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Crossmaglen, July 1826

Dear Madam [1] ,

I am obliged to call now on the Tenantry for the Rent. I got your farm surveyed again since I saw you that I might ascertain the arable land, the spent bog and the Fuel Bog – I find that there are 29a-2r in your arable and you ere charged only for 20a-2r in the old lease – you will now be charged in the new lease for 29a-2r - & if you like to attach the spent bog – perhaps my Nephew may include it in the lease – but I can’t say – it contains 1a-1r-20p – so that I think if you pay the Landlord for 30 acres at 25 he may be satisfied & you then get 3a-20r over = If it was for my own child I would advise it - & therefore recommend it to you for Davy [2] . You will have to pay the guinea besides for the proportion of the Fuel Bog that you usually cut on , but he will not lease that – If you are satisfied at what I now say – I think your Rent will come to £37.10 yearly for the 30a & the Guia [guinea] will make it £38.12.9 – you paid me last Gale 17.11.2 & at that Rate there remains 21=2=6 to clear the years Rent – consult with your friends on this & let me know as soon as possible that I may let the Landlord know – but let me have what Rent you can for him as soon as you can as I am gathering up for a supply for him now without delay – I have the map which you can use if you send Davy for it, but to return it soon again. The Turf in measurement contains 2a 1r=10p but I think you have not all this – the ___ter Land is 1a-1r= making in all 34a1r3Vp= which the map will show you – I remain, Dr. Martin

your [____t]
Sam Ball.


[In pencil beneath this, the sums:]

.....2-9 [
and one more line which is partially torn off and illegible to me]

[1] This would be Elizabeth Jackson, the widow of John Jackson who died nine years before this letter leaving her with three daughters and a son, David.

[2] David Jackson at the time of this letter would be 12 years old. As an adult, he would assume the management of this farm and his children including Sir Thomas Jackson would eventually grow up on it.




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