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The photos beneath are from the collection of Thomas Andrew JACKSON of Bangor, Co. Down. They were not the best quality. Many of them had been printed on non-photographic paper and perhaps with less fixative than would have been desireable. I am assuming that Thomas Jackson BROWN (my grandfather - 1879-1933) had his own darkroom, but costs and the availability of supplies were an issue. I have cropped some of the photos and also edited them for more clarity. For other photos from this era, SEE: The Glenbow Archives (on the web as well as Settlement History of the Germans in Calgary


Thomas Jackson BROWN is on the right above and then on the left beneath. He and his friend are at Exshaw, Alberta just off Highway 1, east of Canmore. There are lime deposits at the peak of the mountain in a heart shaped formation.

This is Thomas Jackson BROWN on the right with his friend, at Exshaw - presumably on the same hike as in the previous two photos..

Thomas Jackson & CPR Chairman.

Thomas Jackson & Mr. Alexander
Jane Edgar BROWN & husband Thomas Jackson BROWN - probably in their home circa 1909

Thomas Jackson BROWN and his wife Jane Edgar & friends in Calgary.

The top two photos are of Thomas Jackson BROWN - likely in Calgary circa 1909.
Thomas Jackson BROWN in his home in Calgary - likely about 1909.

On the back of this photo is: Calgary Hotel. I do know which one, or when.
Two men on railcar.
Is this Banff?



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