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NAMES: Captain KERR; Alan MARTIN; Mr. KELLUSSON; George Crean MARTIN of Ringfad, Tullycarnen.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 31, 2009

Ringfad 13 February 1859

Capt. Kerr[1]


Honoured Sir,


With every respect I beg leave to make known to you, that my late father Alan Martin[2], held our present farm of about 50 acres under lease of his own life at £1 per acre, but at his death in 1856, our former agent, Mr. Kellusson[3] wished us to pay £2 per acre, or if we would not agree to do so, the Chancery would advertise it for letting, which induced us to agree, though above its value but expected to get the discount as others which was refused us, and having been oppressed these four years, paying so high a rent we appeal to your honour for redress, by lowering it to a reasonable rent, or value, whereby we could live by it. And I shall ever remain

Honoured Sir your most obedient

George Martin[4]

Representative of the farm

about 10 acres of dry land


bog 10

wet clay land 30

all requiring thorough drainage.





[1] Captain KERR. I suspect he was the land agent for Aubrey de Vere BEAUCLERK (1837-1919).

[2] Alan MARTIN (1777-1854), son of John MARTIN & Susan PRIESTLY. Of Ringfad.


[4] George Crean  MARTIN (d. 1899)  son of Alan MARTIN & Jane CLARKE. He was born and lived his life at Ringfad, Parish of Ardglass, Co. Down. He died a bachelor.



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