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This is one of the 77 letters and documents found in a bog in Ireland pre-1960. NEWS: Money arrangements with ELiza & TJ as well as about Cavananore, as well as Aunt DONALDSON's money; meal shipped to TJ; TJ's horse doing well, being trained by brother-in-law Eliezer; Eliza's concern for the spiritual welfare of her children.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 9, 2006
Updated March 23, 2010


Urker Novr17th 1892

My dear Tom


            I have received yours of the 15th inst. and I am much better pleased with the arrangement you propose, than I was with the former one. It always hurt my feelings to take so much from you. But it is not needful for you to do anything in that way till the beginning of the new year. I have quite enough for the present one; besides, probably Mr Reid [1] will expect you to pay the half year’s rent of Cavananore [2] ; and of that of course I will get my share. Also I have half a year’s interest on Aunt Donaldson’s [3] money, now due, which I intend to write for today.


            I hope the meal has reached you by this time; and that it went safe. The Station Master would not say when it would go; but said that he would send it as soon as he could.


            Your new horse is offering to do well. Eliezer [4] is getting him trained to work, by our own boy. It is not Foaly [5] , but the one next him in age. Foaly is too great a pet to be in anyone’s care but yours or my own.


            What a condition the Church of St. Mary Woolnoth [6] was in! That was some of the wisdom of our ancestors, burying in Churches. They had not the least idea of sanitation. I hope they will take reverent care of dear old John Newton [7] but it will be difficult; he is so long buried. I do not remember what year he died; but if I mistake not, there is a monument to his memory in the Church. Dear old man, how glad I shall be to meet him in Heaven!


            Dear dear Tom, lay out your accounts to go there also. Oh what a meeting that will be: Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs; together with many that I have known and loved on earth; and best of all the dear Lord that died for us. If only I was sure that all my children were going Heavenwards, I could say with all my heart, “Lord now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace”. Dear Tom, you have made the closing years of my life, happy and comfortable; which they would not have been; (as far as human eyes can see) but for you. May God Almighty bless you for it.


            Your ever affectionate Mother,


[1] Mr. REID? I suspect this is Rev. William REID (1829-1906), husband of Mary McCULLAGH. They were part of the ongoing legal entaglements of Cavananore. Seemingly Sir Thomas JACKSON has some kind of lease arrangement for part of Cavananore.

[2] Cavananore, Co. Louth.

[3] Probably Elizabeth Johanna (JACKSON) DONALDSON (1817-1900), wife of John DONALDSON.

[4] Eliezer GILMORE of Liscalgot, husband of Sarah JACKSON-sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[5] A family horse.

[6] An Anglican church at the corner of Lombard & King William Street in London, England.

[7] Rev. John NEWTON http://www.wholesomewords.org/biography/bnewton2.html (1725-1807), divine and friend of the poet Cowper, born in London, [England] 24 July 1725 (Old Style). He died on 21 December 1807, and was buried by the side of his wife in St. Mary Woolnoth. The bodies of both were removed to Olney in 1893, when St. Mary's Church was cleared of all human remains.



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