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This letter is likely connected with ongoing legal issues concerning leases and lands with the McCULLAGHs. NAMES: Mary MENARY; James McCULLAGH; Mary Jane OLIVER; Robert JOHNSTON; PLACES: Ormond Quay, Dublin; Urker.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 30, 2010.


8 Lr. Ormond Quay Dublin.

28 March 1883.

Dear Mrs. Menary[1],

Herewith I have the pleasure of returning you the two original deeds you sent me for lodging in trustees James McCullagh's[2] estate viz. marriage settlement dated 24 April 1871[3] and conveyance of the annuity to Miss Oliver[4] dated 4 March 1868, as I have now got them up finally. Please drop me a line of acknowledgment and oblige.


                                                                                                Rt. Johnston[5],

Urker Lodge[6], Crossmaglen.

[1] Mary MENARY (1872-1946) is the only daughter of William MENARY (1838-1874) & Mary JACKSON (1844-1921). Her father died when she was fifteen months old and he was a mere 36 years old.

[2] James McCULLAGH. I would assume that this is the James McCULLAGH (d. 1865) of Ednafirkin who married Eliza WALLACE. He was a brother of the Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1788-1880) wife of John JACKSON who was Mary MENARY’s Great-grandmother,

[3] Interesting – I have a wedding date of 06 Jul 1871 which may have been when the wedding was – following the settlement agreement. It comes from a transcript of entries from the Daily Rememberancer Book of Thomas Clair Whiteside (368) prepared for him by his mother (Sarah WHITESIDE née McCULLAGH).

[4] Mary Jane OLIVER (1821-1875) of Cavananore, daughter of Benjamin OLIVER and Elizabeth BRADFORD. She never married. She was an aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[5] Robert JOHNSTON. If there is a family connection, it is one that I am unsure about.

·        In the Diocese of Clogher marriages, there is a record of a Magery (sic) McCULLOCK marrying a Robert JOHNSTON in 1825.

·         In the latter part of the 1870s, a Robert Johnston, address 8, Lr. Ormond-quay, Dublin, owned 3 acres in Co. Dublin.

·        A Robert JOHNSTON served on a jury for a Forkhill case in 1845.

·        There was an earlier John JOHNSTON (1729-1816) of Woodvale & Urcher who may be a link. JOHNSTONs of Woodvale were linked to earlier deeds of Urker. 1830 Sept 2.

·        In 1884, a Mr. JOHNSTON was agent for the Ball estate.

·        It may be that the Richard JOHNSTON who married Anne JACKSON (daughter of George JACKSON & Margaret O’LOUGHLIN)  in 1767 is related to this Robert JOHNSTON.

[6] Urker Lodge was the home of the JACKSON family. I would suspect that JOHNSTON was either using it as merely the place that he was writing from, or else he was staying temporarily.



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