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This letter was transcribed thanks to the considerable efforts of Wendy Jack. The footnotes were prepared by myself and then verified (and corrected or amplified) by Wendy. Many of the letters are the property of Betty Whiteside and/or Wendy Jack. Any researchers who wish to make further use of them should check with them first.
Sharon Oddie Brown, modified June 8, 2005

21st August 1906


My own dearest Sallie [1] ,

                     Just a few lines to tell you our beloved Father [2] entered into his rest this morning at 4.20 am after being seven weeks in bed.  He was unconsious for a long time.  The last taste of whisky & water was at 2 oc yesterday with the greatest difficulty swallowed.  He was not able to speak that anyone could hear him clearly for some time.  He was 84 last 24 January - & has been a long time an invalid.  Dear Sallie how thoughtful we all were to read your welcome letter to Hannah [3] and learn you were spared to us all.  Willie [4] & Lydia have been with us frequently also George up 3 times.  Lydia [5] is with us since Wednesday last 15th and Willie has just come back again.  The funeral will be on Friday to St, Mark's where he will be laid beside dear mother.  We have had a good nurse for three weeks for night watching and indeed we could not have done without her.  Poor Hannah sprained her ankle badly.  It bled internally a good deal, & obliged to stay in bed some days before she could hop in to see Father.  It was a great trial to her.  It is getting better slowly.  Our friends are all so good and kind to us, but there is one who can comfort.  May his blessing be on you all and restore you to good health again.

    With our united fondest love to self & children.  Mary [6] wrote such a lovely letter.

       Ever your attached friend,

                     Alicia E. McKean

[1] Sarah (McCullagh) WHITESIDE (1852-1939)

[2] William McKEAN (1822- Aug 21, 1906), father of Alicia McKEAN

[3] Hannah Georgina McKEAN, daughter of William McKEAN

[4] “Willie” the son of William McKEAN

[5] Lydia HANNA

[6] probably Mary Ione WHITESIDE, daughter of Sarah WHITESIDE


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