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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

                                                    M.M. Rutherford & Co.,
Grocers, Ironmongers,
Seedsmen & Undertakers,
Co. Monaghan.

Mon 28 Nov 04

Mr Thos McCullagh [1]

Dear Mr McCullagh

          I enclose your rental and draft for 1903 I am very sorry to see you are not doing better  There is nothing but trouble in this world but all the time we will be here we must strive and bear it I hope we will all meet where trouble and crying is unknown some very [sudden] deaths here which is a warning to us all.  Hoping you are all well

                       I remain

                           Yours sincerely

                                 M M Rutherford [2]

[1] Thomas McCULLAGH (1854-1920), brother of (Sarah) McCullagh WHITESIDE

[2] Matthew Macaulay RUTHERFORD (1845-1926)



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