. BICKERSTAFF— Margt. LUCAS — Martha BAGBERRY — Jerymy AYMES — Edw. JACKSON — Leg. to poor of Haslingfeild— Mrs. Eliz. STEWARD & Mrs. Sarah STEWARD— John WHARRUM — John KETTLE — Hen. GILBERT — Godsons Abraham DRYNER-, Thos. MERRITON . Chrisfr HALL— Bro. Benj. YATES, exor. — Tho YATES — Wits Tho WENDY, Robt. CRAYFORD, Edw. JACKSON— Codicil (dat. 12 Dec. 1657)

NOTE: I wonder if JACKLIN is a variant of JACKSON.


94. Mary Gower of Boulton in psh. of St. Johns in Bedwardine, co. Worcr.  wid.— (Dat. 9 Oct. 1657)- Childn. (eldest son) Timothy Stampe, Abell Gowre, John Stampe, Mary Rogers, Anne Clent & Eliz. Alye — Poor of the psh. of St. Johns — Bro. Mr. John Gunne — Cos. Mrs. Mary Norton the elder — Sons in-law Edw. Alye & Wm. Rogers — Cos. John Gunne the younger — Son Abell, goods lent him at his marriage— 'My wedding ring with the French posie ' — Cos. Mr. Hen. Gower — Servt. Alice Field— Three daus. Mary Rogers, Anne Clent & Eliz. Alye, exors. — Mar!/ Gower — Wits : — Eleazer JACKSON, clk., Tho : Gyles, Lercester Harwey, John Berinton, Thos. Gawton— Codicil (Dat. 14 Oct. 1657— Wits :— Hen. Wright, Thos. Gawton. (Pr. 2 Feb. 1657-8 by the three exors).


105 John Broad of Cheadull, co. Staff yeom. — (Dat. 5 Apr. 1654) Wife Margery — Son& heir (under 21) — Sister-in-law Margt. Hill — Tenements now in the tenure of Thos. JACKSON & John Hopkins — Shop in the tenure of Wm. Cope — Dau. Jane (under 21)— Wife extrix. — Bro. Rich. Broad & Mr Thos. Broad, feoffees in trust — Jo : Broad — Wits : — John Hopkins, Thos. JACKSON. (Pr. 18 Feb. 1657-8. by extrix).


225 Anne Howell of Kings Lynne, co. Norf. wid. — (Dat. 4 Jan. 1757)— Grandch. Edw. Gowar, under 21 — Mess, in Broad Street in Kings Lynn — Kinsm. Rich. JACKSON of Kinges Lynn, joyner & Tabitha his wife exors. — Thos. Wade of Kings Lynne, gent. & Rich. Whitehead one of the Serjeants at Mace of Kings Lynne, supervisors — [Mark] — Wits : — Thos. Pepys, Kath. Howard, Susan Howard x. (Pr. 15 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 62)

NOTE: This one intrigues me because of the convergence of the names of Thomas PEPYS & Richard JACKSON


316 Roger Marshall of Seassay, co. York, yeom.— (Dat. 27 Oct. 1657)— Bur. in the ch. or churchyd. of Seassay — Land in Sandhutton with houses purchased of Rich. Morris of Harram, co. York, yeom. — Lands in Sandhutton purchased of Gregory JACKSON of same town & co. yeom. — Close purchased of Marmaduke Theakston of Baldersbie in sd. co. yeom. — Neph. John Allenson of Cundaile — Neph. Wm Allenson of Arkendaile & his son Roger under 21 my godch. — Sist. Jennett Allonson — Wm. Johnson — The two daus. of Wm. Johnson — Niece Isabell Allonson — Godch. Christr. Wriglsworth son of Thos. Wriglsworth of Asonbie & all the rest of his childn. — Kinsw. Marie Blith, under 21 — John Heighlay elder & John Heighlay younger of Crosbie — Legacy to poor of Seassay & Sandhutton — Servts. Anne Hewison, Thos. Gallaway & Margt. Bailes — John Allonson — Every godch. I have — Ralph Hodgson — John Robinson — Wm. Allonson — Wife Isabel household goods at Showerbie — Isabel Allonson — Dorothy Wriglsworth wife of the sd. Thos. — Sd. Wm Allonson & sd. Wm. Johnson exors — [3fiirk] — Wits : — Thos. Webster, Robt. Lancaster, Thos. Galloway, Ra: Hodgson. (Pr. 15 Jan. 1657-8. P. A. p 18).

NOTE: Sandhutton is just slightly to the west of Thirsk.


320. Henry Shepheard of Longsledall, co. Westmerland [Westmoreland], yeom — (Dat. 7 Apr.  1652) — Son Rich. — Land in Kendall — 
Tents, at Tomschowe & Overend — Jas. JACKSON of Kendall — My wife— My four childn. — Sd. Jas JACKSON, Exor.— Henry Shepheard. 
Wits John Hetherington x, Edm. Dockers x. Math. Todds X, Jas. Warrins x. (Pr. 4 Jan. 1657-8. P.A. p. 19). 
NOTE: The SHEPHEARD-JACKSON connection interests me. I suspect a SHEPHEARD daughter married a JACKSON.


359. Clement Tomson of Tinwell, co. Rutland, yeom.— (Dat. 9 Nov. 1657)—  Eldest son John — House, tanfats, yard, etc., bought of Wm. Read— Tho. Whitehead — Son Richd. — Second son Clement — Lease bought of John Palfreyman of Stamford, co. Line— Third son Jas. — Fourth son Wm. — Fifth son Richd. — Leases in Tinwell of John earl of Exeter— Land bought of Thos. JACKSON of Stamford gent.— Sixth son Laurence — Eldest dau. Bridget Tomson — Youngest dau. Alice Tomson — Son Richd. exor. — Clement Tomson — Wits: — Tho. Johnson, Ni. Symms. (Pr. 11 Feb. 1657-8. P.A. p. 48).

NOTE: The mention of Stamford is of interest because of connections to the Duddington JACKSONs of lands in this town. A Thomas JACKSON (1768-1800) died at Stamford. He was a descendant of Thomas JACKSON (d. 1694 and Frances THURSBY (d 1683) in the Duddington line of JACKSONs. SEE ALSO: SIMPSON-JACKSON links.


364 Margaret Corney of the Citie of Yorke— (Dat. 2 Oct. 1657)— Son Thos. Margt Geldart dau. of Sir John Geldart— Grandch. Thos. Geldart— Margt. Lonnsdell my brother's dau. — Bro. Eras, Chaderton & Jane his wife — Servt. John Wearsdaile — Dau. Oath. Geldart — Dau. Eliz. Corney — Legacy to poor of St. Ellens psh. in Stonegaite — Friend Mr John Beares now parishioner there — Servts. Henry Petty, Wm. JACKSON, Ellen Popley — My ostler Rich. Goodall — Mich. Caitwright my servt. at the Forrest — Servt. Chas. Scalkag — Lands upon the Forrest lately farmed from Sir Thos. Ingram now or late the inheritance of Joseph Miglethwate esq. — Son Thos. & dans. Oath. & Eliz. exors. — Friends Alderman Henry Thompson, Alderman Wm. Metcalfe, Edw. Elwicke and Hen. Leeds supervisors — Margaret Corney — Wits :— Wm. Metcalfe, Edw. Elwicke, Hen. Leeds x. (Pr. 1 Mch. 1657-8. P.A. p. 112).


446 John Hawley of Rubwith [Bubwith] co. York, husb"— (Dat. 14 May 1657) — Bur. in churchy of Rubwith— Dau. Anne JACKSON— Land in Budwith — Dau. Cath. Hotham — Cow called Coppie- Dau. Mary Newton's child"— Ground called the Pennyfleete — Dau. Anne JACKSON's 5 ch" — Son-in-law Sam. Newton— Son-in-law John JACKSON— Dau. Anne extrix — John Hawley — Wits :— John Grysdell, Sam. JACKSON. (Pr. 20 Mch. 1657-8. P.A. p. U3)


472. George Twisleton of Woodhall in psh. of Womersley, co. York, gent. — (Dat. 3 Oct. 1657)— Son John— Dau. Alice Kerchifell— Grandch. Wm. Twisleton — Wife Mary extrix. — George I'lvistleton — Wits : — Peter JACKSON, Wm. Bond x, Rob. Mansfield. (Pr 1 Mch. 1657-8. P.A. p. 113).


500 John Nuttall of psh. of S' Mary Magdalen within the Checq' of Lincoln, CO. Linc, tanner — (Dat. 26 Dec. 1657) — Jane Nuttall dau. of Josuah Nuttall of Bardney my bro. (under 21) Martha the other dau. of s'' bro. — Bro-in-law George Burkett — Cos. Christr. JACKSON — Wife Anne — Rich. Pollard of Wakefield the London carryer — M' Thos. Exley in Colonell Twisletons owne Troope — M' Henry Makender of Pinchbecke — M'' John Blacketter neere vnto Selby in Yorkshire — M' Thos. Pelsent of Uppingham — Wm. Kinge in Captaine Harts Troope — John Durbancke of Horsett Downe over against the Tower of London in Southwark — 'I am in paie behinde in the Troope' — Wife extrix, — John Nuttall — Wits: — George Birkett, Eliz. Coxon X, Ei. Rawlinson. (Pr. 11 Mch. 1657-8. P.A. p. 93).

NOTE: I wonder if Christopher JACKSON was a husband of an Anne NUTTALL


533 ELIZABETH JACKSON of the precincts of Christ Church, Canterbury, wid.— (Dat. 12 Jan .1654) — 'my great age' — Susan wife of Thos. Floud — Wid Lewis — Grandch. Thos. son of my son Thos. JACKSON late dec'' — Son Jas JACKSON — Grandch. Thos. son of my son John JACKSON late dec'' — Grandcli & goddau. Eliz. wife of John Fanshawe— Grandch. & my husbands godson Thos. Bankes — Grandch" Ann, Wife of Geo. Gilpin, Eliz. wife of Hen. Catlum, Mary wife of [blank] Parker, Ann wife of [blank] Cannon & Jas. Barham ch" of my dau. Ann Orchard wid. late dec'' — Son-in-law John Bankes clerk— Grandch. Lodowick JACKSON — Son Rich. JACKSON — Grandch. Ursula JACKSON — Dau. Jane wife of Thos. Bedingfeild & her 2 dans. — Son-in-law Nich, Bix & Eliz. his wife — Houses in Mercury Lane in Canterbury — M' John Cogan of Canterbury gent. — Son Jas. & son-in-law John Bankes exors.— I renounce all other wills & particularly one made in Feb. 1646 in pursuance of my late husbands charge unto me in his last will but cannot continue it in force by reason of the great alterations happening by y'' deaths of so many of my children since that time — Elisabeth JACKSON — Wits :— John Bankes, Jane Bedingfeild, Edw. Hirst, Tho. Swafler — Codicil (dat. 26 Aug. 1657) — Son-in-law John Bankes dead since the making of will — Dau. Jane Bedingfeild to be exor. in his place — S' Anth. Aucher knt. — Rich. Barrowe — 'My owne imediate children' viz., James JACKSON, Rich JACKSON, Jane Bedingfeild & Eliz. Bix — Elizabeth JACKSON— Wits : — Tho. Bridge, Thos. Staynes, Phill. Seaward, Margt. JACKSON. (Pr. 14 Mth. 1657-8. P.A. p. 131).  

NOTE: SEE: Footnote on Lodowick JACKSON at  http://www.thesilverbowl.com/history/JACKSON-Strettell.html

NOTE: See: Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Ed. John Matthews and George F. Matthews v. 4. 1906


JACKSON, Thomas, Senior Prebendary of Christchurch, Canterbury, D.D.

Will [166 Fines] pr. July 1 by relict Elizabeth. Anno 1647. NOTE: This is most likely the deceased husband of the Elizabeth of this will.

109 110

641. John Scott senior of Walpoole St Peters, co. Norf. yeom.— (Dat. 29 Dec.  1657) — Bur. in churchy'' — Son Robt. — Land which was Traylies — Lands late Wilsons & Izards, John Watson's, Coverleis — Land given me by my father by will in Hoggholme als Swyneholme — Timothy Weatherfeild — Edw. Harrison — Robt. Harrison— Mr Barbar & his wife — John Alcocke junr — Cos. John Scott— Robt. Coult— Mr John Austen — Henry Traley — The lord of Couldrayne— Ambrose Crosley — Son John Scott — Cos. John Watkisson — Rich. JACKSON & his wife— Sr Geo. Kemp — Bro. John Watkis- son— Wm. Jerland— Son Adam Scott — Son Thos. Scott— Dau. Mary Scott Jas. Day — Cos. Anne Farthing — Cos. Rebecka Farthinge — Cos. Thos. Cauerley— Cos. Joane Paule — Every child of cos. John Scott — Cos. Jane Scott — Susanna Coult — Wife & son Robt. exors. — Cos. John Scott the elder supervisor— John Scott — Wits :—Wm. Moulton x, Sam. Fisher, John Scott jun. (Pr. 27 Mch. 1658. Adm. de bonis 20 May 1663 to John Scott junr son of John Scott senr deed, Alice relict & Robt. the son being dead. P. A. p. 108)


[Index] JACKSON, Anne 446; Chr, 509; Edw. 56; Eleazer 94; Eliz, 533; Greg, 316 ; Jas. 320, 533 ; John 446,533; Lodowick 533 ; Margt. 533 ; Peter 472 ; Ric, 225, 533, 641 ; Sam, 446 ; Tab 225 ; Tho. 105, 359,533; Urs. 533; Wm, 364.





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