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This gravestone is at St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, City of Armagh, Co. Armagh. It is on the upper level.
The Mary referred to in the inscription on the gravestone beneath was Mary WILSON. She married William MENARY sr. I do not know her father's name, but her mother's name was Margaret FAIR
(SOURCE: a fragment of paper at Gilford Castle).
Her husband, William MENARY sr. was the son of Alexander MENARY and Martha HERRON (d. aft 1817). I do not have birth dates for these people.
William MENARY jr. (1838-1874)married Mary JACKSON. When he died his only child, Mary MENARY, was a year and a half old. She later married James Francis WRIGHT and lived at Gilford Castle and was the collector of much of the family history that appears on these pages (a hearty post-humous thanks!).
Mary MENARY's great-grand-daughter (shown in the second photo) also lived at Gilford Castle. Her mother, Christine WRIGHT, has been the generous facilitator of the compilation of much of this history.

Sharon Oddie Brown. May 25, 2007

Underneath are deposited the
remains of MARY wife of
William Menary of Maghery
who died on the 30th of June 1859
William Menary of Maghery
died 19th May 1867
Also their son
died February 7th 1874
aged 36 years

Lucie Wright & I visited the gravesite in April 2006. I carefully rolled back the moss covering in order to view the entire inscription and replaced it after the photo was taken..
The fascinating thing about the underside of the moss (which may not be visible from this photo) was the way that the roots traced a mirror image of the inscription.



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