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This letter was scanned with permission and gratitude from the collection of Christine WRIGHT of Gilford Castle and transcribed by myself.
As much as possible, the idiosyncratic punctuation style was preserved in the following transcription.

Sharon Oddie Brown: May 30, 2005

9 Gracechurch St.,
25  Septr 1914 

My dear Mary [1] ,

Yesterday we heard from a gentleman who had seen Julius [2] at St. Nazaire he said Julius had a bullet wound in the leg, it does not look so bad.

Today I received the following Telegram from him[?] viz:-


“Arrive Waterloo today cannot say time, being sent Millbank Hospital for a few days”

I shall try and meet him either at the Station or the Hospital.

Since Julius and Pat [3] got knocked over both their Battalions have had some casualties among the officers which they could hardly afford. Referring to what Jim Hearty [4] says, neither Julius nor Pat will escape further fighting – They will have to rejoin as soon as they can pass the Senior Medical Officer, however we can all be thankful they have escaped so lightly hitherto.

Minnie and Pat are at Frinton [5] they will be surprised to hear of Julius turning up so soon.

I think Minnie [6] will come home even if she has to return to Frinton again.

My love to all

Your affectionate brother,

Tom [7] .

[1] Mary GRIFFIN (1844-1921), sister of Sir Thomas resident at Urker, Crossmaglen.

[2] This is Sir Thomas’s second son, George Julius JACKSON.(1883-1956). In a subsequent letter, 20Dec1915 mention is made of a further surgery to correct the problem.

[3] “Pat” is the nickname of the youngest son of Sir Thomas, Claude Stewart JACKSON ( 1892-1917). He died in action at Ypres.

[4] Jim HEARTY is likely a neighbour of Mary GRIFFIN. My guess is that he lived at the Townland of Cregganbane. (see http://www.pdevlinz.btinternet.co.uk/timelinecregganbane.htm )

[5] Frinton is in Essex. I am unsure about who might have lived there.

[6] Amelia Lydia JACKSON (née DARE), wife of Sir Thomas

[7] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)


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