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This is one of the 77 letters discovered in a bog in ireland. NEWS: TJ's daughter Beatrice has been ill; Eliza looks forward to seeing the whole family at Urker (and can accomodate all of them using space at Liscalgot as well; Mary GRIFFIN & Mary MENARY in Dublin; Eva REED at Urker; Julius' cat had kittens.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 24, 2006


Urker May 21 1896

My dear Minnie [1]


            Though scarcely able to write, I must scratch a line to beg you to let me know how Beatrice [2] is. All your news was good, except about her. I hope her illness will not be serious.


            Also, I would wish to hear from you occasionally, till the happy day that we will see you and your children in Urker [3] .


            All your friends in Ireland are much as usual. Mary Griffin [4] and Mary Menary [5] are in Dublin, at present,  and Eva Reed [6] is staying with me. Mary Menary is much better than she was; but I doubt is she will ever be very healthy.


            I hope you will not leave any of the children behind when you come. I long to see them all and between this house & Liscalgot [7] we can lodge them all.


            If you see Julius [8] soon you may tell him that his favourite cat had two beautiful kittens this week, the news will be interesting to him.


            With love to all the children and much to yourself, I remain your ever affectionate Mother

                        Eliza Jackson


[1] Amelia Lydia DARE – wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[2] Beatice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON daughter of Amelia Lydia DARE & Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] Urker, home of JACKSONs in Co. Armagh.

[4] Mary (JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[5] Mary MENARY (1872-1946) daughter of William MENARY & Mary JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[6] Eva Oliver REED (1876-1948) daughter of Robert Hamilton REED & Margaret JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[7] Liscalgot, home & farm beside Urker where Eliezer GILMORE & wife Sarah JACKSON (sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON) reside.

[8] George Julius JACKSON, son of Amelia Lydia DARE & Sir Thomas JACKSON



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