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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

   Drummuck [1]
Augt 31st. 1895


My dear Sally [2] ,

             I received your kind letter and thank you very much for your sympathy for us in our trial in mother's [3] illness & death and John [4] ill and not able to go to her funeral.  Had you been near I am sure you would have done every thing you could to help us.  Maggie Dickie [5] thoughtfully came to us. She was strong and could help Will [6] to move mother.  Though quite resigned to God's will we can not help grieving for those we love and missing them too but we are not to sorrow as those who have no hope [??] this is not our home and we must look forward to meeting our loved ones in a brighter and better world where there will be no sorrow.

Sept. 10th.

My dear Sally [7] ,

             You may see from the first date of this letter that I intended writing to you much sooner.  John still continues poorly coughing with heavy expectoration.  I don't see much change in him since my mother's death though the Drs. give us no hope of his ultimate recovery still he may have a good while and I trust God may bless his illness to him and that all our prayers may be answered.  Often since mother's death I feel so depressed and lonely though quite resigned to God's will.  God has been very good to us in giving us so many kind friends to sympathise with us.  Essie [8] called to see Miss Olivia Macready [9] when in [????] one day.  She says looks very delicate.  Miss Macready [10] has been staying in town with Sally McMurry [11] & Jane Skeley [12] so we have not seen her lately. Essie is very busy looking after every thing about the farm.  We are well through the reaping but have no flax this year fortunately.  We got a servant last week.  She is from near Drumkeen an old servant of Mrs. [McKee?] [13]   She went home for her clothes on Friday & I am sure Mr. Whiteside [14] will be sorry to hear the news she brought of Revd. [McKie] [15] illness that Drs. Moore [16] & Hall [17] have given their opinion that his case is hopeless.  Since you left many of the old friends and acquaintances have passed away.  I am sure your little son is a great comfort to you.  He is such an old fashioned little fellow.  Miss McCready treasured up the likeness you sent her of him.  I am sure if she had the original near her she would be delighted with him & his funny little ways.  With a kiss to baby and much love to yourself and kind rememberances to Mr. Whiteside in which all join  Ever your loving cousin,

                                         Sarah McCullagh [18]

Envelope addressed to:-

         Mrs. Whiteside
           Fort Bragg
           Mindocino Co.,
           U.S. America

[1] Drummuck, Co. Monaghan. Home of the McCULLAGHs

[2] Sarah McCullagh WHITESIDE

[3 Eliza McCULLAGH née WALLACE (d. July 12, 1895)

[4] John Wallace McCULLAGH (1840- November 24, 1895), son of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE

[5] Possibly Margaret DICKIE(?-1936), the daughter of Alexander DICKIE (1831-1887) of Roachdale and Anna Maria McCULLAGH (1836-1896).

[6] Possibly William LATIMER, husband of Essie McCULLAGH, daughter of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE

[7] Sarah McCullagh WHITESIDE

[8] Essie McCULLAGH, daughter of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE

[9] Olivia McCREADY, sister of Mary Anne McCREADY, governess to McCULLAGHs

[10] Mary Anne McCREADY (?-1897) governess.

[11] Sally McMURRAY and Jane Skelley are also mentioned in a letter from “Cousin Mary McCULLAGH” undated from Drummuck

[12]   See previous footnote

[13] Mrs McKEE?

[14] William WHITESIDE, husband of “Sallie” Sarah McCULLAGH

[15] Rev. McKEE?

[16] Dr. MOORE?

[17] Dr. HALL?

[18] Sarah McCULLAGH, daughter of James McCULLAGH & Eliza WALLACE


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