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On November 11th, 2006 Andreas & I celebrated our 60th birthdays (and he then kicked it up a notch with a surprise - that will take another page!). The photos beneath are from the early part of the evening. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos yet of the two bands who played later on.
The first band included Martin Brown (see his handmade guitars at: Martini Guitars), Bruce Brown, Struan Brown (my brothers!) and their friends Peter Kerbis, Danny Nygren and Sarah Loverock (a recent star on Candian Idol) as well as Michael Nygren (back-up vocals). The second band was Bruce's band which travelled over from Vancouver (thanks guys!) and included Bruce Brown, Russ Tough, Wilf Trushon, and Ernie Monroe. Just out of view on stage in many of these photos (the ones I don't yet have) was Spenser Carson, the boppingest soundman ever. Thanks Spenser. Both bands kept us on our feet until well past the witching hour. Then many of the same folk as you see in the photos below - plus others - showed up the next morning to mop out the hall, stack the plates, corral the recycling and undertake all manner of tasks required to turn the hall back into the shape it was before we inhabited it. "Thanks" doesn't even begin to cover it. This celebration of community was part of why we did it in the first place.
You guys rock!

Sharon Oddie Brown. November 23, 2006

The guests arrive and appetizers prepared by many hands are enjoyed by assorted friends and family.
Dame Judith presides with grace and panache.

Andreas welcomes the guests.
Sharon adds her welcome.
Chris & Dee Dee Sjogren AKA "The Vikings" prepare their horns.
The Viking Toast: "We come for the rah-hoo-rah! Skoal!

Laurie Lesk entertains guests during the dinner hour.
Peter Reinhardt performs two of his own compositions.

Phyllis Surges and Jerry Rolls introduce the roast - a multiple choice roast at that. It took a great deal of effort, red wine and other sorts of assistance.
The final text was concocted by Phyllis with the help of various co-conspirators including Mary Russell, Bronwen Payerle, Ron Skene, Joan Boles, George Payerle (the compositor), Phyllis Surges, Jerry Rolls and Judith Reeve (a key instigator of the plot).
More photos as well as the final text can be viewed on the "Love with a Suitable Roast" Page.

Alison penned a verse in honour of the occasion.
(SEE: Alison's Poem.

Neighbours from left to right: Jean & Russ Tkachuk, Phyllis Surges, Steve McGillivray, George Payerle, Yolanda McGillivray, Alex, Nicholas Osbourne-Davis (in front), Billy Davis, Jane Osbourne, Kerith Perreur-Lloyd, Sarah Doherty, Bronwen Payerle. SEE: Neighbours' Verse

Stacia carries in the cake with Suzanne - baker
extraordinaire -
hovering in the background.
Stacia & the cake & something that I missed.
What is this? Hilarity?
The Four Birthday Babes: Andreas, Sharon, Bruce and Louise - 230 years between us all!

Louise's family. L-R Maiie-Paule, JJ (Jean Jaques), Louise, Suzanne, Rene, Adelie.

J.J. Lachance Maiie-Paule and René Lachance perform.
Sharon, Sabrina, Brian, Bruce, Struan & Martin perform"All of us are Browns" lyrics by Bruce Brown, sung to the tune of "California Dreamin".

Sharon & Bruce (Sabrina back to camera) & Martin
Bruce, Martin & Brian - and Brian rocks!
Who knew he could sing like that!
For an unexpected event, see: What Came Next!



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