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Thanks to Christine WRIGHT for the use of this letter - this is a most exiting find. It is just about all we have of the elusive Frederick Richard GRIFFIN, suitor of Mary MENARY at this time and husband to be. The references are such that we can reasonably assume the connection to the John Gilmore GRIFFIN family whose descendants ended up in Canada.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 18, 2005

Corrinary [1] ,
May 5, 1886 

My Own Dearest Mary [2] ,  

I was very glad to have a little chat with you on Friday evg, especially when I was out to see you Yesterday at Church for I would have thought this week as long as Three if I had not seeing you on Friday,  [?] You [?] to Johnny [3] failed a little, at best I would think He was, he was very glad to see You and was telling me he never saw You look much better, So I asked him when did he ever See You look half so well, My darling.

I was delighted to See You look so well, but to me My Dearest, You always do look so well and there is one thing that I do regret very much and that is that I cannot home and See You a little while every day, oh my dearest if I could I would be as happy as a King, but I hope in God that the time will not be long until we do have our own time for talking and looking at each other, Johnny was talking to your Father [4] when we were going into Cross on Friday but I was out, I drove Johnny to Cblayney [5] that evening and we had our tea in Mrs. Clements [6] . Johnny got a new situation in a House in Dublin [7] at a Salary of ₤120 a Year, he went to it on Saturday and is to get 18/6 per day for Expenses tis a very grand thing for him. It will be very pleasant for Sarah [8] to see him so often. He told me that he may come down Pretty often of a Saturday night to see me, [?] I go to Cross [9] Fair on Friday. I want home very much to do & I will go up to see You. I will be up about 11 O’Clock so You may be on the look out of me,

My own darling.
You must excuse the scribble for I am in a hurry & has only a short time for the Post, write soon

Good bye,
My Own dearest Mollie
I am your affectionate
[?] [?] F.R. Griffin [10]

[1] Corrinary, Castleblayney was the residence of Frederick GRIFFIN.

[2] Mary (née JACKSON) MENARY (1844-1921), widowed Feb 7 1874,  resident at Urker Lodge, Crossmaglen, sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] John Gilmore GRIFFIN, son of Philip George GRIFFIN, married in 1888, died before 1912 and was born in Castleblayney. This connection is quite a leap of faith on my part, but enough details line up to make it a reasonably sure conjecture, so I am going with it.

[4] David JACKSON (1814-1899)

[5] Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan – close to Crossmaglen.

[6] Mrs. CLEMENTS -  a good guess would be Esther (née GILMORE) CLEMENTS (husband’s first name unknown) d. 1900, birth date unknown. Daughter of Samuel GILMORE and Jane COULTER. The GILMORE connection is interesting here.

[7] I don’t know what “Johnny”s skills were, but it is worth checking.

[8] Sarah may be Eleanor "Nellie" Sarah PELAN (1863-1955), the future wife of John Gilmore GRIFFIN. She emigrated to Canada in 1912 after the death of her husband.

[9] Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh where the local fairs were held.

[10] Frederick Richard GRIFFIN who married Mary (née JACKSON) MENARY October 28, 1876 – five months after this letter. Curiously, we have no record of his death or of any other event that wold have included departure form the marriage. He simply evaporated.


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