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This window commemorates the life of Sir Thomas JACKSON who was raised at Urker, just south-west of Creggan Church. He rose to world-wide fame as head of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank in the late 1800s but even so returned home frequently. Even more frequently, he was known to give substantial financial support to dozens of local residents and family members. His family had lived at either Urcher (Urker) or Liscalgot for close to 300 years - possibly more. Although the window says that he was "born at Urker", he was actually born at Aughavilla, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim on June 4, 1841. The window itself was created by Douglas Sons & Co., 40 Dublin Street, Belfast and executed in the Craftsman style.
Of interest to me is the reordering of the familiar words "Faith, Hope and Charity" to "Faith, Charity and Hope". So long after the fact, it is not possible to know whether this arrangement was done for artistic or theological reasons. The word "Charity" may have been chosen as the central word as it suits the composition to be in a central position. If the rationale was instead theological, then this also would have had echoes in both the theology and actions of many members of the JACKSON family. In the post-famine world of South Armagh, it was clear to many of them that hope could not abide where charity did not already prevail and their practical generosity spoke to that on a regular basis.


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