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This letter is an appeal for David JACKSON to rejoin Creggan Church. From the content of a few other letters and reading between the lines, it seems that the finances of Creggan Church were in disarray at the end of Rev. Dr. Mills tenure (he had a stroke and was unable to do this part of the job). The controversy may also have had to do with some circumstances surrounding the death of the interrim curate Rev. Dr. Thomas CORR. It is curious that his name is not recorded on the list of curates.
Sharon Oddie Brown, August 16, 2006

Creggan Church letter to David JACKSON Undated, but likely in 1885 [1] .


Resolved that we the parishioners of Creggan and in General Vestry assembled do hereby place on record our sincere regret that Mr. Jackson [2] in the exercise of his judgment should have deemed it right to withdraw from the community of those with whom he worshiped for so long a time in Creggan Church.            That whilst as a matter of fact we cannot ignore the cause of this unhappy separation we would urge upon Mr. Jackson the consideration of the following circumstances as a plea for letting the dead past bury its dead.       That the appointment of a successor to the late Rev. Dr. Mills [3] , by the late Primate, - we believe to Mr. Jackson's own knowledge, - has given eminent satisfaction to the whole Parish. For not only are the usual Sunday services well and faithfully ministered but the parishioners at large are duly visited and attended to.      That in the Rev. Mr. Austin, we believe we possess a Clergyman who will be faithful to his trust and worthy of our confidence. And that Mr. Austin [4] in accepting the gift of the Incumbency of Creggan from the late Primate did so free from all connection with any of the unfortunate differences of opinion which at that time existed amongst us. That our sole aim as Mr. Jackson will allow was the welfare and prosperity of the Parish, & it is a matter for Sincere regret that a disagreement should have at all arisen, as to what line of conduct would best secure the object each one had at heart. But as none of us had any self interest to serve in the filling up of the vacancy we desire to state that we think there is now no longer any cause why those feelings should appear to exist in the apparent alienation of Mr. Jackson, as his present attitude we believe is contrary to his own true feelings of attachment to the Church of which he has given so many & undoubted proofs, as well as being one of its oldest members & the representative of a family who for generations has been identified therewith. On these grounds we therefore appeal to Mr. Jackson's better judgment & we trust that he will resume his old and familiar place in the congregation of Creggan.


Signed on behalf of the Parishioners


            [?] A. Palmer [5]

            W.J. McClean [6]                         Church Wardens


            [?] Rogers [7]

[1] In 1885, a Dr. Palmer & W.S. McClean were church wardens. (SOURCE:  31, Vol 1, #3, Creggan Local History Society. 1989) Also, in 1885, Frederick William AUSTIN succeeded Lewis George MILLS. (SOURCE: p.4  Guide to Creggan Church & Graveyard 1988.) In a letter of December 24, 1884, Elizabeth JACKSON is informing her son Sir Thomas JACKSON on the state of Creggan Church finances. Rev. Dr. Mills had been handling affairs, but after his stroke was unfit to do so and ROGERS, the manager of the Belfast Bank in Crossmaglen was sorting it all out and had sent an accounting to David JACKSON jr. in Yokohama. In a letter of  June 4th 1884, it is stated that Rev Thomas CORR was Rector, but he died December 5, 1885 and for some reason is not included in the list of Rectors on p.4  Guide to Creggan Church & Graveyard 1988. This may have something to do with the dispute as the CORR family and the JACKSONs seemed to be part of what Elizabeth JACKSON would have called ‘the connexion”.

[2] David JACKSON (1814-1889) father of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] Lewis George MILLS (1823-May 28, 1885) Rector of Creggan Church. He had a stroke in November of 1883, but returned to work, albeit in a diminished capacity.

[4] Frederick William AUSTIN

[5] Dr. A. PALMER

[6] W.S. McCLEAN (or W.J. McCLEAN)

[7] I believe he was William C. ROGERS, bank manager in Crossmaglen – but I have mislaid my source.



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