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This is one of the 77 letters and documents found in a bog in Ireland. NEWS: Eliza to see specialist about her ear; TJ expected home after success with HSBC; news of his children and wife visiting Urker; Kate JACKSON & her children living in Dundalk (her daughter "Mary" called "Daisy" because of TJ's sister Mary GRIFFIN's love affair & the family sense of scandal over it; Sam BRADFORD has paid no rent for two terms & may have to sell Cavananore.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 9, 2006
Updated March 22, 2010.


Urker May 2nd 1888


My dear Tom – I see they have been frightening you about my ear; and though I know it is just “much ado about nothing”, I have agreed to go to Dublin and consult a Specialist, as soon as Dr Palmer [1] can make it. convenient to come with me. the Dr has had affliction in his own family; one child died and another was dangerously ill; so I would not ask him to leave home till his child is perfectly recovered.


            Your time as you say, is [?] [?] rapidly; we will not much feel it passing till you are with us again; and what a blessing that you have succeeded so well in the business which brought you away! I always expected that you would succeed; and now I expect that you will with God’s blessing come safely home; and that we will yet spend happy days together. Ere you receive this, you will have heard from Minnie [2] of her visit here. She was with us a fortnight save one day. I was astonished at the growth of the children. Tom [3] seems as it he meant to be as tall as yourself. Beatrice [4] also is well grown. Julius [5] looked pale when he came, but was as merry as a kitten before he went away. I never saw more harmless or better behaved children than they are; but alas! I could not hear a word of what they said. Nor could I hear Minnie very well either; but I had provided for that by having Kate [6] here the whole time of their stay. Kate and her children are now all well, and very comfortable. Minnie and her children spent a day with them in Dundalk; and Julius is deeply in love with his cousin Daisy [7] , and wanted to take her home with him. Mary is her baptismal name, but we all call her Daisy; as the name of Mary, causes sad memories. Minnie has grown so lately, that I scarcely knew her at the first glance. I would have liked to have seen little Dorothy [8] ; but I did not ask Minnie to bring her, as she is too young for comfortable travelling; but when you and Minnie come together, I hope to see her.


            Your letter of March 19th came while Minnie was here. I showed it to her though it had an allusion to my gratitude to you; but you said in it that you were grateful to me. Well I think you did inherit a little of the old blood of Derry [9] and the Boyne [10] from me; and you never heard a mean or dishonourable precept from my lips. Also I never ceased to implore blessing for you from Him who can bless.


            Never regret the sorrows of my early days. I never do. They make comfort all the sweeter when it came; and they taught me to feel for others. And you were the instrument of ministering comfort to my declining years; for which you and yours will have a blessing to the latest generations. But for you, what would I do even now? for Cousin Sam [11] has paid no rent for two terms. He is said to be greatly embarrassed; and I would not be surprised if he would make an offer to sell Cavananore to you. If he does so, beware of him, for he is a kittle [12] customer, and I would not wish him to be enriched at your expense. He has not left a tree worth cutting on C.nore [13] that he has not cut and sold; like the dishonourable fellow that he is.


            All your relations and acquaintances in Ireland are much as usual; so I need not particularize. Jemmie [14] and Lizzie [15] are offering to do well, & seem very happy. Father [16] is quite well & joins in love to you with your ever affectionate Mother,

                        E. Jackson


[1] Dr. PALMER? NOTE: A Dr. PALMER was also a church warden at Creggan.

[2] Amelia Lydia DARE – wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] Thomas Dare JACKSON son of Sir Thomas JACKSON – age 12 at the time of this letter

[4] Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON– daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON – age 9 at the time of this letter

[5] George Julius JACKSON – son of Sir Thomas JACKSON – age 5 at the time of this letter.

[6] Kate Maria Jane WHITING widow of John JACKSON – brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[7] Patricia Mary JACKSON – daughter of Kate Maria Jane WHITING & John JACKSON – older brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[8] Dorothy St. Felix JACKSON (1887-1964) –daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON age 10 months at the time of this letter

[9] A reference to the siege of Derry in 1689 which lasted 105 days and took a huge toll on many lives. There are a number of names on her side of the family worth looking for with regard to this reference. The names of her ancestors who may have been at this battle include the following: BAXTER; BIRCH; BRADFORD: BREAKEY; OLIVER; STEEL and possibly COULTER. Although I can only take her OLIVER ancestors back to a William born sometime before 1700, I suspect that his ancestors are related to the William OLIVER (abt 1670-1726) of SherranmcAghully, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh or Tattykeel, Parish of Kildress and later of Mullinture, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. He was likely a son of an Andrew already present in this area.

[10] The Battle of the Boyne in 1690, another Protestant victory that was a date to conjure with. See previous footnote. Eliza's BREAKEY family ancestors were most likely one of those who were at The Battle of the Boyne.

[11] Samuel BRADFORD who gained the lease of Cavananore because of actions taken by the Trustees that galled Eliza JACKSON

[12] OED: “Ticklish; difficult to deal with; requiring great caution or skill; unsafe to meddle with; as to which one may easily go wrong or come to grief; risky, precarious ‘nice’ delicate.” It is an adjective of Scots origin.

[13] Cavananore, Co. Louth

[14] “Jemmie” James JACKSON, younger brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[15] Elizabeth Sarah BROWNE, wife of James JACKSON & daughter of Daniel Gunn BROWNE & Margaret JACKSON

[16] David JACKSON (1814-1889) father of Sir Thomas JACKSON



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