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This is one of the 77 letters and documents retrieved from a bog in Ireland. NEWS: cheques from TJ received and distributed; Miss MCCREEDY & Aunt McCULLAGH all right financially; still sour grapes over dealings with MCCULLAGHs and Rev Mrs REID (also a McCULLAGH); Sam BRADFORD & Cavananore; TJ's brother Jemmie & wife Lizzie in Legmoylin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 6, 2006
Updated March 22, 2010


Urker Decr 21 1887


My dear Tom – Your Xmas letter arrived yesterday, and I got the large cheque cashed, and shall distribute the money faithfully. But there are two of the people you mentioned to whom you need not send any more. Miss Mccreedy [1] is living and is to live in Derryvalley [2] quite free of expense; & she has ₤16 a year of an income, which is enough to keep her in clothes and pocket money. Her case was quite different when she was living in Newry. The other person is Aunt McCullagh [3] . Her family have a large sum of your money, for which you are getting no interest [4] . That is quite bonus enough for them besides Johnny McCullagh [5] is earning ₤80 a year for inspecting roads.


            Also I hope you are doing nothing more for the Revd Mrs Reed’s [6] family. It would be long before they would do anything for you; besides they were not friends when friends were wanted. My first thought was not to give the money to Mrs McCullagh and Miss Mccready till I would consult you farther; but then I reflected that that would not be doing as I would wish to be done by; and I send it for this time. The smaller cheque I shall send to Kate [7] , it is just what you allow her. You will be glad to hear that Aunt Bess [8] was able to live without touching her last year’s cheque; but it will do her no harm to have ₤100 by her; and she has rent to pay; while the Drummuck McCullaghs [9] have free land.


            Sam Bradford [10] has applied to the Land Court to have a fair rent fixed on Cavananore. Alexr Dickie [11] says he intends to sell both it and his own part of the land, as soon as he gets that done. The case is listed for trial in Dundalk on the 10th of January. Of course the Trustees will make the best defence they can; they have instructed Willy Corr [12] . Sam has also cut down and sold the timber out of the farm; though his lease reserved it. Revd Mr Reid and Thompson Brown [13] are to meet here next Monday with Eliezer Gilmore [14] in order to go up, and inspect what is done. What confusion those perjured wretches, James Gillmer [15] , Thos McCullagh [16] and Joe Dickie [17] laid up in store for us! Mr Reid & his wife, Alexr Dickie & Johnny McCullagh [18] also did their best against us. They profess to be sorry for it now; my opinion is, that if they had been as wise then, as they are now; they would have acted differently; and if they were no wiser now than they were then; that they would do the same thing over again. Of course I will let you know (D V) how the trial goes, as soon as I know it myself.


            Sally [19] and her baby are doing well; the latter is to have the honoured name of Thomas Jackson [20] ; and if he is always as much admired as he is now, he will be no discredit to his name.


            The rest of the connexion is in status quo. Jemmie [21] & Lizzie [22] are living in Legmoylin [23] . It was quite needful that they should go there; for that place was going to destruction; and Jemmie had the most of his money in it. The like of Harriet Donaldson [24] for careless management, I never did see. She took no care of anything inside or outside; and everyone might rob her, that chose to do so. Your Father and I are just like a newly married couple; living quite alone; but we are very well contented.


            Thank God for your good news about your own health and about “the old cow” [25] . May God prosper her; for as the Apostle Paul said on a different occasion “She has been a succourer of many, and of myself also.” I am disappointed that you did not mention David [26] ; but perhaps I shall hear from himself before long. He has written often since he left us.

[The letter seems to be missing a following page]


[1] Mary McCreedy, governess to the McCULLAGH family. SEE: McCREADY Will

[2] Derryvalley, Co. Monaghan home of the MCCULLAGH family.

[3] Eliza WALLACE (1809-1895) widow of James MCCULLAGH (d 1685)

[4] ₤1590 – see March  22, 1887 letter.

[5] John Wallace McCULLAGH (1840-1895)  NOTE: His older brother, the first John Wallace MCCULLAGH, died before he was born.

[6] Mary MCCULLAGH (1840-1919) of Dunrimond, daughter of Thomas & Sarah McCULLAGH married Rev Wm REID (1829-1906).

[7] Kate Maria Jane WHITING, widow of John JACKSON – older brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[8] “Bess” Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON, wife of John DONALDSON

[9] The Drummuck MCCULLAGHs are John MCCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE and their children..

[10] Samuel BRADFORD cousin of Sir Thomas and occupier of Cavananore, Co. Louth.

[11] Alexander DICKIE, solicitor in Dundalk – possibly the one who lived at Roachdale with wife Anna Maria MCCULLAGH.

[12] William CORR, solicitor in Dundalk. whose sister married a DONALDSON. He lived at Urker House, just down the road from Urker Lodge. He handled much of the JACKSON family's legal interests.

[13] Thompson BROWN, husband of Elizabeth JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[14] Eliezer GILMORE, husband of Sarah JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[15] James GILLMER is probably the James Birch GILLMER (1808-1877) who was the son of  Eleazer Birch GILLMER (GILMORE) & Rachel BIRCH.

[16] Thomas  MCCULLAGH is probably the one who married Mary BRADFORD and died abt 1850.

[17] This is possibly the Joseph DICKIE (1821-1877) SOURCE: Tempests Annual Centenay 1859-1957 p123 "[Photo}"Mr. Joseph Dickie of Fair Hill, solicitor, was an extensive and able practitioner in Dundalk for many years. He was the son of Mr. Robt. Dickie, of Roachdale; and brother to Mr. John Dickie of Malahide, and of Mr. Alex Dickie of Roachdale. He married Miss Wallace, daughter of Capt. Wallace, a distinguished solicitor in Newry. Mr. Randal Donaldson, solicitor, and Robert Dickie, solicitor, his nephews, are amongst our prominent local legal men."

[18] Possibly John Wallace MCCULLAGH

[19] “Sally” Sarah JACKSON wife of Eliezer GILMORE & sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[20] Thomas Jackson GILMORE b. November 11, 1887.

[21] “Jemmie” James JACKSON younger brother fo Sir Thomas JACKSON

[22] “Lizzie” Elizabeth Sarah BROWNE wife of James JACKSON and daughter of Daniel Gunn BROWNE

[23] Legmoylin House - probably bought for them by Sir Thomas JACKSON

[24] Harriet DONALDSON (1817-1891). She never married. She was the daughter of Joseph DONALDSON & Mary unnamed.

[25] “The old Cow” was what they called the HSBC.

[26] David JACKSON – youngest surviving brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON



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