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It would be great good fun to see how the roles chosen in the chess game might match with the roles that the players assumed in real life. Also, it would be interesting to learn how the moves were called in such a game. At this point, I still need to learn more about the various participants. Suffice to say, TJ's children are in the thick of it all. NOTE: Wan Chai was formerly called East Point
Sharon Oddie Brown, February 22, 2011
PS The quality of my photos of the original photos is not as good as I would like, but they will have to do for now. The originals are in the collection of Pat Roberts of England.

Chess Tournament East Point March 1894
This was a living Chess Tournament held to raise funds for the Union Church and held on the grounds of Hon. J.J. Keswick. The Hon. James Johnstone Keswick (1845-1914) was younger brother of William, the founder of Jardines, a company that made its early fortune in opium trading. He was nicknamed, "James the bloody polite" – one could be called worse. He served as a Member of the Legislative Council and of the Chamber of Commerce at various times between 1890 to 1900 and was taipan of Jardine, Matheson from the 1890s to the turn of the century. SOURCE: Wiki.
John Joseph FRANCIS aka AYLWARD, born in Dublin in 1839 - another Irishman in Hong Kong - was also in attendance at this event, and likely along with TJ, one of the people active in making it happen. FRANCIS was a lawyer, and active layman in his Catholic Church (although he married Anne SHIRLEY a protestant woman - and they had two marriage services to cover this off). SOURCE: John Joseph Francis, Citizen of Hong Kong. Walter Greenwood. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch. Vol 26 (1986).
Mr. LANDALE, unnamed child, Dorothy JACKSON, Mr. PLATT (seated), Capt. STEWART R.E., Miss MURRAY, Miss BOYES, Mr. BERGER H.K.R.
Capt FORBES, Unnamed Child, Amy Oliver JACKSON, Unnamed Child, Capt. MURRAY A.S.C., Miss BARKER, Kathleen JACKSON, Unnamed Child, Capt BOYES, Unnamed Child.
Capt FOSTER, Capt MURRAY, A.D.C., Mr. [LU]ARD 53rd, Miss BARKER, Capt BOYES R.E.
Unnamed Child, Mr. POLLOCK (possibly the lawyer and chess club member, Wm Henry Edward POLLOCK - born 1865 and lived on The Peak), Mr. LANDALE, Unnamed Male.



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