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NAMES: George JACKSON; W. RORKE aka ROURKE; David LONGMORE; Mrs. KELLY; Miss HUTCHISON; Mrs. SHEA. NOTE: Part of the interest in this may be the connection to the Jamestown property in Co. Leitrim given that Aghavilla, Co. Leitrim was where Sir Thomas JACKSON was born (and it would be nearby).
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 31, 2009.
Updated August 2, 2009
Updated August 7, 2009
Updated January 29, 2010 Footnote #2.

1810 June 4




[Written above address:] William Colville Esq. Also C. Bachelor Walk, Dublin.

[Written beside address at right angles:] 4th June 1818 Geo. Jackson[1] Esq. Stating that W. Shea will pay his Proportion of Rent fine and that W. RORKE[2] has been declared a Bankrupt.


[Addressed to:] Mr. David Longmore[3], Monaghan.





Your letter of yesterday came to hand this morning. I waited on Mrs. KELLY[5] and Miss. HUTCHISON[6] and read it to them. They informed me that Mrs. SHEA[7] was ready to pay the renewal fine due to you on the death of the Princess Charlotte[8] amount, £5.11.4 on your writing a letter authorizing her to do so which some Mrs. KELLY and Ms. HUTCHISON are willing to receive as part of the money they advanced. Mr. RORKE has been declared a bankrupt upwards of a year ago. I apprehend you will have some difficulty in getting your renewal fine from his assigns or the person to whom he mortgaged his farm of Jamestown, it is therefore absolutely necessary you should be prepared with remainder of the money advanced by Mrs. KELLY and Ms. HUTCHISON as the renewals of the Leases must be proceeded on without delay. You are mistaken in that part of your letter where you mentioned that RORKE and SHEA are to pay all expenses of Leases etc. I have read the  Leases and there is not a word to that effect in them of course you must pay your proportion of the expenses of obtaining the renewals, I am


your Honourable servant

George Jackson

12 Granley Row Dublin

4 June 1810





[1]George JACKSON (aft. 1743-aft. aft. 1810) He was the son of George JACKSON & Margaret O'LAUGHLIN of Urker, Co. Armagh. This letter was found at PRONI D991/1/7/49. Estate papers, correspondence, photographs of the Boer War, and genealogical papers of the Bartley, Thompson, McKean, Gardiner and Jackson families. (200 documents).

[2] W. RORKE This may be a coincidence, but in the Griffiths Valuations, a Hugh RORKE had held some leases and also leased lands and buildings from Peter D. LaTOUCHE in Aghavilla, Parish of Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. At that time, the ROURKE name figured frequently in leases in Co. Leitrim. Aghavilla is the same townland that in 1838, where the David JACKSON (1814-1889) who was the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON leased 80 acres. The Jamestown property was most likely Jamestown, Parish of Kiltoghert, Co. Leitrim which is just a little bit east of Carrick on Shannon and west of Aghavilla. Jamestown was founded by Sir Charles Coote in 1625 and was occupied by O'Rourke in 1642. All that is left is some remains of the old town gate which the modern Dublin-Sligo road passes through. The arch was removed in the 1970s. At the time of Griffiths Valuations, there is an O'RORKE at Corrachuill in the same Parish, but no presence at Jamestown of any known names. Most of the townland was then owned by Hugh O'Beirne.

[3] David LONGMORE

[4] This letter was found at PRONI D991/1/7/49. Estate papers, correspondence, photographs of the Boer War, and genealogical papers of the Bartley, Thompson, McKean, Gardiner and Jackson families. (200 documents).

[5] Mrs. KELLY. I suspect this was Sarah KELLY née DONALDSON (d bef 1823), wife of Rev. Daniel KELLY. She was the daughter of James DONALDSON of Little Castledillon & Hester ECHLIN. See the will of her daughter: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1823Apr5_LouisaJaneKelly.htm


[7] Mrs. SHEA. It is possible that this is George JACKSON’s sister, since she married an unnamed  SHEA whose first name was likely either George or Thomas. Both SHEAs have family connections. I looked in Freehold leases and could not find anything relating to him.

[8] Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (1796-1817), daughter of King George III. It was common practice to have the names of royalty as lives on deeds – the theory being that they had good odds of longer lives than many of the family members of those involved in the deed. Charlotte endured 50 hours of labour and died of post-partum complications at age 21.




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