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This letter was scanned with permission and gratitude from the collection of Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle and transcribed by myself.
As much as possible, the idiosyncratic punctuation style was preserved in the following transcription.

Sharon Oddie Brown: May 30, 2005


7 Nov 1914 

My dear Mary [1] , 

We heard from Nesta [2] last night by Telephone that Julius [3] was better than he had been since he arrived in England less pain and in good spirits; same is all to the good but bright days are often succeeded by gloomy ones; so we must not be too sanguine.

We have had distressing news about Raymond Marker [4] – First came a telegram from him through the War Office as follows:- “Battered a bit will be with you soon”.

Bea [5] & Tat [6] once started for London to enquire at the War Office (where Raymond has many friends) they said “severely wounded in leg and arm”. A further message “Leg had to be amputated” bore operation well. Minnie went off to join Bea and Tat.

A telegram since says he is at Boulogne.

I will let you know further when I know more particulars –

A thousand pities,

Loving brother,

Tom [7]

[PS] Letter from Tommy [8] yesterday “five days continuous fighting quite well”. TJ

[1] Mary GRIFFIN (1844-1921), sister of Sir Thomas resident at Urker, Crossmaglen.

[2] Nesta Katherine BARCLAY, wife of George Julius JACKSON, son of Sir Thomas

[3] George Julius JACKSON (1883-1956), second son of Sir Thomas. This wound is mentioned in future letters and resulted in permanent damage.

[4] Raymond John MARKER, husband of Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON. Died 13 November, 1914.

[5] Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON (1879-1972), fourth daughter of Sir Thomas.

[6] This is a guess, but “Tat” may be Dorothy St. Felix JACKSON (1887-), a younger sister of Beatrice.

[7] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[8] Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1954), eldest son of Sir Thomas.



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