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This is one of the 77 letters and docuemtns found in a bog in Ireland before 1960. NEWS: TJ's wife has recovered from some serious illness; Mary MENARY is still recovering; TJ's son Tom has passed his examinations; the bank is doing well; David JACKSON may be able to visit home.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 23, 2006


Urker Jan 8th 1896


My dear Tom – Your most welcome letter giving an account of Minnie’s [1] recovery reached me yesterday; but of the telegram which you sent to London I never heard a word. Only that I have resolved never to [care?] any more, I could almost wish that whoever kept back that intelligence, might suffer as much anxiety as I suffered from the want of it. But all is well that ends well; and thanks be to God for the ending of that anxiety. Mary [2] had a letter from Minnie by the same post, and what a difference there was in the writing of it, from the one I had got from her previously. I was horrified to see it for it was evident from it that she was ill able to write [3] .


            Mary Menary [4] is gaining strength daily, and her appetite improving. She went twice to Creggan Church last Sabbath; and this evening she is gone with her Mother, Aunt Kate [5] and her daughters Kathleen [6] and Daisy [7] to a large party at Creggan Rectory. I never wished Mary to do anything that would injure her, nor had she much to do except when we had visitors. On the present occasion I brought in additional help, and intend to do so in the future.


            I heard (but not from himself) that your Tom [8] had successfully passed his examinations. I have not heard from him very lately; nor do I know his present address. I want him to come over, that I may see him in his regimentals. Like dear old Grandmother [9] , I love the sight of a red coat. We did not know the address of the [Austins?] [10] so we could not write to the other children during the Xmas holidays, but of course they – the holidays – will soon be over. And we hope to see them and their Mother and the three youngest about Easter. I believe Minnie is a good sailor, and I hope she will stand the voyage well, and be improved by it.


            Though, as you say, my expenses have been heavier than usual, I have had enough to meet all demands, & make many a heart sing with joy besides.


            All on both hills [11] are well. So am I but very infirm. Mary [12] has written to Minnie today and has probably given her more news than I am giving you, but between her letter and this you will have an idea or how we are doing. It delights me to hear good moments of “the old cow” [13] . I pray for her and all my other friends every night. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that David [14] has a prospect of getting home next year. I had but little hope of seeing him again in this life. That God Almighty may bless you every one, soul, body & estate, at home & abroad by land and by sea, prays your ever affectionate Mother,

            Eliza Jackson


[1] Amelia Lydia DARE – wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[2] probably Mary (JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] I don’t know the nature of this illness.

[4] Mary MENARY (1872-1946), daughter of Mary (JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[5] This “Aunt Kate” is not the aunt of Sir Thomas JACKSON – rather it is his sister-in-law, Kate Maria Jane WHITING, widow of his brother John JACKSON. The “Aunt” part is likely referring to her as the aunt of the aforementioned Mary MENARY.

[6] Kathleen Maria JACKSON (1879-?), daughter of Kate Maria Jane WHITING & John JACKSON.

[7] Patricia Mary JACKSON, daughter of Kate Marie Jane WHITING & John JACKSON (brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON). She was called “Daisy” to avoid the name “Mary” that had been used for her at first. At the time, her Aunt Mary (JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN (who she had been named for) was being ostracized by the family because of her “affair” with GRIFFIN.  “Daisy” married Fred COOK.

[8] Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1954) son of Amelia Lydia DARE & Sir Thomas JACKSON

[9] Elizabeth McCULLAGH (1788-1880)

[10] AUSTINs? Possibly the family of the Rev Frederick William AUSTIN who had been the rector of Creggan Church.

[11] I assume this refers to Liscalgot & Urker.

[12] This is either Mary MENARY or her mother Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[13] “the old cow” =HSBC

[14] David JACKSON, youngest surviving brother of Sir Thomas JACKSON who worked for HSBC at Yokohama.



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