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This is one of the letters found in a bog. NEWS: Eliza's prayers for HSBC & her two sons are answered; Elizabeth (JACKSON) BROWNE's funeral quite grand; her daughter treated badly by others; memories of TJ's grandmother who died 15 years ealier; Mary Menary wrote earlier; TJs sons to visit - survived last visit where ships went down in a storm.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 13, 2006
March 25, 2010


Urker March 13 1895


My dear Tom


            I must endeavour to write a line in reply to yours of Feb 6th. Words cannot express how happy and thankful that letter made me. You say truly that I am just as much pleased as if the whole concern was my own property. That Bank is never out of my thoughts, and daily I entreat the Lord for it, as if it was one of my children. I often say and truly feel that I am not worthy of such a mercy as to know that two of my Sons [1] are the instruments of so much good. I always expected it from you, but I was not so sure of David [2] . Glad I am to find from your letter that he is giving such satisfaction and I had a letter from himself lately saying that his health is improving daily.


            You had not hear[d] of poor Aunt Brown’s [3] death when you wrote;  but of course the news of it has reached you long ere this. Her end was happy and peaceful; and they gave her a splendid funeral; a very foolish one to my thinking and quite contrary to her own expressed desire. She is buried in poor Willie’s [4] grave. She made a will some time before her death; but to this day Lizzie [5] never saw it nor heard it read. All she knows is that they have given her nothing. They make a complete step child of her and always did so. Dear old Gmother [6] departed this life just 15 years ago. Yesterday was the anniversary of her death. Well do I remember how she used to take you and Johnny [7] time about with her to Glenburn [8] and I remember Farmer the horse and Jack the pony as well as if I had seen them yesterday. What a dear old woman Grandmother was! everyone that knew her loved her; both poor and rich. I never ceased to regret her; though that is folly as she was 92 years of age 15 years ago.


            As I know that Mary Menary [9] wrote to you today, and I suppose gave you all our news. I need not write much A month since, each less time I could not have written any [10] ; but I am much better than I was all winter and able to rise out of my chair without being pulled up. And the stout old heart is as stout as ever it was.


            Julius [11] would be very anxious to come to Ireland; and we are all watching every day to hear from Tom [12] if they will come. They were at sea on the night of that awful storm on the 21st Decr that did so much damage both on sea [13] and land. They slept through it all. How good God is.


            I wish you had sent me the report of the meeting at the Bank. I would understand that better than figures & would say Amen to all the praises they gave you. I could believe every word of it.


            Ten thousand times ten thousand blessings to you and yours, and an immeasurable quantity of love to you all from your affectionate Mother

                        Eliza Jackson


[1] Sir Thomas JACKSON & David JACKSON

[2] David JACKSON Manager of HSBC Yojkohama and youngest surviving brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] Margaret JACKSON widow of Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE

[4] William Robert BROWNE (1841-1862)

[5] Elizabeth Sarah BROWNE wife of James JACKSON – brother fo Sir Thomas JACKSON

[6] Elizabeth MCCULLAGH (1788- March 12, 1880)

[7] John JACKSON (1839-1886), older brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[8] Glenburn? There is no shortage of possibilities. The most likely place was Glenburn House, Tullyvallen which was a residence of Rev Daniel Gunn BROWNE (see photo in Journal of the Creggan Local History Society). This would have been where her daughter Margaret JACKSON (and wife of Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE) lived. As well, there is mention in The Breakey Memoirs of a Glenburn House near Ballybay “built by Dartry Castle”  – and given the connection to Elizabeth McCULLAGH this may be the more likely one. There is also a Glenburn House near Drumbeg, Co. Down mentioned in Ros Davies website.  There is also mention of bleach greens at “Glenburn House, at Seymour Hills” (SEE: .http://www.lisburn.com/books/dunmurrys-past/dunmurry-past-1.html

[9] Mary MENARY(1872-1946), daughter of William MENARY & Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[10] Her script is starting to show the effects of aging from time to time, but is still a strong hand.

[11] George Julius JACKSON son of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE. He is 10 years old.

[12] Thomas Dare JACKSON son of Sir Thomas JACKSON & Amelia Lydia DARE. He is 19 years old

[13] 13 ships went down around Ireland that night.



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