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The copies that have been scanned and posted here come from the Gilford Castle collection and have been kindly shared by Christine WRIGHT. I also have copies of many of them in the photos kindly shared by Gika JACKSON.

I have not posted them, but I also have scans of various news articles about the GRIFFIN family in Canada. The content from them was used in crafting the biography of John Gilmore GRIFFIN and his sons (such as I currently have them).
If anyone can help with dating these photos and linking them, I would be most grateful.

Sharon Oddie Brown, April 28, 2004


John Gilmore GRIFFIN
From Gilford Castle Album 1
see: Biography

Eleanor "Nellie" S. GRIFFIN (nee PHELAN) with son. Wife of John Gilmore GRIFFIN.
From Gilford Castle - Sharon's CD8

Frederick Michael GRIFFIN.
I assume he is a brother of John Gilmore. How he relates to the Frederick Richard GRIFFIN who marries Mary MENARY nee JACKSON - I have yet to find out.
From Gilford Castle Album 1
From Gilford Castle Album 2

From Gilford Castle Album 2

The news clipping to the right was found in an envelope addressed to Jane C. Moorhead, 1999 Nelson St., City and was postmarked from Vancouver, BC, Jan 3, 1956.

The text beneath it reads:
Third in her class at No. 1 R.C.A.F. wireless school, Montreal, Airwoman Mary Griffin, 20 year old daughter of Frederick Griffin, the Star's war correspondent, and Mrs. Griffin, Glengrove Ave., graduated recently. Mrs. Griffin was one of those who attended the ceremony.
Miss Griffin enlisted seven months ago and is now posted to the staff of No. 1 wireless school. Before enlistment she attended Havergal college, Lawrence Park collegiate and Victoria college.

The maiden name of Jane C. MOORHEAD was Jeannie Coulter JACKSON, seen in the photos at Urker with the grandmother of this Mary GRIFFIN.

Mary Eleanor GRIFFIN at 3 months
From Gilford Castle - Sharon's CD9

granddaughter of John Gilmore GRIFFIN

This photo to the right is an undated photo in an album given to me by Gika Jackson in October 2004. I believe it to be of Eleanor "Nellie" Sarah Pelan. There are a series of these photos - including one of Margaret JACKSON. This makes me think that the family connections of the GRIFFINs and possibly the PELANs preceeded the marriage of Eleanor to John Gilmore GRIFFIN. This as well as the presence of "Gilmore" as John GRIFFIN's middle name. I am guessing that GRIFFIN's mother may have been a GILMORE and hence connected to Eliza GILMORE who married Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON. NOTE: This hunch proved correct. Margaret GILMORE married Philip George GRIFFIN, father of John Gilmore GRIFFIN.




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