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This is one of the 77 letters & documents found in the bog in Ireland pre-1960. NEWS: Alexander DICKIE died suddenly and means changes in Eliza's finances concerning the DONALDSON money.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 24, 2006
Updated March 26, 2010


Urker Sept 26th 1896



[recd? 28 Sept answd]


My dear Tom,


            You will be surprised to see a letter from me, after the long one which I wrote to you last week.


            The reason of my writing at present, is to ask your advice about something that has occurred quite unexpectedly. Alexander Dickie [1] died very suddenly yesterday his illness I hear, only [?ter] five minutes. It is another loud call, “Be ye also ready.”


            His death of course ends his control over Aunt Donaldson’s [2] money; and I want your advice how it is best to invest it. By Aunt’s will it was directed to be invested in landed security; that was done and a Mr Parker [3] had it for many years; but at last he sold his property and paid his debts. This threw the money on our friends again. Alexander wished to lend it again on landed security; but I objected that at my advanced age, it would be very unfaithful to do so, as borrowing money involved heavy expense and it might possibly or even probably be called in, in a very short time, to the great injury or even ruin of the borrower. I wanted it to be lodged in the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank, or else to be laid out in the purchase of Railway shares. Alexander would not do either, and Eliezer [4] could do nothing without his concurrence; so it was lodged in the Belfast Bank where the interest is 2 ½ per cent. Now give me your advice, and tell me what interest I would get in the Hongkong Bank at present. If the difference would not be something considerable it would not be worth while to move the money. I have instructed Eliezer to give notice of removal the first day he would be in Dundalk. They require 6 months notice, and if the money is not lifted the notice will do no harm.


            I can add nothing else to the news I sent you last week, so with love and blessing to you and the girls, I remain

            your ever affectionate Mother

            Eliza Jackson


[1] Alexander DICKIE (1831-1896). He married Anna Marie McCULLAGH (1839-1896).

[2] Barbara DONALDSON (1873-1865) wife of William DONALDSON (1768-1815) who was a prominent United Irishman in the area.

[3] Mr. PARKER

[4] Eliezer GILMORE, husband of  Sarah JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON



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