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This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise. In particualr, there had been an issue as to the dispossion of the asset of the malt materials left on the land (mentioned in his will). The father, David JACKSON died in1796 when the recipient of the letter was a mere 16 years old.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 30, 2006
UPDATE: May 15, 2023. New footnote info added/edited.

Mr. John Jackson [1] ,




Dear Johnny,

            In my last letter I mentioned my opinion to you relative to your Bargain with Smith [2] , but as I would not wish you to depend absolutely on my Opinion I think it – necessary you shd have the Opinion of Counsel to know if you can defend your self with safety in case he commences an Action for Damages ag:st you and this I think should be done before you Sell the Malt [3] to any other person for fear he could Recover Damages ag:st you, for this purpose you – must let me know the time you were Licenced & if you can send me a Copy of the Licence so much the better, you must also let me know who was present when the Bargain was made and also the contents of the letter you wrote Smith requesting to lett you off with the Bargain and how old you are at present. I am sorry you wrote to him at all on the Subject as that perhaps may in a Court of Law be – deemed written Evidence of the Contract however that cant be now helped give me every other information about the business that happened as it will be necessary to take every matter fully to Coun:l and enclose me two Guineas to offer Coun:l When you send up the other particulars Above mentd send me a Copy of the letter that Smith wrote your Uncle Sam [4] & also Copys of any letter or letters he has or may write to you & be sure to keep such letters safe. In case he Commences an Action ag:st you – there can be no Trial before Spring or Summer Assises but if you or your Mother [5] or Sam are Served with any Subpoena be sure to send it to me safe & without – delay ------ I shall write to your Mother soon as I receive a letter from Mr Ball [6] w:ch I have not yet got. My love to all friends I am


                        Dr Johnny

                                    Yrs Sincerely

                                    Geo Jackson [7]

Geo Shea [8] sends his love to you & sisters and all friends

7 Pitt Street [9]

27th Novr 1798


[1] John JACKSON (1780-1817) is the son of David JACKSON (d. 1796) and grandson of George JACKSON Sr. He was 16 years old at the time of his father’s death and was 18 years old when this letter was written. He has twin sisters, three years younger. His mother was Margaret BRADFORD (1739-1820)

[2] SMITH. I do not know who this may be, but there was a Thomas SMYTHE who was a witness on the indenture of 1792 relating to a lease of lands in Cashel, Co. Armagh (although which Cashel – the one in the Parish of Lisnadill or the one in the Parish of Forkhill. 2023 Update: There are several SMITH/SMYTH entries in the Creggan Parish, BMDs .

[3] This relates to an issue arising from the assessed value of assets after the death of David JACKSON.

[4] Samuel BRADFORD (Abt. 1739-1818) of Cavananore, son of  John BRADFORD & Barbara COULTER and husband of Margaret HENRY.

[5] Margaret BRADFORD (Abt. 1739-1820) mother of John JACKSON, the recipient of this letter.

[6] Probably the landlord, Thomas BALL.

[7] George JACKSON, brother of the deceased David JACKSON and a solicitor in Dublin.

[8] George SHEA possible husband of Elizabeth JACKSON, daughter of George JACKSON Sr. 2023 Update: I am now suspecting that George SHEA was a brother-in-law of Elizabeth. See ROD: 464-485-297170 at Books 410-499.

[9] An interesting article on why Pitt Street is now called Balfe Street, in the City of Dublin. Roques' map (and other maps) show Pitt Street intersecting Grafton Street just north of Stephen's Green. This is a part of Grafton Street where there are several JACKSON connections. The following deeds (and others) need to be followed up on: ROD: 540-537-356857; 162-339-10965; and ROS: 464-485-297170. They may connect the JACKSONS & SHEAs of Creggan parish to the area and to the Delft trade. More work is needed.


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