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This is one of the 77 letters & documents found in a bog. NEWS: TJs father is ailing; TJ's birthday & odd recollection of the 1848 death of Thomas McCULLAGH - seemingly a non-sequitor.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 9, 2006


Urker June 3rd 1889


My dear Tom


            Tomorrow will be your birth day; when you will have completed your forty eighth year. May God Almighty grant you long and happy days, and above all his grace. And may his blessing attend all belonging to you. I would not have written today, but that I wished to congratulate you on the anniversary. In the year 1848 we were resolved to celebrate your birthday with rejoicing; but it proved to be a day of sadness; for dear Tommy McCullagh [1] died the day before.


Father [2] is ailing a little; but we hope it will not signify; the rest are well.


With love to your wife and children; and thanks to God for sending you to me, and sparing you to me, I remain your ever affectionate Mother

                        Eliza Jackson


[1] Thomas MCCULLAGH (1836-1848) son of Thomas McCULLAGH & Sarah McCULLAGH of Dunrimond, Co. Monaghan. A subsequent son was also called Thomas McCULLAGH (1854-1920).

[2] David JACKSON (1814 – November 1889) NOTE: he died five months later.



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