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The following photos (they start halfway down this page) are either in my own collection (thanks to a generous gift from Gika JACKSON ) or in the collection that was originally that of Mary WRIGHT of Gilford Castle. Thanks to those who have contributed.
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 9, 2004

Updated February 2, 2007

Updated January 12, 2009 - substantial new information on the puzzle Charles JACKSON (See NOTE in the descriptions beneath the photos).
Updated July 10, 2018.

The connection of the DICKIE family to the JACKSON family is still a little opaque to me, but the fact of so many references to them and the frequency of their photos in various family albums tells me that more looking could be rewarding. How does the COULTER family and the PATTERSON family and the DICKIE family fit together as well as the JACKSON family for that matter. Who, for instance is "Charles JACKSON". In order to attempt to make more sense of it all, I have collated the various mentions of the DICKIE name in legal documents and letters that I have to date and they are noted at the bottom of the page (beneath the photos).

NEWS! Thanks to the generosity of Peter McWilliam, I am now able to shed a great deal more light on the connections. See: Dickie Family Tree September 27, 2004


John Thomas DICKIE
NOTE: 1865 Louth County Voters: John Thomas Dickie lived at Clonaleenan, Dundalk Upper

Miss Ellen DICKIE
Maggie or Mary DICKIE
NOTE: depending on which photo album.
Maggie or Mary DICKIE
NOTE: depending on which photo album.
Mr. Joseph DICKIE
Mr. Robert DICKIE Carrick[illegible]tuck NOTE: Carrackastuck, Co. Louth is mentioned as Dickie residence in 1822 Freeholders Lists.
Mr. Robert DICKIE
NOTE In the 1865 Co Louth Voters List, a Robert Dickie was resident at Philipstown)
Mrs. Eaton (possibly) DICKIE
NOTE: The only reference I can find to this name: “Canady Creek. Mrs. Eaton Dickie and little daughter, of Hillaton, were visiting friends here last week” Sept 7, 1898 Annapolis Valley Newspaper Abstracts
Mrs. John T. DICKIE
NOTE: Possibly Elizabeth McCullagh – wife of John Thomas Dickie daughter of Thomas McCullagh & Jane Reed
Mrs. Joseph DICKIE
Mrs. R. DICKIE of Roachdale aka Mary Anne WALLACE (1795-1870)
Mrs. Alexander DICKIE
NOTE: In 1865 an Alexander Dickie lived at Roachdale & registered as a Co. Louth Voter
Thomas Coulter DICKIE
NOTE: In 1865, a Thomas Couter Dickie was registered as a voter in Co. Louth resident at Omagh, Dundalk Upper
· In 1799, a Robert DICKIE was a witness to an agreement Eliza BRADFORD and Sam BRADFORD concerning division of property likely occasioned by the death of Thomas BRADFORD, husband of Elizabeth (née BREAKEY).
· In 1822, Mr. Robert DICKIE and Mr. Alexander DONALDSON were the arbitrators in the division of land at Annaghavackey between Andrew and Thomas BRADFORD (which seemingly had consequences for the 1898 will of Samuel BRADFORD)
· In 1875, Joseph DICKIE, a solicitor at 31 Frederick Street, Dublin acted in the case concerning the infant child of William MENARY and Mary JACKSON.
· In 1877, James McCullagh wrote to Sally Whiteside advising that he had written to “Mr. Dickie” about the money for her.
· In 1891, in a letter concerned with Cavananore and Sam Bradford’s loss of the lease, it is mentioned “So you see that other people beside Alexander DICKIE can play at penny a week.”
· In 1895 , a letter from Drummuck to Sally WHITESIDE mentioned that Maggie DICKIE came to help Will “to move mother”
· Jeanne Moorhead’s Birthday Book mentions Mary DICKIE, Lizzie DICKIE and Meta DICKIE
· In 1897, it is mentioned that Maggie DICKIE is on a visit to Drummuck.
· In 1917, a mention that Mrs. A. DICKIE’s sister is dead in Brazil
And then there is the death notice in the clippings found at Gilford Castle: DICKIE June 1, 1933, suddenly of heart failure, Alexander Alfred Dickie, Roachdale, Dundalk. Funeral (strictly private) to Kane this day (Monday). Belfast papers please copy. See gravestone inscription beneath.

Then there are the various burial mentions of the DICKIE family at Kane Cemetery, near Dundalk. They come from various lists posted on the web and I have tried to meld them with an eye to most likely accuracy. I am grouping the graves by location of their supposed domiciles of the deceased:

DICKIE Beneath this stone lie the remains of Robert Dickie of Roachdale who died on the 18th day of February 1840 aged 58 years. Also Jane Dickie daughter of the above named Robert Dickie who died on the 2nd day of November 1830 aged 5 years, 6 months. William died 27th of September [or 5 December 1856], aged 21 years. Jane died ?th of December 18.6 aged 21 years. Mary Ann Dickie widow of the above named Robert Dickie who died on . . . aged . . . . Mary Ann Dickie who died . . . 1884 aged 61 years. Margaret daughter of the above Robert Dickie died on October 28th 1926 in her 91st year.
· Robert DICKIE 1752-1840 m Mary Ann 1795-1870
· Jane 1825-1830
· William 1835-1856
· James 1823-1884
· Mary Anne DICKIE 1835-1926

DICKIE In memory of Robert Dickie, M.D. Assistant Surgeon Honourable East India Company Service eldest son of the late Robert Dickie of Roachdale, died on the 5th of August 1844 aged 26 years whilst doing duty with the 21st Fusiliers, at Kamptee, East Indies, and is buried there his Brother Officers having erected a Monument to his memory.
Robert DICKIE 1818-1844

DICKIE In loving memory of Alexander Alfred Dickie, K.C. Bencher of King’s Inn of Beech Hurst, Bray, Co. Wicklow third son of Alexander Dickie of Roachdale who died 2nd June 1933 aged 65 years. {See 1933 Newsclipping above.]And of his sister Sara Wallace Dickie eldest daughter of Alexander Dickie of Roachdale who died 20th February 1946.


DICKIE Here lieth the body of James Dickie of Clunalenon who departed this life March the first March 1747 Aged 47 years. Also the Body of Mary Dickie wife of the above named James Dickie who departed this life the 5. 1762 Aged 60 years.
· James 1700-1747 m Mary 1702-1762

DICKIE Erected by John J. Dickie of Clanaleenan . . . Charles . . . so. of Lisnaboe, County of Meath . . . the 18th day of Oct 1815 aged . . . years. And is here interred at his own request
Also of interest: “Erected by John DICKIE of Crunleenan in memory of Lieutenant Charles JACKSON of Lisnaboe, County Meath late HM 3rd Regiment of Buffs who died at Woodbine Cottage 18 October 1813 aged 75 years and here interred at his own request.” NOTE: This is of special interest for a number of reasons as I try to unpuzzle family connections:

  • Woodbine Cottage was just across the road from Derryfalone House (home of John Thomas DICKIE at the time of Griffiths Valuation) at Hackballs Cross close to Clonaleenaghan. All were in the Parish of Barronstown.
  • HM 3rd Regiment of Buffs was also active in the 1812 War in North America. There may be no connection, but a Boatswain Charles JACKSON is buried in a cluster of British officers graves. I wonder if he might have been a son of the Charles JACKSON (1738-1813) - who would have been too old to be in that campaign himself, but military careers do tend to run in a family. SOURCE: Lossings Field Pictorial Field-Book Of The War Of 1812. Benson J. Lossing 1869. Chapter Xxxvii. Events On Lake Champlain In 1814.
  • The famous (or infamous - depending on ones perspective) JACKSONs of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan originally came from Lisnabo(e), a townland which is a little less than 2 miles south of Kingscourt, Co. Cavan in the Parish of Enniskeen, Co. Meath (in fact, in an earlier ordering of county borders, it was considered to be in Co. Cavan). There are many attempts to define an accurate family tree for this line, but the most accurate work comes from Bill Farrell. Thomas JACKSON descendant of John JACKSON (see CRIEVE) and grandfather of the Hugh JACKSON was born in Lisnabo 1709 (thence to BALLYBAY in 1740s).
  • Also, several of the LDS BMD pages showed our JACKSONs as "relative of Charles JACKSON". SEE: Family tree of Jacksons of Lisnaboe Co. Cavan and Ballybay Co. Mongahan Ballybay Jackson Tree.
  • The John DICKIE referred to of Crunleenan is most likely John Thomas DICKIE (1787-1876) who was the husband of Elizabeth McCULLAGH. (1794-1819). She died shortly after marriage (without issue) and was a daughter of Thomas McCULLAGH (1734-1818) of Derryvalley and Jane REED (1735-1806) of Slieveroe. Thomas McCULLAGH's brother was James McCULLAGH of Derryvalley and later of Shantonagh. He had three children, one of whom was the daughter Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1788-1880) who married John JACKSON (1780-1817) of Urker, near Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh. Now, we can't quite close the gap here - but the convergence of name is interesting.
  • James JACKSON (1743-1822) of Ballybay had a daughter Elizabeth, presumably with his common law wife (although that designation wasn't used then) Sarah BLACK. She would have presumably been born after the death of his wife in 1784. His will states "I leave and bequeath to my natural daughter Elizabeth McCULLAGH alias JACKSON and her issue a share of the tenement she now lives in subject to the chief rent". Presumably, she married a McCULLAGH.

DICKIE Beneath this stone lieth the remains of Robert D. of Clonaleenan who departed this . . . February . . . aged 80 years. Also the remains of Mary Dickie who departed this life of the 2.th day of January 1827 aged 83 years. Also of their daughter Eleanor who died in 1802 aged 2. Years. Elizabeth who died 12 Dec 1837 aged 74 years. And Mary who died 16th June 1862 aged 86 years.
· Robert D. DICKIE m Mary 1744-1827 Clonaleenan
· Eleanor 1763-1837
· Mary 1776-1837
DICKIE In loving memory of Elizabeth, Wife of John T Dickie, of Clonaleenan, who died 4th April 1819, aged 29 years. Also of the following children of the above John T Dickie, and Jane his wife, daughter of Wallace of Cloghog. James, who died 3rd August 1846 aged 10 years. John, late of H M Customs, London, who died 9th Septr 1858 aged 30 years. Euphemia, who died 31st Decr 1876 aged 89 years. And the above Jane his wife who died 23rd May 1884 aged 78 years. Also their eldest daughter Jane who died 24th Octr 1890 aged 66 years. Also their daughter Anna who died 25th August 1922 aged 78 years. And of their daughter Eleanor who died 17th February 1930 ages 88 years. And of their daughter Elizabeth who died 8th April 1930 aged 91 years.
· John T. DICKIE –1787-1876 had a wife who died young – “Elizabeth” 1790-1819 and a second wife, Jane –1806-1884 daughter of John WALLACE. Of Clonbeg. With this second wife, he had
· James 1836-1846
· Maria 1833-1847
· Joseph 1844-1854
· John 1828-1858 who lived in London & worked for H.M. Customs
· Jane 1824-1890 (eldest daughter of Jane & John T. DICKIE)
· Anna 1844-1922
· Eleanor 1842-1930
· Elizabeth 1839-1930
· Euphemia 1848-1859
· George 1830-1864
DICKIE Sacred to the memory of Joseph Dickie, son of Mr Robert Dickie of Clonaleenan who in the bloom of his life fell a victim to the fever of the Country, in the province of Surinam, in South America, and is there interred. He departed this life 2nd October, 1807, aged 33 years.
· Robert 1774-1807


DICKIE In loving memory of James Dickie, of Killen, who died August 26th 1835 aged 64 years. And of Euphemia Patterson his wife who died September 30th aged 66 years. Also of their children, William died September 12th 1827, aged 14 years, Margaret died March 5th 1828 aged 19 years , Samuel died May 24th 1877, aged 58 years, Eleanor, died March 29th 1878, aged 61 years, Mary died March 3rd 1884, aged 82 years. And also of Margaret Junor Dickie, wife of the above named Samuel Dickie died 3rd June 1905, aged 70 years.
· James DICKIE 1771-1835 m Euphemia PATTERSON 1769-1836
· William 1813-1827
· Margaret 1807-1828
· Samuel 1819-1877 m Margaret Junor –1835-1905
· Eleanor 1817-1878
· John 1827-1878
· Mary 1802-1884


DICKIE Erected by his loving wife in the memory of her husband Joseph Dickie Solicitor late of Fairhill Dundalk who departed this life, on the 1st day of October 1877, his 56th Birthday. Kate the beloved wife of Joseph Dickie here commemorated departed this life at Fairhill on the 30th day of January 1916 in her 88th year. In the midst of life we are in death, watch therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherin the son of man cometh. MATH XXV. 13.
· Joseph DICKIE 1821-1877 m Kate 1828-1916

DICKIE In Memory of Robert Dickie Solicitor Fairhill Dundalk, Died July 11th 1921.
-Robert DICKIE –1921



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