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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

Cremore [1]
Poyntzpass [2]
  May 14th 94

My dear Sally [3]

            I send you £33-12-7 made up of £25-12-8 and £7-8-11 the former rents & the latter the half year's annuity from the Bradford estate [4] .  You will be good enough to sign and return the two receipts.  I cannot send the vouchers as it would not do to part with them.  I had to give the tenants 2/6 in the pound. Would you approve of me giving the collection of the rents to Mr. Rutherford [5] or Mr. Dunwoody [6] .  I find it hard to deal with the tenants.  You will let me have the receipts as soon as possible.

    We have Willie [7] back to the old country.  I cannot tell you how glad we are to see him.  He looks well.  He's a good bit changed in his appearance.  He and Mary [8] are at Dvalley [9] .  On the 27 ult I got a telegram from Queenstown to say he would be at Loughgilly [10] at 8 p.m.  I was just settling down to write a sermon.  I could not proceed I got so excited.  I met him at Loughgilly at the time appointed.  I need not tell you the mutual joy of the meeting.  We stopped overnight and started for Belfast the next morning to see Mary [11] and the children. He gave them a great surprise.  His word was doubly sweet as he was able to tell us so much about dear ones out of sight tho not out of mind.  I assure you he got a vast amount of catechising and he is hardly done yet.  I may state that Mrs. Wright [12] of Ballynode had [our] [????] [in] for him before his arrival and Mary and he are to call there before their return.

    We  had a great deal of sickness among the children.  They all took measles and were sent home.  Mary [13] , in addition to the measles, had an attack of pneumonia, and for a week or more she was in a very critical position.  She has not been able to return to school.  She is with me and is beginning to do a little home keeping.  Sally [14] is now in charge of the young folk while Mother is "towering" with Willie [15] .  I have got an appointment for a month to supply Blackrock [16] .  So we intend to divide the family and give [???] to each sister. Willie is quite for the scheme so we are hoping for a jolly time.  Willie brought the photo of your son.  Who is he like?  I can trace no likeness to any one  But you know I am proverbially dull at that kind of thing.  I was glad to hear from Willie that you are comfortably settled and that Mr. Whiteside [17] is much thought of - and yourself too.  I am sure you have a busy time doing the nursing and the housekeeping.  I hope Mr. Whiteside is a good husband in the nursery.  I take it that you got the cash for the last Post Bill. when you have not intimated to the contrary.  I send the [????] remittances as before.  Give my kindest regards to Mr. Whiteside.

               Yours affectionately,

                             W. Reid

P.S.  Agnes Reid [18] , the elder of my nieces, got married on the 10th of April and has gone to live in Belfast.  Mr. Reid [19] has been sent to the asylum, his mind has got so imbecile that he could not be kept in safety.  How sad!

Envelope addressed to:-

       Mrs. Whiteside
       C/O Rev. W.S. Whiteside
       Amador County

[1] Cremore NOTE – I got from somewhere that this was in Co. Down and so some footnotes may reflect this, but it seems incorrect.

[2] Poyntzpass

[3] Sarah “Sallie” (McCullagh) Whiteside

[4] probably Cavananore

[5] M. M. Rutherford of Ballybay

[6] DUNWOODY (?)

[7] William Reid – probably back from Yokohama

[8] Probably Mary (McCullagh) Reid wife of William Reid, mother of their son, William Reid

[9] Derryvalley, Co. Monaghan – the old McCULLAGH family home.

[10] Loughgilly

[11] Mary REID née MCCULLAGH, wife of the writer, William REID

[12] Probably Sarah Jane WRIGHT née REED who had several children resident in the Far East and in particular her son Robert Thomas WRIGHT who was at the Hong Kong office of the HSBC, as well as her daughter Margaret Louisa WRIGHT, the wife of David JACKSON manager of HSBC in Yokohama at the time.

[13] Mary “Mollie” REID (1875-1898)

[14] Sally McCullagh REID (b 1870)

[15] William REID (1866-

[16] Blackrock

[17] William Sherlock Whiteside

[18] Agnes REID – the REED and REID families are likely the same, but I haven’t got this placed yet.

[19] Presumably the father of Agnes.


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