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This letter was shared by Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle. Its main interest in this project is in the glowing description of Sir Thomas JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 18, 2005

The Manse.
Burphear[?], N.B.[?]
Aug 29 1918 

Dear Mrs. Griffin [1] ,

Many thanks for yours of the 26th & the enclosed. The delay did not matter much. The enclosed contained and invitation from Mr. Orr [2] to stay with him Tuesday night.

I reached this safely & had a very pleasant journey. My recollection of my first visit to Urker Lodge are very pleasant indeed. I have spoken here a good deal of it, & of you all, & very especially of the stories of and talks with Sir Thomas [3] . It is really refreshing to me to think of Sir Thomas, so gentle, so considerate, so courteous, & so tender hearted; whom health and position had not spoiled, but that I should say, blessed. I was so delighted to see his manner with the people around whom we met. Were the rich and the titled to act as he did I do not think there would be too much envying or grieving at their poor on the part of those otherwise circumstanced.

You will pardon my being rather fidgety to get away when the time was near up. This is somewhat constitutional as I do not like to wait to the last moment. I met the car just a little beyond the gate.

I was so sorry I did not see Mrs. McCullagh [4] , but owing the circumstances it could not be otherwise.

Should Sir Thomas in his visits to Scotland ever find it convenient to give me a call it will give us great pleasure.

Love to you from Jane [5] & kindest regards from both to you, and all with you,

Yours very Sincerely,

Jas Henry. [6]

[1] Sarah (née JACKSON) (MENARY) GRIFFIN1844-1921), resident at Urker, sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[2] Mr. ORR could be the Dean ORR who Mary (MENARY) WRIGHT involved in explorations of the family tree.

[3] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[4] There are too many Mrs. McCULLAGHs for me to guess, but a strong candidate would have been Margaret (née JACKSON) (REID) McCULLAGH, a sister of Mary GRIFFIN and of Sir Thoams JACKSON.

[5] Jane – I am guessing this to be the wife of James HENRY

[6] I would guess this to be James HENRY, son of Richard HENRY (1818-1898) and Anne Jane DONALDSON (1819-1899)


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