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This is one of the 77 letters & documents retrieved from a bog in Ireland. NEWS: Concerns about TJs health; counsel re: strategy to purchase Cavananore; Mary McMURRAY ill; John DONALDSON's mental illness; monument to Willie BROWNE set up.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 6, 2006

Urker Oct 3rd 1883


My dear Tom


            Just a line to say that I have received your and Minnie’s [1] letters of the 16th August, together with the Bank Report.  The latter affords me unalloyed satisfaction; the former leaves me a sad and anxious heart. I have but one word to say on the subject, and that is: if your health is not decidedly better, when this reaches you; wind up your affairs as soon as possible; and return home. Let nothing tempt you to remain longer in the East, if you find that your health is failing. What this world could give, would be no equivalent for the loss of your health; or worse still, for the loss of your precious life? As the old proverb says, What is all the world to a man, when his wife is a widow? I shall be very anxious until I hear from you again; but I know that will not be longer than you can help.


            We have nothing new, since I wrote last. I am still grumbling a little; but nothing deadly. The rumours about Cavananore [2] still continue but nothing certain known. I hope that what I write, will prevent you from doing anything foolish even if you should be tempted. Always remember that gold may be bought too dear. I would like well to see the place in the hands of those who should have it; but I would not like to see you [?ed?] to reward Sam Bradford [3] for his treachery. It is my opinion that if you come home, you will have an offer of the place before long.


            There is nothing new to write about other branches of the family, unless it be this, that Mary McMurray [4] has been very ill, and that Mary Menary [5] has been staying with her and nursing her. Also that poor James Donaldson [6] has gone astray in his mind. I have not heard from him for nine days; the last I heard was that Alexander [7] had taken him home with him. I believe I wrote that the monument to Willy Browne [8] is set up, and is very beautiful. All other affairs remain in the status quo.


            I send not bid you write soon, for I know that either you or Minnie will do it; so with love to her, and the dear children, I remain your affectionate Mother,

                        Eliza Jackson


[1] “Minnie” Amelia Lydia DARE  -wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[2] A townland that had been in the hands of the JACKSON family and ended up in the hands of the BRADFORD family & occasioned much ill will.

[3] Sam BRADFORD, cousin & owner of the lease of Cavananore.

[4] Mary McMURRAY Other that there is a McMURRAY-McCULLAGH marriage in the family tree which produced sons James and Joe, I know nothing more about who this might be. (d. October 26, 1883)

[5] Mary (JACKSON) MENARY sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[6] James DONALDSON- Probably the son of Elizabeth (JACKSON) DONALDSON & John DONALDSON, therefore a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[7] Alexander DONALDSON Probably the brother of James DONALDSON and the son of Elizabeth (JACKSON) DONALDSON & John DONALDSON, therefore a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[8] William BROWNE (1841-1862), first born son of Daniel Gunn BROWNE & Margaret JACKSON, also a cousin of Sir Thomas JACKSON. His brother, Thomas McCullagh BROWNE also worked in the Far East for HSBC.



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