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This letter was scanned with permission and gratitude from the collection of Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle and transcribed by myself.
As much as possible, the idiosyncratic punctuation style was preserved in the following transcription.

Sharon Oddie Brown: May 30, 2005

26 Sept 1910. 

My Dear Mary [1] , 

A line to tell you Kathleen [2] is engaged to be married to Major Tabor [3] (retired) late 3rd Hussars.

He has considerable property in the Country and is a very nice man He was one of the fishing party in Newry and as there had not been any rain since the beginning of June very little fishing was to be done so as usual Satan found mischief for idle hands to do I was clean knocked off my perch three days ago when I heard the news [4] .

What next?

Please advise all,

Your loving Tom [5] .

[1] Mary GRIFFIN (1844-1921), sister of Sir Thomas resident at Urker, Crossmaglen.

[2] Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON (1872-1959), eldest daughter of Sir Thomas.

[3] Albert Maitland Tabor (1872-1941)

[4] It is difficult to know what Sir Thomas thought might be the problem. If the birth and death records that I am working from are accurate, then Kathleen and Albert would have been the same age, 38 years old.

[5] Sir Thomas Jackson ( 1841-1915)


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