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[Envelope: Miss Jackson, Dundalk]
Urker, 11th June, 1827

My dear Sally [1] ,

I was speaking to your Aunt McCullagh [2] and she thinks the work your at quite useful as soon as you have finished you would do well to get a piece of net and work a collar either for yourself or I chose a pretty pattern and not too heavy. I hope you are not wasting your time as you did at the beginning you should write to Anne D [3] . as you promised You have I suppose heard of poor Betty Anne [4] Death She is very much lamented by all her acquaintances here give my love  Mrs D [5] . Miss D [6] . and Sally [7] and believe me my Dear Child your Affectionate Mother E. Jackson [8]

PS Send word whether you can get the vails(?) Coloured(?) or not the Bearer has Sally’s books

[1] Sarah Jackson who would be 16 years old at the time of this letter. Later she would be the wife of Joseph Barkley
[2] This could a wife be either of Thomas or James McCullagh.
[4] The Creggan Parish records show the death of Elizabeth Anne DONALDSON age 24 on June 26, 1827.
[5] This could possibly  be Barbara DONALDSON
[6] This could possibly be Eliza DONALDSON
[7] "Sally" could this be a Sarah DONALDSON?
[8] Elizabeth Jackson, 1788-1880, née McCullagh, wife of  John Jackson 1780-1817, mother of Sarah “Sally” Jackson




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