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This Samuel JACKSON - or "these" Samuel JACKSONs - are more than likely to be part of the family lines traced in the County Down JACKSONs. At present, I am in a zone of decided ignorance, but I have decided to share the crumbs that I have scrounged in the hopes of learning more.
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 21, 2010
Update October 9, 2017: This Memorial adds the name of a son Peter.

ROD: 759-595-515930
Image 320
Btw Rev Mark Cassidy of Newtownards Co. Down Clerk & Henrietta CASSIDY otherwise JACKSON his wife, one of the sisters and coheiresses of Peter JACKSON late of Ballymascaw Co. Down Esq. deceased and also one of the daughters and coheiresses of Samuel JACKSON late of Mountpleasant Co. Down Esq. deceased of 1 pt; Rev John CLELAND of City of Armagh Clerk of other pt. Reciting whereby Peter JACKSON was in his lifetime and at the time of his death seized in his Demesne as of Fee simple of and in the lands of Church quarter, Parish Dundonald Co. Down containing 41a 1r Cunningham Measure and that said Peter JACKSON had died abt 1802 intestate & unmarried and without issue leaving Henrietta CASSIDY & Martha CLELAND otherwise JACKSON his only sisters and coheiresses at law…. Then seized of Lands of Church Quarter … also reciting that Samuel JACKSON was in his lifetime and at the time of his death seized in his Demesne as of fee simple of part of the land in the townland of Ballybeen, Parish Dundonald Co. Down containing 1a Cuunningham Measure… and reciting that Samuel JACKSON departed this life on or about 3 Feb 1816 without having disposed of by will the last mentioned lands …. Mark CASSIDY & Henrietta CASSIDY in consideration of £1,750 granted to John CLELAND … [much more legal detail] … WITNESS: Robert FERGUSON of Newtownards, Co. Down Gent

NOTE: NOTE: Stormont was first used c.1830 as the name of the house and estate of Rev. John Cleland, replacing the original estate name, Mount Pleasant. It is in the townland of Ballymiscaw. SOURCE: Northern Island Placenames.

See also ROD: 567-139-380456 which also includes a map

Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald

Samuel JACKSON. I suspect that there are at least two Samuel JACKSONs whose histories may have been conflated by Burke’s and other earlier researchers. They are probably both connected to the JACKSONs of Co. Down.

One of them may have been born in 1737 at Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim. One may have been born at Stormont, Co. Down in 1737. One was known to be an East India trader; another was known to be a merchant from Dundonald, based in Philadelphia and who owned land in Dundonald. The latter also co-owned several ships and imported not only linen and hardware but also people. Perhaps these are both the same man. I don’t know. You can learn more about the Philadelphia JACKSON out in the excellent book: Scotch-Irish Merchants in Colonial America, Richard K. McMaster, Ulster Historical Foundation. 2009 and read about the scandal associated with his ship Nancy on page 153. Thankfully, this author sources all his data!

It is alleged in some trees and not impossible, albeit not proven, that this Samuel JACKSON was a son of Joseph JACKSON (1690-abt 1767). Joseph was alleged to have had three wives and there is a bit of a muddle around much of this. The name of the wife who was likely the middle wife is not known.

There was another Samuel JACKSON, son of John JACKSON (1639-1716) and his wife Janet. I would assume that since he was mature at the time of the will and abroad at the time (with “issue”) that he would have to have been born before 1690. There is a reference to him in his father’s will: "... to my son Samuel JACKSON or his issue on their return to this country from abroad." Given the ages of other siblings, this Samuel JACKSON was more likely to have been born around the 1670s.

And of course, he could be the son of various others of this clan who chose the same 1st names for their sons repeatedly so there are likely dozens of cousins, sons, nephews – all named Samuel. If you look at the three trees beneath, there are a range of options where there might be a potential for the Samuel JACKSON of Stormont and/or Philadelphia to connect in.

The following family tree of descendants is prevalent in various books and web-sites (although it lacks sources in most instances):

Descendants of Samuel Jackson

1       Samuel Jackson b: 1737 in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland or at Stormont, Co. Down. He married Hester de Vateau aka Martha aka Marguerite. I lean towards the latter because of her Huguenot roots. Her father was Paul Peter Isaac de Vateau and she was born in Dublin, probably 1739. They married in 1760 in Augusta, Virginia. NOTE: One thing that troubles me about this picture is that she would have been 21 at age of marriage, but age 44 at the birth of her daughter Henrietta and age 46 at the birth of her daughter Esther. No other children are named in this history. It is not impossible that a generation has been skipped here. Perhaps this is the source of the range of first names for her.
........    2    Henrietta Jackson b: Abt. 1783 in Stormont, Belfast, Co. Down d: 14 Dec 1835. She married Mark Cassidy                
........    2    Esther Jackson      b: Abt. 1785 in Stormont, Belfast, Co. Down. She married  
John Cleland(1755-1834) in 1805.   
........    2    Peter JACKSON (-1802)
........    2    Robert Vateau JACKSON SOURCE: National Library of Ireland



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