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This is the last of the letters found in the bog sometime before 1960. NEWS: "Fanny" (Frances Oliver BROWN) helps to write this letter as Eliza is getting too frail; TJ has been made a baronet, but is reminded that he is still a farmer's son; the King is ill.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 24, 2006


Urker June 26th 1902


My dearest and best Son,


            Fanny [1] insists that I write a note to you, though I am not able to do it. It is not in my memory when I write a letter. She is rejoiced at your occasion of title [2] but you know that I never considered titles any better than nicknames and the only thing gratifying to me in the office is that I know that your labours and merits were appreciated. I know that you will never forget that you are a Farmer’s son, no more than I do that I am a Farmer’s daughter. There is no reason  [to] be ashamed of that origin & is both the {?????]. It must have been delightful for you to meet again your dear wife and so many of your children, and to see your little grandson [3] for the first time. Give my love and my blessings to them all. But I am deeply pained that the King’s illness [4] , and in a less degree about the disappointment that thousands and thousands have met [?] Yet we are not without hope of his recovery. Many are the prayers offered up for him. In all the Presbyterian places of worship; this day that was designed as a day of rejoicing & thanksgiving is now turned into a day of supplication and prayer. I have written enough. Fanny will finish for me.


            Your ever affectionate Mother,

                        Eliza Jackson


My dear Uncle Tom,


            Grannie wishes me to finish for her as she was feeling tired. We are all delighted at the new honour to be conferred on you. And hope you may long enjoy it.


It is so sad about the King. We are eagerly looking for news of him but could not get any newspaper today. I do hope he may get over this turn.


            The weather is getting quite hot and glad everyone is.


            Ethel [5] and Eileen Gilmore [6]   came home last night both looking well.


            Grannie keeps same as when you saw her.


            With fond love to you and all in which all here write,


            Your loving niece,




[1] Fanny? Probably Frances Oliver BROWN (1881-1928), daughter of Thompson BROWN & Elizabeth JACKSON – sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[2] Thomas has just been made a baronet.

[3] Probably John Godfrey LLOYD, son of Amy Oliver JACKSON & John Henry LLOYD.

[4] King Edward VII succeeded to the throne upon the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, the original Coronation date being set for 26th June 1902, but, due to illness, it was postponed until 9th August 1902. He lived until 1910.

[5] Ethel Sarah GILMORE (1885-1982)

[6] Edith Eileen GILMORE (1890-1977)



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