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Oct 29, 1867

Jacksons Estate

Dear Miss Oliver [1]

I have had a letter today from Mr. Ruckley [2] in which he refers to this case. I give you the extract –

Jacksons Estate [3]

I presume Miss Oliver is your client. The proper course will be for her to send me a private offer and request me to submit it to the Judge for approval this I can do immediately after the rental is settled and on its being accepted a conveyance should be attained direct from the Court to Miss Oliver and she can by a short deed enter into any agreement she thinks proper with Mrs. Jackson [4] however I don’t think £450 will be sufficient to pay all the principal is £400 and the costs will be more than £50 – there must be a final schedule – 20 years purchase would be £553. I think she must make the offer £500 and undertake to bring in such sum as may be necessary with the £450 to pay ____ principal interest and cost

This being so, I enclose you a form of proposal which you will please sign and send me when I shall submit it to Mr Ruckley – you need not send forward the money until the proposal has been accepted, and then [___ __ ____ ____] send [__ _____]. I shall leave it lodged, but you clearly understand that the conveyance from the Court  [___] self must be absolute, and then you will execute a Deed to the parties given them the option of redeeming in Twenty years,

Yours [_____]

Joseph Dickie [5] ,


Miss Oliver
Mr. Menary Esq. [6]
Maghery House [7] ,

[1] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875). Daughter of Benjamin OLIVER and Elizabeth BRADFORD

[3] I am unsure about what “Jackson Estate” this might be referring to and why Mary Jane OLIVER should have call on it.

[4] Until we know what JACKSON estate this might be it is hard to know which “Mrs. Jackson” this might be. My guess is that it was Elizabeth [OLIVER] JACKSON (1815-1903), wife of David JACKSON.

[5] This “Joseph DICKIE” could be the solicitor from Fair Hill (1821-1876). He would have been distantly related to the parties involved.

[6] “Mr. Menary” could be the William MENARY (1838-1874) who married Mary JACKSON (1844-1921). Curiously, this letter is dated five months after the death of his father, William MENARY.

[7] Maghery House is just down the road from Killinure where the OLIVER and JACKSON families lived. It was owned by the MENARY family




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