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This is one of the 77 letters found in a bog in Ireland. NEWS: theological guidance from Eliza; Eliza to keep TJs vehicle harnesses etc.; unsure of where TJ's brother David is; TJ to arrive in September; ROGERs visiting TJ's brother Andrew at Forstertown & all looks well; Kiltybane & Legmoylen news; requests for funds to keep TJs sister Margaret and brother Andrew's children in school and for David to be the one to give Eliza an allowance.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 9, 2006
Updated March 23, 2009


[Answered 30 August]

Urker Aug 25th 1892


My dearest Tom


            I hope you will remember all the advice ever I gave you, as well as you remember my quotation from Benjamin Franklin “It is other people’s eyes that ruin us”. You will find them every one as true as you now see that to be; & thankful I am that you have resolved to set upon it. I proves a want of self respect, to be too much troubled about our neighbours’ opinion of us. Whatever we are , we are just the same, whether it be bad or good; no matter what our surroundings may be. And doubly glad that your dear little “[ban bug?]” has shown so much good sense and good principle. May God forever bless you both. Remember that “the walk is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” and He can give whatever portion of it to you that He sees best for you; and at whatever time He sees best. I remember an old couplet that Aunt Peggy [1] used often to repeat –


Whether it be weal or woe

It will not be always so.


            You are quite right to keep your vehicles harness &tc. Lay them carefully by; they will eat nothing in the meantime, and you may require them again. I will keep Foaley? safe for you; I would not be content if he was with any one but either you or myself; and I will make a brood mare of the Prairie flower. I would have done so before now, only that I had not another to draw the car. And this change may be for the good of your children; it may teach them in good time to understand the ups and downs of life; which they will surely see, and perhaps feel; if their lives are spared.


            But where is David [2] ? A parcel came here, for him by train, and another by post, and now the letter that you enclosed, but he himself has not turned up nor is there any letter from him. I would have written to him but that I did not know where to direct a letter to him.


            I am delighted at the prospect of seeing you in September. You wrote formerly of bringing young Tom [3] with you. That would gratify me very much, if it would not interrupt his schooling.


            I spent a very pleasant week at Andy’s [4] . He came home with me and staid from Monday till Friday. Mr Rogers [5] is spending this week with him, and is very much pleased with the place & neighbourhood. All seems to be doing well with Andy; and I was telling him that he ought to forgive all the living, and drink the memory of all the dead, who kept him out of Cavananore, for by reason of their doing so, he got the place he is in. But no thanks to them for that; they did not mean to do him good.


            All here and in Liscalgot [6] are well, and doing as well as the broken weather will allow. Aunt Brown [7] spent some days in Legmoylin [8] and improved in health while she was there; but they brought her home too soon. But no good news in Kiltibane [9] ; James [10] is no better, and I fear never will be. Mary Griffin [11] is to go to Derryvalley [12] tomorrow.


I was nearly forgetting a thing that I intended to write to you about. Did you ever speak to David about giving me a little allowance, and [?] sparing your purse? Less than you gave would do; & I could do without any; only for keeping Peggy’s [13] and Andy’s [14] children at school.


My own wants are few and the Lord will provide. But I never liked to ask my children for anything; lest they should think I coveted their money. Like the Apostle Paul “It was not yours I seek but you.”


That God Almighty may bless them all, and be their sweet and everlasting portion, is the daily & fervent prayer of your ever affectionate Mother.


[1] Margaret JACKSON, wife of Daniel Gunn BROWN

[2] David JACKSON brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON and employed by HSBC.

[3] Thomas Dare JACKSON – son of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE

[4] Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON – brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON, who lived at Forstertown, near Trim, Co. Louth

[5] .Mr.William E ROGERS, Manager of the Crossmaglen branch of the Belfast Bank.

[6] Liscalgot is a townland beside Urker where Eliezer GILMORE & his wife, Sarah JACKSON live

[7] Margaret JACKSON d.February 2, 1895 - wife of Daniel Gunn BROWNE (1808 -1892)

[8] "Local knowledge suggests that Sir Thomas bought Legmoylin House and lands for the couple” SOURCE: Mary Cumiskey.  It is a townland of 342 acres in the Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh.

[9] Kiltibane is where Eliza's son James JACKSON and his wife Elizabeth BROWN lived and took care of Harriet DONALDSON (1817-1891). At present, it may also be that Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON wife of John DONALDSON and mother of James DONALDSON is also there. .

[10] James DONALDSON, son of Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON & John DONALDSON had serious mental health issues.

[11] Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON and widow of William MENARY & Frederick GRIFFIN.

[12] Derryvalley, Co. Monaghan home of MCCULLAGHs

[13] “Peggy” Margaret (JACKSON) REED) MCCULLAGH – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[14] Andrew Bradford MCCULLAGH, husband of Margaret JACKSON



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